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As expected, Microsoft held a media event in New York this morning where it unveiled the successors to both of its Surface lines—the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2—in a new effort to make inroads into the tough tablet market.

Both slates have received significant updates this time around, with better processors, USB 3.0 support, and Microsoft promising better battery life. But will the hardware upgrades be enough to turn the Surface brand around?

Surface 2

The Surface 2 is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, which Microsoft says is good for making apps run faster and increasing battery life. The tablet can play videos for up to 10 hours on its 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD display.

surface 2 2

It also now has a USB 3.0 port this time around, with a 3.5MP camera in the front and a 5MP in the rear. Both are capable of capturing 1080p video and feature improved low-light performance, making for more crisp videos and video calls.

And even with all of that, Microsoft claims that it was able to make the Surface 2 thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The tablet will come in both 32GB and 64GB flavors, starting at $449, and is available for pre-order this week.

Surface Pro 2

Like its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2 is advertised as a ‘true laptop replacement,’ capable of running virtually all of your Windows software, including Microsoft’s full Office suite. It also supports applications from the Windows Store.

surface pro 2

As for hardware, the tablet is equipped with an Intel Haswell processor that boosts graphics performance by as much as 50%, and battery life by 75%. And it comes in 64GB and 128GB flavors, with 4GB of RAM and 8GB respectively.

The Surface Pro 2 starts at $899, and it too will be available for pre-order this week. It looks like they’ll both start shipping in mid-October, which is interesting considering that’s about the time we expect Apple to hold this year’s iPad event.

So, now that you’ve seen the stats, pics, and videos, what do you think? Did Microsoft do enough here to boost Surface sales?

  • Alex Marwaha

    looks classy from the 1st pic but not worth it.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      But is it available in Space Grey or Gold…

      • FOFF

        both are fails

  • MHCsk

    No ads trashing the iPad this time?

    • Wassim Omais

      The ads come later, only after no one buys the surface.

      • Osama Muhammed


  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    “…that boosts […] battery life by 75%”

    What does this mean exactly? Can it match the 10 hour battery life of an iPad or the 12 hours of a MacBook Air?

    • Glorin

      they said 9h

      • Alexander Reimann

        Lol so the old surface had 2.25 h battery life 😉

      • Lol, I get 5 hours on my Surface Pro.

      • Freddie

        How are you not embarrased to say you own one xD

      • ‘Cause it works for me without any boundaries…

  • Danuel Carr

    It looks like a fatter, boxier, ipad 1.

  • Taf Khan

    Too expensive. Simple!

    The new iPads will take the limelight as well as record sales.

    I would like a Surface pro, but I can’t justify the price.

    • Mohamed Hassabo

      Remember, it does much more than the iPad can do, it’s even advertised as a replacement for a laptop. So it’s price isn’t bad.

      • lemonhead

        Yeah the thing is there are far to less apps for it.
        And when it comes down to actually working on it a tablet of that size is just to small :-/
        Tried the surface (1), which was crap.

        It’s just not great at all from my experience with it.

      • Vitaliy Anonymous

        You guys are all confusing me. @tafkhan:disqus was talking about Surface Pro, @mohamedhassabo:disqus is comparing it to an iPad….which does not compare, because an iPad runs tablet software, Surface Pro runs PC software. You are commenting on the Surface RT.

      • Rowan09

        Your right and I would just got and buy a real laptop. Why buy the Surface Pro 2 when I can get a touchscreen laptop for around the same price or even cheaper?

      • Try doing either of the following on that capacitive touch screen laptop of yours:

        – Hand note taking
        – Form filling
        – Document signing
        – Hand drawing

      • Rowan09

        I can do all that on my iPhone and iPad so I don’t see why I would need to buy a Pro 2 for those things. The specs are great but the problem wasn’t specs, people didn’t see the reason to purchase a windows product for that price. People are spoiled and they spend money on Apple’s products because Apple also targeted the upper class market. Microsoft on the other hand gave their OS to computer maker which sold their laptops for a fraction of Apples products. How can you justify selling a product especially the RT 2 for such a price?

      • Oh, that’s just you, you found a reason to buy a Laptop and an iPad (which together cost more than the Surface Pro), yet you’re sounding like it applies to everyone. I don’t see that reason when I can get an Intel atom tablet that offers significantly more for the same price. Then again, I didn’t see the point of carrying two delicate devices with me, so I went with a full fledged Laptop in tablet form.

        The RT offers significantly more than the iPad for the same price, it just needs the ads to sell it. Then again, it’s still a dumbed downn ARM tablet and can’t justify paying for it when I can get an Intel Atom tablet for the same price.

      • Rowan09

        I a Dell XPS for years now which I don’t even use anymore. Who is the RT targeting I know you’ve picked up one and its not for kids at all its too bulky?I’m not hating on Microsoft its just stupid to make a part 2 of a failed product for the same price with new specs. They still don’t have any apps so why buy a RT 2. The Surface Pro lines is obviously for adults but most adults would not pay $900+ for a laptop just because it says Surface 2 when they can get another with Windows 8 for $500-$1000. I don’t get their strategy but we’ll see if these fly off the shelves.

      • “It’s not for kids at all its too bulky”

        Lol, you on BS spree? How is the iPad right for kids and something that is thinner and lighter not?

        “They still don’t have any apps so why buy a RT 2”

        Still waiting for you to point out just one app that you have on the iPad that there’s no alternatives for on the RT.

        You keep claiming there’s cheaper alternatives, so, please point out this so called alternative that offers everything the Surface Pro does, including its tablet functions and full laptop performance. All these BS claims you keep making are just getting too much.

      • Rowan09

        Dude have you walked into a Best Buy lately? They have a whole section to Windows laptops and all of them are touchscreen, I’ve never seen anyone go to the sir cafe they all go to the laptops. I have never held or neither have you held the new version so it’s just gas right now, I’m talking about the old version. What does the RT do that all those Lenovo, Toshiba, etc tablets can’t do? The Surface Pro 2 is going to compete with real laptops and I don’t think that’s a smart strategy, I said it when it came out and I was right. All this specs talk, but who cares obviously $900+mil in the hole shows no one cared.

      • I asked before and I’ll ask again, can you use those touch screen Laptops for either of the following?
        – Hand note taking
        – Form filling
        – Document signing
        – Hand drawing

      • Rowan09

        I don’t own a touchscreen laptop and don’t get the point of it. I can do all those things on my iPad and phone so you keep mentioning these things as if they are Surface Pro exclusives. The Surface is suppose to convince people that its better than all the Android tablets and iPad.

      • There you go again, you expect something that offers everything the iPad does AND everything a touch screen laptop does, to cost less than a regular touch screen laptop. Do you lack deductive reasoning that much?

      • Rowan09

        Now your making no sense. An iPad or any Android tablet never claimed to be a laptop. A laptop is obviously better than an iPad at computing but people looking to buy an iPad isn’t looking for a laptop they are two different things. Once again I’m not making a marketing pitch for the iPad or am I comparing the two. I asked you why will charging the same price for a failed product make it successful and you said marketing. If marketing was the only problem I don’t thing they would have been $900+ mil in the hole for unsold tablets. Even Lenovo was upset with them because they don’t see the purpose of selling a RT tablet.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        You kind of have a point there. I didn’t read your entire comment but people that are in the market for a tablet want a tablet. They do not want a tablet that can also be a laptop. If they wanted that there would be no competition and Microsoft would win hands down. The Surface Pro isn’t a tablet in my opinion though so Microsoft needs to stop marketing it as one and comparing it to the iPad (which is a tablet). Microsoft maybe could compare their RT tablets to the iPad but I think everyone but hardcore Microsoft fans (do they exist?) recognises that the iPad is better. In however the hybrid laptop / tablet market though Microsoft wins hands down and likely will continue to until either Apple brings out a hybrid laptop / tablet or Ubuntu Touch gets perfected…

      • Rowan09

        Exactly. I owned a Sony Vaio UX PC it was small but it was a full laptop and it never tried to be anything but a small laptop.The Surface Pro as you stated is a laptop and it should not be compared to the iPad or Android tablets because if you compare them the price should also be similar.

      • Coco -senpai

        Generally people don’t know exactly what the want, nor they have any idea on what are they buying. We need to understand what products are made for. iPads and Android tablets are made to consume content, to interact with your brain and have such a great time (regardless of if they can or can’t do productive tasks for work) and laptops are for doing the real jam. I indeed agree on the opinion mentioned in this all thread that MS need to stop advertising the Surface Pro/ 2 Pro as a tablet and do advertise it as a PC, and totally changing their RT product, even their physical design, because both are so similar and that confuses possible buyers. I do intent to buy that Surface 2 Pro to substitute my old Acer W500, and keep playing Plants vs. Zombies 2 on my iPad Mini.

      • Rowan09

        That is exactly my point. I would never compare an iPad or Android tablet with the Surface Pro 2 because its basically a touchscreen laptop. If I needed to purchase a laptop which I don’t I would consider the Pro 2 but using it to replace my iPad doesn’t make sense for $800+. Consumers are confuse because some of them won’t buy it because they think its like the iPad and other tablets but for a luxury price.

      • 5ingularity

        I have nothing against the surface, but these can also be done on Lenovo Yogas

      • That’s an example of a similarly priced device ($799); not cheaper as he was exaggerating, yet it doesn’t even have the digitizer screen. So, you’ll be using those rubber head stylus and can’t even rest your palm when writing/drawing…

    • Kash Gummaraju

      It’s actually cheaper than an iPad

  • Burge

    This device sold that much there was demand for a follow up device ..? I’ve still not even had a go with one yet..

  • Burge

    Can the pro run iTunes ? And can I sync my ipad/iphone to it..I’ve not looked in to this I was just wondering ..

    • felixtaf

      Yes. Pro can run any windows application.

      • RarestName

        “Wait, let me sync my tablet with my tablet first.”

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Now that’s something Microsoft could use to run a serious marketing campaign. They could probably get away with calling their device the only tablet (which it isn’t) you can use to sync your tablet…

    • CPVideoMaker101

      Pro runs any windows program. The RT is a big useless tablet with low selection of apps and no flash for pornography oriented websites 🙁

  • ConduciveMammal

    I wonder if it will be near 32GB this time instead of the mewling 20-something

  • n0ahcruz3

    699 for the pro 2, i would consider buying. I’ll take a pro 2 over an ipad. But at that price, i’ll pass.

  • FOFF

    NOPE another failed big ZUUUUUUN no thanks

  • Cesar D

    “As expected” – everythinh is expected by microsoft

    • Daniel Arrington

      To be fair, most companies are predictable as this point

      • Cesar D

        someone who does not sees roumors could’t never imagine that apple will build a fingerprint sensor into an iPhone

      • Without any rumors, I would have predicted the next gen iPad would just be another photoshopped slab like the past 3 gens. No new features, just resized, made faster and called new.

      • Rowan09

        Umm isn’t that what all tablets do just add specs which is what your praising on the Surface right now?

      • Yeah, but he was sounding like Apple is different, hence why he stated without rumors, no one would have known what apple would release.

      • Rowan09

        Got you but he was speaking about something that’s not a standard so without rumors it’s true we wouldn’t know but that holds true to all non-standard additions.

      • 5ingularity

        Actually the finger print sensor was so expected. The technology is nothing new, its all about the marketing with Apple.

      • Cesar D

        So i can go back to 2012 and you’ll tell me that there’ll be in the future an iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor? Because i can tell that there will be a Surface number 2 called “Premium” which is cheaply expensive for some people in 2012.

      • 5ingularity

        Ever since the day the iPhone 5 was released, there were people speculating on the finger sensor as the next iphone’s killer feature o:.

      • Cesar D

        You didn’t answer my question but ok.

  • FOFF

    this thing needs to be 299 max

    • Why don’t you tell that to Apple who’s just been photoshopping their tablet for the past 3 years…nothing wowing, just resize make fast then call it new.

      • Rowan09

        The iPad is selling and has apps unlike the Surface RT 2. The Surface Rt and the Surface RT 2 still has the same problem, no apps or support. Why make a part 2 when no one bought the part 1? Instead of focusing on price they make it $400+? If the Surface Rt was the only Windows tablet I would understand but there are tons of Windows tablets for a fraction of the price. This is just a bad move again. It’s no different than blackberry selling the Z10 which failed and come out with the Z30 only overseas.

      • Would like to know what apps the iPad has that the RT is lacking to you. What apps can’t you find alternatives for? FYI, the RT supports flash content, so, apps for websites don’t count.

      • Rowan09

        I’m sorry but I can’t go down the list of apps and besides that a lot of people already own iPads so the RT would need to convince to get this instead and don’t see why I would. I can access and play flash games on my iPad as well so flash has and will never be a good selling point for a mobile device anymore, even Samsung phones doesn’t come pre-installed. Do you really believe this revised version will get them sales? They lost over $900+ mil on the first models.

      • There you have it, no proof, just BS claiming…if you own an iPad, no need for this, go with an Atom tablet instead.

      • Rowan09

        Your really not getting it. I should be asking you want application does the RT have that an iPad or Android tablet doesn’t have? The Rt and Surface flopped so you can keep living in dream land as if its a successful product. Some people thought the Z10 was the come back for Blackberry and surprise it wasn’t. I’m not defending the iPad, I’m asking why is this going to be successful when the first 2 failed?

      • It’ll be successful as soon as Microsoft gets it’s marketing department right. I’ve come across those who wanted an iPad and I pointed them to the advanced features (like support for a wide range of USB peripherals) the RT has built in, they changed their minds of getting a iPad.

        If I can do that easily, it surely is just marketing that needs a fix.

      • Rowan09

        I can talk someone into buying a Bold doesn mean any things USB is not a selling point because everyone knows the Surface carries a USB port. If you enjoy your Surface congrats if I need a laptop and the Pro was cheaper I might have considered but I don’t and it wouldn’t fit my needs.

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        hey Android/Microsoft fanboy, get out of this Apple blog already…all you do is trolling and talking sh*t in every discussion

      • Hey iTard, GTFO and go find yourself an iTardsOnlyBlog…all you do is suck on Tim Cock balls 24/7, so ignoramus that you can’t think for yourself, idiot.

      • quitcherbichinn

        it’s really sad to see you constantly on here trolling. you coming here to boast your windows superiority makes as much sense as a straight person going to a gay bar trying to convince them they are wrong for being gay and how superior you are because you are straight. it’s lame and wreaks of insecurity and desperation.

        if you like windows then great…that’s your choice. but you are on an iOS/Apple blog where the topic is iOS and Apple…are you that much of a loser that you have nothing better to do than to troll? save your energy in your predictable rebuttal. you make a fool of yourself, plain and simple.

      • Ahhhh, someone got their feelings hurt…Can’t afford to see negative stuff about Apple? Consider finding an iTardsOnlyBlog; where the truth about Apple’s greed is forbidden. I promise you’ll never come across such negative facts about nor anything questioning your herd master, Apple, over there…pathetic numbskull.

      • quitcherbichinn

        lol i think you are a complete troll…how could you hurt my feelings? you speak the “truth” as YOU see it…and you do it on a blog about a topic you don’t like. that makes you a loser. that is all.

      • Lol, I think you’re a complete fantard…the extent of your idiocracy is undefined, so much so that you unconditionally follow your herd master’s (in this case, Apple’s) behind; no questioning, no reasoning, just blindly following…and you ignoramusly mark anyone that doesn’t support your herd master’s way of thinking as a troll. That makes you an ignoramus and biased Apple fantard…

      • quitcherbichinn

        LOL really? that infantile jibberish is your retort? lame…just so lame.

        i haven’t said anything about Apple…either in support of or against so your assumptions are asinine. the only point here is that you are not a fan of the subject material of the blog yet you are here to get your jollies off by attacking people and making fun of them for their likes or perceived likes. the fact that you obviously have such a sad, pathetic, and lonely life that you have time for this only speaks volumes about YOU. you can try transference all you want but the only person you MIGHT be fooling is yourself yet i feel that even you know what a complete fool you are.

        i notice you like to use “fantard” a lot…good for you. not only are you a troll but you are a 3rd grade troll. put down your miscrosoft windows games…gtfo of your mom’s basement….try a real life…try interacting with society in a normal and healthy way.

    • Cesar D


  • Rowan09

    Why do they come out to a part 2 of a failed product with the same expensive price? Obviously something didn’t work the first time and what did they do different, add specs which no one cares about since the RT has no apps. The Surface Pro 2 is suppose to be a laptop replacement with a laptop price so I don’t see why anyone would want to buy the Pro 2 over a laptop which you can find cheaper with a touchscreen and Windows 8. The Surface 2 is going to compete with other Windows 8 tablets which are usually cheaper than the $400+ price tag. Why would I want to buy a Surface 2 when I can get a Windows 8 tablet with the same OS and accessibility? Microsoft really didn’t think this one out again.

  • Neat stuff, despite the Surface RT’s hardware already being ahead of the iPad, Microsoft has gone further and added more hardware features than the iPad has ever had since it was released. It’s app store is getting there, growing at probably half the rate of the iPad as there’s no need for duplicate lite/pro versions of the same app. Unfortunately, it’s still ARM, so, just like the iPad, it’s not worth the price tag when you have Intel Atom tablets out there.

    Like the new Surface Pro 2, but too bad I already purchased the first and still loving it. Now with the Power Keyboard, got the advantages of backlit keyboard and extended battery. Just like the first gen, it merges everything a Laptop (like the MacBook Air) has to offer into a iPad form factor, yet still costs the same. So, now I can do all of the following tasks that are best done on tablets with a Digitizer screen, all without the limitation of dumb down tablets:
    – Hand note taking
    – Form filling
    – Document signing
    – Hand drawing

    Good work on the Pro version Microsoft, replace the ARM with Intel Atom and you have two winners.

    • Rowan09

      Dude your one of the few that thinks this is a winner just like you thought the Pro 1 was a winner. The Pro 1 and RT failed, that doesn’t mean it’s no good but obviously a failed product. If Microsoft is in the business of losing money then they should keep up with this strategy. I’ll stand corrected when the Surface Pro 2 and Rt 2 starts flying off shelves.

      • They failed due to terrible marketing, period. Nothing the iPad offers isn’t doable on the RT, in fact it even offers more for the same price. The Pro on the other hand, it offers more functionality for the same price as your high end laptop, Microsoft just needs a better marketing department to sell it.

      • Rowan09

        Marketing? What? People knew the Rt and Pro was out but no one cares, the regular consumer sees touchscreen laptops with windows 8 and they would buy it over the Surface Pro. Windows even made videos against the iPad with another tablet for $299 I believe it was and it wasn’t even the Surface RT. If the RT is the best Windows 8 device why not compare it to the iPad in those commercials? Obviously it’s because they are trying to say we are cheaper so buy a windows 8 tablet, but when I walk in a store and see a Surface RT or Pro 2 as a “dumb” consumer for $400+ you won’t get my money. I understand the specs and its impressive but no one cares and if they thing this is why they failed good luck. When the sales numbers come in I will stand corrected.

      • Sounds like you missed this one (http://bit ly/14AVbk3). Don’t blame you, that’s a sign that their marketing isn’t working.

        Also if this makes any difference to you, an average consumer, they come with 200GB of NSA skydrive storage and 1 year of unlimited free voice calling to landlines in over 60 countries, and free Skype WiFi.

      • Rowan09

        I’m far from an average consumer, I under specs and have my degree in IT. Your logic states that if a product fails marketing is the sole and main reason for its failure in this case. Couldn’t it be that the Surface failed because the iPad and Android tablets own the market and people don’t see a reason to replace them with the surface and the price doesn’t give them a reason to even give it a try?

      • Guest

        You claim you’re a lot of this an that professional, but you honestly never sound like one…just saying.

      • Rowan09

        I don’t claim to anything besides what I am an IT graduate. I’m not caught up in popularity if I don’t like a product I don’t buy it, commercials don’t convince me to do otherwise I use it for myself and that’s it. I never attacked the Surface saying it was wack, worst than the iPad or Android tablets, etc. All I said was its a failed product which is a fact and their strategy is flawed because people didn’t buy the Surface RT or Pro because it lacked specs. I’m never one to brag my friend I say it as it is. I said it before and if these sell then I stand corrected but until then what I’m saying isn’t far fetched since history shows the last product failed.

      • Vitaliy Anonymous

        Ah. A troll is always a troll. Haven’t you seen the article from NSA that describes Apple users as Zombies. Just because you hate the competition doesn’t mean you have to disrespect it.

  • anonymous

    i see there is interest in pro2 , does that mean there is going to be massive interest in future hybrid convertibles. i think so.. imagine able to run all widows programs along with functional usb port for using flash drives and big storage options, and on the other side you get to use all the tablet like apps from windows store directly from metro screen. best of both worlds. and the battery life improved along with the performance.. but this piece is way too expensive . thinking after one year what will be the position. all convertibles will be cheaper and commonplace and the best alternative to ipad and android tabs.. i do see potential.. but right now will pass.

    • I’m curious to know, would you buy a high end laptop like the Macbook air?

      • anonymous

        macbook air is a premium offering by apple, and will last many years and many of us still spend a lot time on their laptops doing things not still possible on slates or smartphone , so why not, but the macbook air is not yet convertible like many hybrid ultrabook out there so an entire shift from macbook to ipad is not possible unless they bring the option of detachable keyboard and the ability to run all ipad apps, on the other hand, other manufactures are leading in the race of providing options for an entire switch from laptop to a hybrid . this transition can only be smooth if Microsoft invests more in tablet apps rather than big acquisitions, taking care of small things first.

      • Agree with most of what you stated, but:

        “MacBook Air is a premium offering by Apple”

        A premium offering that still ain’t got full HD screen in 2013, cost more yet offers less; you’ll willfully pay for that than something of matched premium quality that offers a lot more for the same price? Sounds biased, don’t you think?…

        FYI, my 2008 HP Pavilion dv3510nr Laptop still works flawlessly today with Windows Se7en, why, ’cause I’m taking good care of it. It’s a psychological fact, if you spend big bucks on something, you tend to be more cautious of how you use it, true or false on that? All this claim of it lasting longer is just a psychological stuff Apple is taking advantage of (a marketing tactic); if you use a device carefully, it’s guranteed to last long periods, like all myne do. If you don’t, you’ll damage it fast.

      • anonymous

        most of the products that apple manufactures are premium, i mean they spend a lot of time behind something rather than just release because its a trend, think of the next iwatch , which is still in R&D. When macair was first released it was one of a kind . if ur a heavy user u wont buy macair, but macbook pro or windows laptop which you can get excellent spec at same price of macair . so thats ur choice, especially if ur a gamer or software enthausiast u’ll go for windows as most games and software is there for windows . but seriously longevity of laptop is a fact, i mean think of sony, i know what u mean , if u take good care as someone i know uses an acer laptop for seven years straight , and i see ur laptop manufactured in 2008, so u must be pretty cautious, but i spoilt a dv6-3052ee(battry prob,overheat) within three years even though i kept it in one place, same result with my friend, but others having hp wont witness this problem, so its unfair to judge a brand based on few people, but mac always tops the consumer satisfaction, so that tells us something. and the battery lasts longer with the same processor and its crucial as laptop is a mobile device. think of ultrabook hybrids nowadays costs much more and offers just less, subsidized processor(less power and performance) to save battery, less storage, no optical.less ports, lack of good gaming etc, as its still evolving but way expensive , so a macair can be compared to ultrabook sans the convertible option I mentioned before

  • Toby Price

    ummm… almost a thousand DOLLARS? American? Are they nuts? no thanks. I will just keep my iPad.

  • jacob wolin

    don’t really see this taking off, the original didn’t so why would this? they need to do some really nice improvement to the surface family in order for it to really get a foot out the door, something that makes it different from every other windows 8 machine that defines itself as a tablet

  • Video of Surface 2 is private -_-

  • Yunsar

    There is no competition between Surface and iPad

    • FOFF

      surface fails..

  • Ghost

    One thing they never mention is LTE

  • Andrieux Querido


  • Dani Hayes

    iDownloadblog, The best news source for Microsoft and android.

    • Jonathan

      And the most important one, Apple.

  • I wonder how long it takes for apple to sue this tablet because it’s a rectangle.

  • YNN08

    I watched whole event but it was so boring. I could not find anything exciting in both products. MS is actually trying to convert tablet into notebook and they love keyboard. I did not like the way they placed their products on the floor during presentation. I had been using their products from last 15 years but now I am thinking to change my hardware and software all together.

  • Saeed Ghattas


  • James

    No, but I do kind of wish Apple would make something like this where you have a product like the macbook air or pro and it’s a laptop and it runs OS X when connected to the keyboard portion, but then you can detach the display panel and it becomes an iPad that runs iOS and is a touch screen.

    • FOFF

      they will

  • omrishtam

    with 900$ or a bit more i can buy a real PC for gamin and more…….so no

    • By real PC you mean a 3lb+ PC with dedicated graphics?

      • FOFF


  • Singed

    Jesus Christ, 900 bucks!
    Even marketed as a laptop replacement, that’s way too expensive…

  • Who would seriously buy this? Pseudo laptop…

    • Raashid

      I would and did 🙂

  • blastingbigairs

    2X the failure!