The first time we heard that Apple was working on a 12+ inch iPad, we dismissed it as a crazy rumor. Why on earth would the company want to go larger than its current 9.7-inch tablet, which already seems to be getting eclipsed by the 7.9-inch mini?

But the more you hear a rumor, the harder it gets to ignore. And tonight, for the third time, a report has surfaced claiming that Apple is indeed moving forward with plans for this larger iPad, and it has already tapped Quanta Computer to produce it…

Macotakara points to the report from United Daily News (rough Google translation):

“Quanta notebook shipments by 2014 fear continues to decline, coupled with major customers Apple notebook shipments next year will decline, even two days to sell off foreign Dada ten thousand wide. But the market also reported, Quanta is working with Apple to develop large-size 12-inch iPad.”

Oddly enough, Quanta Computer is an Apple supplier mainly responsible for computers like the MacBook Air, and tablet production is typically left up to suppliers like Foxconn and Pegatron. But the report does mention that Quanta is looking to diversify.


News of a larger-sized iPad first surfaced back in May, when Korean site ETNews.com claimed Apple was working on a tablet with a display measuring 12.9 inches diagonally. And the story was independently confirmed in a July report by The Wall Street Journal.

Though the larger iPad is rumored to debut as early as the first half of next year, there’s no evidence supporting that it’ll even make it to market. Apple is, however, expected to unveil a redesigned iPad 5 and an iPad mini with Retina display in October.

Images by CiccareseDesign via MacRumors

  • Adnan Mosali

    Bigger is not always better

    • bllackghost

      if you know what i mean! ;P

      • Adnan Mosali

        hahah I know exactly what you mean , and I think in that case bigger IS better 😛

    • Bob

      Very true, it’s about how you work it.

    • Glorin

      for designers on the go this has to be heaven, they need big surfaces

      • Donglemecurious

        Agreed! It would be a low volume compared to to mini, but I would absolutely buy a larger version for the unique content creation apps getting made for the iPad.

        Going to pick up a pressure sensitive pen soon for all the cool stuff that is going on in the content creation scene for iPad.

        Now if someone would just create a pressure sensitive pen for use on a PC/OSX! The digitizer upgrade I lust after wouldn’t be needed. Wacom is in trouble when a company finally does that.

      • Prithvi

        Wacom probably will be the one to do that. lol

      • Donglemecurious

        Let’s hope so! They’ve been stagnate with their innovation for a loooooooooong time…

  • Zaidan Umar

    “Quanta notebook shipments by 2014 fear continues to decline, coupled with major customers Apple notebook shipments next year will decline, even two days to sell off foreign Dada ten thousand wide. But the market also reported, Quanta is working with Apple to develop large-size 12-inch iPad.”


  • Mohsin

    How about larger iPhone? C’mon Apple.

    • Rowan09

      It’s already been rumored for the 6.

      • Joseph

        Rumored, but no source.

      • Rowan09

        They had articles on here before so I don’t remember the sources just check the web. A rumor doesn’t always need a specific source just as this is a rumor that may never happen.

      • Joseph

        I meant a reliable source of the rumor.

  • Dontwannaknow

    Apple, you should increase the screen size of the iPhone not the iPad!

  • Matt Taylor

    Hell yeah, that’s awesome! However, if this is Apples plan, then it’s about time they make a new version of iOS for iPads, and not just stick with the stretched iPhone OS!

    This device would be adopted by pros, such as graphic designers and musicians, so it had better have an impressive spec (a lot more powerful than the current iPad) and include functionality to pair a Bluetooth mouse alongside the current Bluetooth keyboard for pro use…

    • Dylfo

      so you want it to be apples version of the surface pro?

      • Matt Taylor

        Don’t stay up to date with all the Microwank stuff so can’t comment! Sorry.

      • Rowan09

        If they make it that size then it would should be. I don’t know who would really want an iPad with that size screen with a mobile OS. I know it would canabilize the MacBook Air but IOS on the iPad with 13″ wouldn’t be something I would have any interest in.

      • bn326160

        Apple doesn’t mind canabalizing their own products. If they won’t, someone else will.

      • Rowan09

        That’s true but if this is real its needs to be a MacBook Air touch device.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Oh man if yhey could put os x into that baby i would get it immediately

  • Arsanny Lintang

    Instead of making the iDevices screen larger, why not make the battery life longer on the iDevices?

    • Bob

      Because then you need to make the idevices thicker and heavier.

      • Not really, they could do something about the processor, kinda like what Microsoft claims to have done with the Surface 2; thinner, lighter, yet still longer battery. If that claim is true, still have yet to find out.

      • Rowan09

        The iPad has a great battery life, I wish my iPhone last as long as my iPad.

      • Ean James Garry Harvey-Ferguso

        is it a wifi only iPad lol

      • Rowan09

        I have a wifi model and my fiancé has a Wifi and 3G model and they both have great battery life.

      • Matt Taylor

        A little thicker, so what… All this obsession with thin thin thin over functionality with Apple is absolutely ridiculous!

      • JoJo

        Its not only about being thin, the weight of the device is a big factor too(if not the biggest). Batteries are a heavy, if you increase the size of the battery too much the tablet becomes uncomfortable to use/hold in your hands.

    • Abdl

      Now thats what im talking about

  • Roland Adi Nugraha

    maybe there’s another segmented market for 12″ inch++ iPad? well, bigger screen iPad, is just like 13″Screen of Macbook Pro.

    also, if we look at 10-11 years ago, we assume that smaller mobile phone is good right, i.e. nokia 8250, or nokia 3310. I remember when 8250 price is more expensive than 3310.

    screen size is the biggest obstacle, imagine if they could make a devices that can project screen, that’s more easy and flexible

  • Don’t just make it bigger, make the software/hardware offer more functions…

    • Dan

      I agree, I would love to see a iPad with a full version of Mac OS.

      • JoJo

        He is talking about windows RT, this is not even a full version of Windows. Altough I agree with you, it would be nice to have some of OSX’s features on a iPad without remote controlling a Mac.

      • Lol, where did you see me post Windows RT in that first comment? I just stated they should add more software/hardware features…doesn’t mean they should stop at the Windows RT level.

  • AndyDontCare

    Cause that’s JUST what I want. I got a mini because I thought my wife’s iPad was too heavy when reading for more than a half hour. I feel like this is a move in the same direction as Microsoft’s Surface: trying to make the tablet a PC, because this one will be much heavier than the full-sized iPad and would probably be best used laying on a table, inclined on a stand, or holding in your lap.

  • iLambboy

    If it’s that size, should run OSx

    • Matt Taylor

      OSX touch 🙂

    • Rowan09

      I agree if it’s that size it should be a MacBook Air Touch.

  • Consider educating yourself before opening your mouth and showing everyone you have the IQ of a door knob.

    The Surface RT has much more features than the iPad yet it still lasts close to the same amount of time as the iPad. So, if Apple’s excuse to remain years behind (in terms of features) compared to the competition is battery life, they probably should find new employees for their hardware/software department.

    • JoJo

      Tell me what you can do on the surface RT that I cannot do on an iPad. Give me some examples of all these features you are referring to. The only thing you can bring up is maybe Office. Even tough there are alternatives on the appstore they are arguable not as good as office by Microsoft. But this is a matter of time, Office has already been announced for the iPad.

      You talk but your claims are backed up with nothing but thin air.

      • Here’s a few:
        – Built-in USB port with support for a wide range of USB peripherals; like flash/external drives, printers/scanners/fax, game controllers, etc.

        – Built-in MicroSD card slot for memory expansion when you need it. No need to go through the process of selling your device at a lower price than you bought just to shell out at least a $100 more of cash on larger memory

        – Support for almost ANY file system format on flash/external drive (or MicroSD); so, don’t need to format my drive in some proprietary way in order to use it with the OS, just plug-in and manage the files. In the case of iOS it needs to have a DCIM directory in its root, with the photos underneath it with filenames of exactly 8 characters (no spaces) plus their file extension.

      • JoJo

        hahah I tough we were comparing battery life?
        How do these things use up extra battery life? They only do when they are actively used, they use nothing when in use.

        What they do is fatten up the device.
        Besides the storage you can put in the SD slot is slower, which in turn lowers the snappy look and feel when you access the files/apps on the SD card. (regular users wont see a SD card that is slower they see a tablet that is slower)

        You want a bulkier device and boast about features you will hardly ever use. be my guest, but I’ll stick to an iPad if thats the best you can come up with. This is a choice Apple made, they are thinking toward the future, which is Online storage. Not these last generation features that are hardly ever used.

        To each his own I guess.

      • Consider improving on those english comprehension skills of yours.

        I first mentioned they shouldn’t just make it bigger, they should add more hardware/software functions, you came whining that it’ll reduce battery life. I then pointed out current technology that offers a lot more software/hardware functions than the iPad yet still runs for as long as the iPad, you asked for stuff to backup that claim of it having a lot more software/hardware features. Finally I did that then you think we’re just talking about the battery? Sheesh…

        Either ways, the Surface RT is no thicker and barely any heavier than the iPad, so, not sure where your claims of it being bulkier came from. Regarding hardly using the features, I’m guessing you hardly use anything without a fruit logo on the back…good for you. Millions of others use those feature on daily basis, so, you’re just locking yourself out of the potential.

      • JoJo

        How mature, cant win a discussion so you to take a stab at my English. Want to continue this discussion in my native language? We’ll see how you fair.

        I guess not only my English comprehension but my writing must be quite bad too because reading your post you completely missed my point.

        – You are talking about the devices having the same battery life but with allot more features.

        – I ask you to back up your claim about all these awesome features

        – The things you mention don’ t even use any extra battery life.

        How do you want me to respond to that?

        Online storage is the future, stop clinging to old technology like SD cards, they will be obsolete in a few years. And Apple once was was way ahead of the competition.
        It has happened in the past and will happen again.

      • Lol, your lack of english comprehension skills is really showing…

        You just stated and confirmed the point I’ve been making from the start. The Surface RT offers a lot more functions without penalizing battery life, thickness nor weight.

        You should respond with confirmation of you accepting the fact that what I stated is correct and what you were thinking isn’t. Or, just accept the defeat and remain silent.

        Regarding online storage being the future, let me know when stuff you store on other people’s servers is only accessible by you (i.e. private) and accessible anytime free-of-charge (i.e. convenient and no data fees). All with transfer speeds up to gigabits per second. Maybe you don’t give a fu*k about privacy nor data bills (mama still paying your mobile/internet bills?), but I and many others do.

      • JoJo

        I think we are not going to come to an agreement,

        you used these features and the same battery life as a selling point of your arguments.

        I responded to that and only that, I said these features don’t even use any battery life so that made your point invalid. thats all. You are misunderstanding the point I am trying to make.

        The second discussion I tough we were having is on the use of these features, I don’t want them, you do.
        Apple doesn’t want them either because it makes your device thicker. I admit at the thickest point they are both the same but the rest of the ipad is curved into a much thinner bezel. (putting USB ports/SD cards on the iPad would prevent this.) Where the RT is this thick all around.

        regarding the last part of your comment: You are just proving your ignorance. I was talking about the FUTURE.. what part of that do you not understand.
        Online storage is the future whether you like it or not. Bandwidth will become much cheaper, the speeds will be faster, encryption will be more secure etc etc .The whole world is jumping on the cloud bandwagon if you cant see this you are just blind.

        What it comes down to is choice, you want a bulkier device with outdated SD card slots and USB ports and I don’t. Simple as that.

        Mark my words, a few devices down the line Microsoft’s devices wont have USB and SD cards anymore.

      • Yeah, don’t think we’ll ever come to agreement.

        You keep confirming my point, yet you say it’s invalid. How oxymoronic…

        So what if the Surface is that dimension all the way? Is it gonna cut your finger by being that way, or are you some weakass link that can’t bare an additional gram of mass? The mass difference is totaly negligible, so, not sure where you keep coming up with this “it’s bulkier” BS claim.

        Your lack of english comprehension and idiocracy is clearly showing in your 4th paragraph. You’re talking about the future and calling the present stuff obsolete, well guess what numbskull, that implies that you are already are using the future tech as a replacement for the present tech. You can keep waiting for centuries for that iDream future of yours to become a reality, I’ll just make the best use of the resources we currently have.

        Mark my words, your idea of USB devices ans SD Cards being obsolete within a few years is a mere pipe dream.

      • Blahblahtldr

        Wow Mrelec, you are one ignorant dude haha!
        What he means is that
        Apple has set a path for the future and the future is cloud storage. He
        even gave some examples, you simply choose to ignore his valid points.
        Apple did the same with Flash. Everyone bitched about it being removed
        from iOS and we all know what happened a few years later. Apple has done this
        with a few other things. They decide that users no longer need it and
        that usually turns out to innovate others. When Flash was thrown off iOS
        all of a sudden everyone jumped on the HTML5 bandwagon because their
        video’s no longer worked on iOS devices. Now its not the sole reason
        HTML5 gained so much ground but it was a BIG contributor. Because Apple
        chooses to not implemented USB and/or a SD slot they and others have to
        start working on alternatives. Apple is going all in with Cloud storage
        and other means of sharing content like Airdrop.

        Microsoft is getting it, they are clearly trying doing the exact same with their new Office and Cloud storage.

        agree with JoJo that USB and other useless addons will be gone sooner
        than you think. Apple will make their devices thinner and lighter. If
        the competition wants to keep up they will need to make compromises as

      • You are one ignoramus numbskull dude. By your logic, they set a path for the distant future by dumping highly popular features and forcing you to cough up more cash? Anyone with half a brain would know that nothing stored in the cloud (on some third parties’ server) can be considered private, not until everyone owns their very own cloud. Just ’cause Apple was right about a few things doesn’t make them right about every idiot, learn to think for yourself…

      • Ean James Garry Harvey-Ferguso

        tbh i prefer iWork to office anyway. i use it on my iPad daily.


  • Apanizo2

    Great now I can crack it faster

  • Ean James Garry Harvey-Ferguso

    haha maybe it will be big enough for my grandparents to read the screen. They love their iPad and have the text on the largest setting but still struggle to read it.

  • Ted Forbes

    I thought the standard 10″ laptops were to big for me so I bought a 7″ laptop. The resolution was great and it was easy to take around for presentations, but still, it was to small.

    I didn’t go back to 10″ I went out and bought an 18″ laptop, this settled it. At first I thought the smaller screen was what I needed when in-fact it was the larger screen that settle it for me.

    So maybe 12″ iPad will do the trick for most. The high resolution retina display and larger display might do well in advertising and multimedia industry and somewhere else, who knows. I like the 12″ iPad idea, perhaps it might be just the thing, lets see.

  • ImLouis

    Soon they will have to make the iPad run OSX, or dual boot it with IOS

    • Vince Reedy

      Why don’t they just refresh the current Macbooks with touchscreen? OSX in its current form would be awesome with touch capabilities. I can’t see ever booting into IOS in a dualboot situation with an iPad.

  • That was an example of a current device that offers a lot more for the same price. There are tons of Windows 8 Pro Intel Atom tablets (like the ASUS Vivo tab SMART) that offer even significantly more thatn any ARM tablet could dream of, for the same price.

    Regarding the price, remember it offers a lot more than your MacBook Air (which still doesn’t even have full HD today, fail) for the same price (if not less). So, the price is pretty fair compared to what other Manufacturers are offering; can’t expect them to be pricing such high-end hardware at the same price as low-end stuff when others aren’t doing so. Want lower price, go get an Intel atom tablet or wait for another few years for the tech to get outdated.