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Apple has not only made Siri more intelligent and capable in iOS 7, but it’s also stopped referring to it as being in ‘beta.’ We’ve noted a number of the digital assistant’s improvements over the past few months, but here’s a cool little trick that was just pointed out to us…

It seems that Siri is capable of pulling up the settings panels for both native and third-party applications, all you have to do is ask her. You can do this by giving the command ‘open settings’ while in an app, such as Mail or Notes, or by directly saying ‘open Mail settings.’

This has worked for every app I’ve tried thus far, as long as they have a pane in the Settings app. That includes native apps like Notes and Mail, and third-party apps like Netflix and Hulu+. And it’s surprisingly handy, saving you from having to dig through settings menus.

Now, I know there’s nothing particularly ground-breaking here, and I’m sure that many of our smart readers have known about this little trick for a few months. But this was new to us, so we figured we would pass it along, as it might be new and useful to other folks as well.

Thanks Cason!

  • abdullah575

    i know it when iOS 7 beta 1 !!!

  • klouud

    You can have her switch between apps as well.

  • mohsin

    opening an app by just tapping on it is a lot easier and faster then opening siri and then telling it to open an app!

    • Thoughts

      Depends how many folders and apps you have I would guess

      • Eddie Leonard

        I find it quicker to type in spotlight :/

      • Rowan09

        The new spotlight search on IOS 7 is much improved.

      • mohsin

        its good but still its like asking a third person to do something when you could actually do it yourself quicker.

    • James

      Not if you’re driving and you want to open shazam to find out what song you’re listening to. It’s much safer.

  • Thoughts

    Seeing Siri is smarter now what is the correct way to ask her to perform a Jailbreak?

    • IG:Yves_brownn

      U thought as much..hahaha

    • Joseph

      Hahaha. Right!

  • Tenure

    By the time you’ve brought Siri up, asked a Q and recieved a response you coulda just done it yourself. Siri is just a novelty. It’s only really useful if asking for directions to a place. That’s it.

    • diggitydang

      Agree that this is the case for a lot of tasks I do as well, but I wouldn’t entirely discount it. I do like asking it/her/him/them (?) questions about unit conversions instead of fumbling around with selecting my units in an app. I also like Siri for setting alarms – especially saying “wake me up at 8 tomorrow morning” and not worrying about the dreaded (AM-PM) problem, a la Seinfeld (loved the episode). Siri isn’t a deal-maker or breaker for me, but it is handy to have her around at times when I feel a bit lazy.

    • Rowan09

      Disagree. I own a car with Bluetooth and I use Siri to reply to my texts and make calls so its far from a novelty for me. Are you suggesting Apple didn’t include Siri and keep voice control from IOS 4.0?

    • James

      For some things yes. But there are a lot of situations where that statement is false.

    • Chindavon

      Wrong. I use it quite a bit throughout the day. Create/Sending text #1. Alarm/Timer #2. Sports scores and schedules #3. There’s more like directions, open apps (too many folder to manually dig through) that I use occasionally. Mostly used when in a car.

  • Matt Taylor

    Cody when are you going to start doing videos? Jailbreak tweaks, hints and tips etc etc… Would be cool 🙂

    • Derp

      He’s not? That’s Jeff’s job…

      • Matt Taylor

        Oh, I thought Jeffs job was to review new devices, lose jailbreaks and be a stock iOS fan boy! Cody would be better at it really!

    • Joseph

      What could his voice be? 😮

  • NaSty

    You should have a ‘mega’ post of all the shit Siri can do.

  • Guest

    Cool, I didn’t know it. Oh by the way, Apple also reactived on iOS 7 that old function to see lyrics through the music app, I think it is great, because I hate add lyrics to the songs and not be able to read them..

  • Wagner

    Cool, I didn’t know it. Oh by the way, iOS 7 also allows to see lyrics through the music app, I think it is great, because I hate to add lyrics to the songs and not be able to read them..

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    Here’s one setting Siri couldn’t change:

  • Stephen Michael Simon

    Is anyone else having issues with Siri and Apps? Every app I try Siri says “I’m sorry, it looks like you don’t have this app.”
    Even for the stock Apple apps I get the same message.

    • FOFF

      yeah siri still suuucks.. sorry .. i think apple have stalled on that front