Despite all of its missteps following its record-breaking Kickstarter run, Pebble has done quite well for itself post-crowd-funding. In addition to landing a retail deal with Best Buy, it announced in July that it had surpassed 275k pre-orders.

And now it’s taking things to a whole new level. AT&T, currently the United States’ second largest wireless carrier, announced today that it will begin offering the popular smartwatch online and in select brick-and-mortar stores this week…

From the press release:

“It’s time to rethink what a watch can be. As the most successful KickStarter campaign to date, the Pebble smartwatch extends control of your iOS or Android smartphone while giving you options to customize with apps for an active lifestyle.  Beginning September 27, AT&T customers can purchase the Pebble for $150 at and in select retail stores with broader availability expected in October.

“As the exclusive carrier for the hot new Pebble smartwatch, this innovative device adds to AT&T’s extensive lineup of industry leading accessories for today’s connected world,” said Michael Cowan, Director, Accessory Portfolio, AT&T Mobility. “This smartwatch is fun, practical, and easy to use. It is simple to see why people have been clamoring to get their hands on it.”

And AT&T already has an ad for it:

The deal is significant for a number of reasons. For one, it adds weight to the smartwatch space, which many still seem to be dismissing as a passing fad. And two, it helps Pebble reach many more customers in these valuable pre-Apple months.

Tim Cook and company are widely believed to be working on a smartwatch-like device of their own, having just picked up Nike FuelBand developer Jay Blahnik. But the product isn’t expected to launch until sometime in the second half of 2014.

As for the Pebble, AT&T will begin selling it online and in select stores this Friday, for $150.

  • Max Kas

    I bought a pebble at best buy a couple months ago. After having to exchange two of them for being broken I finally got a working one.
    Long story short- I returned it after a week because it is just not worth $150, ($70 at most). The software is beyond buggy, hardware seems cheap, and customer service is about as nice as AT&T’s.

    Normally I give new tech some breaks while they work stuff out but I just can’t with pebble. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

    • Armed in the Villa

      Thanks for this. I needed an unbiased review as I was seriously in the market for one of these.

      • Antzboogie

        That a complete lie I have one and it works excellent with my jailbroken iPhone 5 get Smartwatch+ in Cydia you will wonder why you didnt get one before.

      • Max Kas

        Not everyone is jailbroken right now. And it for a $150 the watch should be amazing on any firmware.

    • Antzboogie

      Not true at all this person obviously is mad about something else or doesnt know how to take care of a watch lol! Pebble watch is awesome I give it an 8 out of 10!

      • Max Kas

        I’m not mad and I’m extremely technologically inclined. Don’t make assumptions about people you don’t know.

      • Antzboogie

        Lol doesnt mean you know how to take care of the watch plus other people are saying they like the watch scroll down or cant you read?

  • Core

    needs to be cheaper

  • John Stanley

    I’ve had my pebble for a year. I agree not the best build quality, but I’m really enjoying it. I wear it instead of my garmin when I run. Can read texts in class. I just have my phone on silent with vibrate off and read everything on my watch.

    • Brian Kieffer

      It’s great! Pebble + BTNotificationEnabler + MyVibe is a great combo!

      • John Stanley

        IFTTT plus my espn gets my college football update on my pebble.

  • jose carlos

    It depends on user if your about tech.You would know that with it on you can keep your android phone in your pocket all day other than charging of course.

    • I’m about tech, but don’t see the point of today’s Smart Watches. Just like Chromebooks, SmartWatches are pointless for now. If you want to keep quick track of time/date, a $40 (or less) watch serves that purpose. Most of the other features they offer at the moment (like notifications, phone calls, email and sms) for their big price tag are just more convenient on a big screen.

      The only worthy feature they have at the moment, IMO, is quick glance at the weather temperature, which isn’t enough to justify their price tag of over $100. Eventually, they’ll begin gaining features that just work best on the wrist and can justify their price tag, then the market will explode…

  • thescragster

    I absolutly love my Pebble. Purchased mine on the original pre-order through Kickstarter. Obviously had to wait quite awhile before it was shipped out because of the unexpected interest in the watch but it’s been working flawlessly ever since 🙂

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I’ll stick with my Movados.

  • Carlos Morales

    I own a pebble and it’s worth no more than let’s say 79.99… It is buggy, the text feature works good. When I receive a call the watch keeps vibrating even after I answered the call. I only get the phone number of the person calling instead of the name, Annoying trust me.

  • jose carlos

    I make calls favorits in 1 press from mine and end calls if don’t want to ansewer pass to voice mail.Music is a BIG part of my life controls all my music apps,playlist,albums and gender.Plus all the obvious.