Microsoft iPad trade-in

Microsoft has been running its #timetoswitch campaign for some time, to mixed results. The multi-pronged effort spans television, print, online and social media channels as Microsoft positions Windows Phone as the next big thing.

Part of that effort is a recent iPad trade-in campaign seeking to steal sales from Apple by inviting iPad users to trade-in their tablet for up to $200 in Microsoft Store credits. That’s just the tip of the iceberg: Forbes writes today that Redmond is prepping to add the iPhone to the promotion…

Owners of an iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 in good working condition will be able to grab a minimum of $200 in store credit. The offer should be valid across select Microsoft stores in the United States and Canada.

According to the Forbes story:

According to an inside source at Microsoft, Microsoft Stores will begin giving a minimum $200 in-store credit for iPhones on Friday as part of its “#timetoswitch” campaign, obviously hoping consumers will use the cash to buy a Windows Phone.

Of course, Microsoft won’t trade-in your iPhone just for the heck of it, you’ll be required to switch to a Windows Phone handset.

iPhone 5 (three-up, profile, front, back, black and white)

The iPhone trade-in offer is a clever move designed to cunningly incenitivize folks to visit their brick-and-mortar stores, some of which are located just across Apple’s own outlets.

That’s not saying Microsoft will succeed.

Apple tends to have some of the most ardent fans so loyal followers are unlikely to trade-in their iPad or iPhone at a Microsoft Store, especially given other places such as Gazelle offer far better deals.

Besides, Apple Stores as of recently offer Apple’s official iPhone trade-in program.

Recently, Microsoft launched an online campaign to let folks trade in any Apple, Android or Blackberry Device for a Visa gift card. The program is open to “anyone that’s ready to trade up to an amazing new Microsoft device,” Microsoft says.

I’m just wondering what’s Microsoft going to do with all those ditched iPhones?

  • Adnan Mosali

    Use them because they’re are awesome ?

    • GohWen Jian

      Okay maybe their software part is good. IMO surface is really redundant

      • FOFF

        surface = big ZUUUUUN

      • JulianZHuang

        just like my zune hd, no support or apps.

  • SonsoNL


  • bn326160

    They’ll make more profit selling the iPhones, that they acquired for $200, on eBay than by selling Windows Phones! ^^


  • GohWen Jian

    Nah, my iPad has much more value than your 200

    • FOFF

      my ipad jailbroken ipad 4 can get me $400 now

      • p_amXtr

        Plus their products aren’t even worth $100 lol

      • Jonathan

        Being jailbroken increases the profit by double lol. Or at least it should.

  • Tom Brady

    Apple customers are loyal sometimes to a fault

    • James

      How is that relevant here?

  • Dri

    How can they look them self’s in the mirror. Get a grip Microsost

  • richrich

    nice try, microsoft.

    • FOFF

      actually lame try

  • LH2613

    Every1,ask siri Do u like microsoft , do u like samsung.

    • LH2613

      And Do u like Steve Jobs too!

      • LH2613


      • Abdl


  • DomL

    Nah.. I would rather go for android than choosing windows phone

    • FOFF

      me too.. lie if i was going to hell (where there are no iphones) and lucifer asked me witch phone i wanted i would choose android over

  • Jonathan

    Gently used. Yeah, right.

  • p_amXtr

    Microsoft.. keep begging!

  • p_amXtr

    Yeah but iPads aren’t $200… They cost more than that, so anyone who actually does this will end up loosing money… And looking like an idiot.

    • FOFF

      an apple hater who got an ipad as a gift would do this in a hurry

  • FOFF

    lol silly attempt.. MS is just wasting money on BS now.. i want to desolve MS and donate all their money to charity

  • omrishtam

    fk you microfail no way i will give my future 5s to you

  • Chindavon

    What a ripoff. Verizon offered $325 credit for an iPhone 5.

  • felixtaf

    Microsoft trying to make money with USED Apple products….

  • James

    I wonder what the maximum dollar amount is.

  • Alexander Reimann

    Yea they just want to get rid of their devices so they themselves can use our apple devices… yea right :0

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    I’d rather keep my iPhone than switch to Windows Phone.

  • Abdl

    Is somebody kidding me here?? Like wtf?!! Windows phone? Seriously?!!

  • Kaneeskan Senthuran

    Oh HELL NOOO I am not losing jailbreak for this shit