If the iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4 jailbreak was a Facebook relationship status, it would be “it’s complicated.”

In case you haven’t seen @winocm’s latest tweet:


Nothing really new here from what we’d already been told in the last weeks, but progress is being made, and that is encouraging. It looks like at this point, only a few selected devices are slowing the process down.

On the iOS 7 front, pod2g said last week he was more and more confident in a jailbreak for Apple’s latest mobile OS.

  • on3simpleclick

    Hoping my 4S is one of those devices..

    • Arjan Vlek

      Probably only iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G. They will not be getting iOS 7.
      Also the iPhone 4 because of Limera1n exploit

  • İlkim Sezen

    Why would they even bother working on iOS 6 Jailbreak when iOS 7 has been out for a week now! Hello?

    • ‘Cause there are those who don’t want fugly iOS 7 on their device without a WInterboard theme…

      • Fybre0ptix

        Or, you know, because there are those of us who have used iOS 7 and like the updated UI, but realise it is much more choppy on the iPhone 4S than iOS 6.

        I downgraded to 6 a day or two after the 7 GM release and damn, the improvement in smoothness as a result was reason enough to keep the downgrade. Now I’m just waiting for a jailbreak.

      • Markus Hudobnik

        Try restoring to iOS 7 and then setting it up as a new iPhone.

      • Fybre0ptix

        I did. I also used DFU mode to install for both.

        I suppose “much more” is a bit of an exaggeration. 7 is really only just a bit choppy as compared to 6. But again, to me it’s enough to warrant a downgrade.

    • JaeM1llz

      An iOS7 jailbreak is still months out, I’m sure there are plenty of people on 6.1.3/4 who would love to jailbreak while they wait for a public release of an iOS7 jailbreak.

    • f96lrs


    • illK†Δ

      We are still on 7.0 – plenty of bugs, some critical, apple needs to fix. That critical fox could break the jailbreak. Be patient.

      • marcus1324

        No it’s 7.0.1 which is the latest

      • Markus Hudobnik

        What critical? Minus the lock screen bypass

    • Jo

      there are older devices that Apple has mealy not allowed to have ios 7

    • F P

      Yeah for realz, why even mess with 6. anything? Stick with ios7 devs.

      • Darrick

        Because these exploits don’t work on iOS 7. Not to mention iOS 7 jailbreak is probably coming in the first quarter of 2014, like with the iOS 6 jailbreak

      • Rosy

        Why mess with 6 anything? Because for those of us that CAN’T upgrade to iOS 7, it would be nice to have a jailbreak so that 6.1.3 can actually be fun to use. Because the majority of people that didnt go to iOS 7 either 1. Can’t upgrade because of their device, or 2. Are waiting for a jailbreak. So since were waiting it would be nice to have one. PLUS iOS 7 just came out and as Darrick said, it probably will be 3 or 4 months at least before a jailbreak for iOS 7 even comes out. So that’s why the devs should mess with 6 anything.

    • appl3h4ck3r

      In would like a jailbreak for both iOS 6 & 7. I didn’t upgrade bcuz I run an unofficial unlock GPP. There’s no reliable GPP unlock solution out there for iOS 7 yet. That’s why I haven’t upgraded and is waiting for a jailbreak iOS 6.1.3. You can by all means wait months for an iOS 7 jailbreak while the rest of us on 6.1.3 enjoy ours 😉

    • Huntz

      Because the devs already stated Cydia, Mobile Substrate, & Winterboard are broken with iOS7. Read iH8sn0w’s blog.

    • Cesar D

      Because they were working since 6.1.3 came out and they will end the work not just throw all to the trash.

    • TriguyRN

      My ipod 4 can’t get ios 7

    • Chris

      Then there are of course those of us, and there are many, believe me, who friggin hate ios 7 and find it disgusting and revolting. I’d rather have a nicer winterboard theme with tweaks than use that ios 7 crap.

    • Anonymous

      Because of divices like iPod 4 and iPhone 3GS. Those divices are not getting ios 7.

  • iwanttohack

    Still i m waiting for winocm untethered jailbreak for my ipad 4….. Thanks for ur hard work to mak this jailbreak possible.

  • Royce Otero

    Don’t know if I want ios7 .

  • Bril

    Yes yes. I made the right choice by going to 6.1.3 tethered. Winocm got it covered. SALUTE!

  • anonymous

    Off the topic ,, I hope they rebuild Axis3D app to use the full power of the iPhone 5S in recording and camera tracking at the same time!, any app’s similar to that in app store now ?

  • Laimetal

    Too bad. You have to wait awhile. Eta is unsure.

  • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

    If I am on 5.1.1., this jailbreak is not for me right? Wait for iOS 7 jailbreak?

    • Jo

      no, I believe you should use absinthe for 5.1.1. U can upgrade to ios 7 and wait for a jailbreak.

      • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger


    • Kimleang

      If I’m on 5.1.1 I will stay with it until a reasonable to upgrade and a stable jailbreak. Because I can restore device any time when it get mess.

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Why are you on iOS 5?

      • ChildishGambinoGotThatSwagger

        cause it works. I never had a desire to use ios 6, especially with all the alternatives for ios 6 features (DND tweaks. etc) and the fact that I could re-restore. To be honest there is no real difference between iOS 6 and iOS 5 that warranted (for me) the update. iOS 7 doesn’t look pleasing either. Yeah, I won’t get the newest apps and tweaks, but there is always an alternative.

  • Dodgy Debjit

    How would this even work? Don’t we need Apple to be signing 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 which they are no longer doing?

    • Question

      This is for the people that are still with 6.1.3 because of their old devices, such as the itouch 4g. And some might just hate iOS 7 so they stick with 6.1.3/6.1.4

    • Stake

      Should have gone to 6.1.3 when you had the chance. It’s a game of luck. Some people gambled and bet on winocm getting his jailbreak done before evasion got theirs. Looks like they might have made the right choice c

      • Dodgy Debjit

        Doesn’t the JB process rely on having the firmware signed as one of the steps? Maybe I don’t understand it properly.

        Or is it the case if you are already on the firmware version in question then it doesn’t need to be signed again?

      • Stake

        You only need to get it signed if you’re switching OS Versions. If you’re going from stock to jailbreak of the same OS then it’s just a process of running the JB program. The OS is already signed.

      • Dodgy Debjit

        Cool, thanks

  • J. Rockwell

    An educated guess says one of those devices is the iPhone 5 GSM version.

  • Aleandro green

    i have ios 7 so would it be better to wait for the ios 7 jailbreak?

    • Luke Mulholland

      well you can’t wait for the iOS 6 JB now your on iOS 7…

  • Jo

    Thank-you for your hard work don’t listen to the haters Winocm!

  • Mike22

    Does this means 6.1.3 jailbreak will be released few days or maybe tonight.

  • Mike22

    The way his tweet sound it might be out in few days.

  • Daniel Beecham

    to late, i’m on iOS7!!!

  • Shiv

    Sigh. a bit useless now that nobody can downgrade to iOS 6.

    • rubeN

      yeah kind of sucks that they haven’t figured out how to circumvent the downgrade process.

  • Apanizo2

    Nearly half of iOS users won’t care about this, because they are running iOS 7

    • Vitaliy Anonymous

      I personally don’t care. To me, the biggest feature I wanted was something like NCSettings, and Apple finally decided to add that.

    • Stefano

      Showing care and support is half of what these awesome guys run off of. Nearly half of those users you speak of will get their jailbreak from @pod2g. These guys have lives, and with that being said, there is not enough time in a day.

  • Rowan09

    This is nice for those that are on legacy devices, that cannot or don’t even want to upgrade to IOS 7.

  • BR

    where apple tv 3 jailbreak at tho!!! no loveee for the apple tv, new devices coming out and apple tv stays in the back.. moment of silent for apple tv =[

    • Juan Cruz

      Apple tv 3 jailbreak is very hard and difficult for find a exploit

      • BR

        poor lil box

  • Markus Hudobnik

    I hope they get it quick so then they can switch focus to iOS 7

  • M Last

    who cares about jailbreak stuck on ios 6.1.2 ,other lost jailbreak for some reasons,they already updated to iOS 7 noway come back to 6.1.3 🙁

    should be useful for 3GS owners

  • ahmad brengosh

    i love my 3Gs i hope the jailbreak will come to light, if not i won’t be disappointed, since cydia is make my day….

    • FOFF

      let it go dude.. 4S is the minimum now

  • David Chen Ta Wi

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  • Felicitous Dasalla Jr

    Off topic sir don’t know where to post my query,
    I have an iPhone 4S running ios 6.1.3 I wonder if I can safely update it to ios7 without the original sim(from Verizon) I’m really down to the new wallpaper and parallax effect. Would there be no issue in the activation of the iPhone? Thanks
    I’m from the Philippines by the way and I don’t have the sim already.. Thanks for those who will answer..

  • FOFF

    lame .. i want this guy to focus on IOS7 please

  • stfudvs


  • Mirza Arsalan Baig

    Winocm is making the jailbreak for all of the devices, including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and the fifth generation iPod Touch.

  • brenboy3

    Keep it up winocm you should be proud of your work
    No matter what others say

  • Raymond Blair

    Kant wait for the 6.1.3. Eye used the ios 7 beta 6 anf the officle ios 7 while eye like the ios 7 it still has its limits. Keep it up boys keep it up. 🙂 we believe in ya.

  • Josh Hanlon

    People with 3GS devices would definitely want to have a jailbreak for
    lifetime. All versions of iOS should be jailbroken, even when they’re not
    supported by Apple anymore… :).