iOS 7 (Unauthorized Lightning cable prompt)

Back in June, we discovered Apple implemented a warning in iOS 7 Beta builds to caution people against using non-certified Lightning cables, many of which contain cracked authentication chips.

Specifically, connecting an accessory to an iOS 7 Beta device through a non-certified Lightning cable produced a prompt saying “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone”.

It seems the company has thrown down the gauntlet to unauthorized accessory makers over the use of unapproved Lightning cables because folks have confirmed that the shipping version of iOS 7 now in fact blocks such cables, preventing them from actually charging your iPhone…

According to an ongoing thread over at Reddit, though some non-certified cables are still working, many do not. Other people have confirmed this as well.

I have a cable which worked perfectly fine on iOS 6.1.4. But now on iOS 7, it will not charge the phone whether using the mains adapter or via USB.

One commenter added:

Yes I get the “cable not certified” message everytime, but until recently my cheap cables worked fine. I plugged one in to my work computer to charge and was greeted with a new message, asking if I “trusted this computer.”

So everytime I plugged my phone in I had to dismiss the “certified” message and accept the “trusted” prompt. After a few times, the cable stopped working. Used another cheap cable, same thing happened.

Previously, iOS 7 Betas only put up a warning when using a knockoff cable.

There seems to be a workaround solution:

  1. Turn on USB power
  2. Plug in lightning cable to iPhone
  3. Dismiss any warnings
  4. Unlock your iPhone.
  5. Dismiss any remaining warnings.
  6. Now with the screen turned on.
  7. Unplug the knock off lightning cable.
  8. Plug it back in.
  9. Dismiss warning again
  10. It should now charge

The somewhat complex and annoying workaround could push some people to consider buying certified accessories which are often priced at a premium due to licensing fees paid to Apple and the use of Lightning authentication chips found in both the cables and connectors.

  • Theo Hucksalot

    Apple has officially jumped the shark. Now they’re sending messages to our phones like Big Brother? Apple – It’s my phone and i can buy any devices i want for it. STOP TRYING MILK US FOR EVERY PENNY! NOT COOL!!! That’s it, I’m buying the Samsung galaxy!

  • Chris Jones

    I’ve got and use the official charger and cable that came with my new iPad mini, updated to os7 and now shows the not certified message. Anyone else getting the message with an authentic cable and charger or does this mean the update is screwed

    • Zethra Captor

      yeah…me too..ive got my iphone like a few months ago…this os really dumb

  • ben

    I need 2 car chargers and 2 home chargers, Apple Cables are $20 each when they should be $3

    • Zethra Captor

      i agree…why must it be so expensive anyways????

  • Mariah

    Pretty much some bull**** Everything was perfectly fine before updating my phone. All of the cords that came with my iphone aren’t woking. No, There is nothing wrong with hardware. Trying to scrape in some extra money apple? People are ordering new phones because their diagnosis was that the hardware was broken or has been.. I call BULL.

  • Wookie77UK

    I have found if you plug the cable in then turn the phone off it still charges even though I got the warning when I plugged the cable in.

  • Andrea

    And what do they have to say when their official cable, the one that came with my iPad 4, bought directly from the Apple store about 6 months ago that’s been giving me that message off and on for over a month – and now the cable won’t even stay in the iPad. I am often homebound with various life long illnesses and depend heavily on my iPad, esp. when stuck in bed (am a web developer), which is why I spent close to $1,000 on a new iPad. And now this? Come on Apple… I’ve been using your products since 1984 and seems they are getting worse and worse… got some things to say about my laptop as well, but that’s another story.

  • Lindsey

    I have been using a USB and and Apple lightening cable to download my photos to my ipad. However since upgrading to ios7 I have been having this message displayed but my lightening cable is from apple. Any ideas as to why this is happening. My wat I an do about it?

  • Zethra Captor

    it wont work…i tried the worksround lots of times but it still wont work 🙁

  • Idking

    Will it mess up anything?

  • Calixto Sanchez

    This has changed, it an abusive and outrageous policy set by Apple

    They may recommend, but obligating is gross

  • fyrman

    Well it not only blocks 3rd party cables, I upgraded to IOS 7 on a ipad mini, and get the message on the packaged charger and lightning cable. Worded fine until I upgraded.

  • koprty

    Just get an Android phone. They all use micro-USB, which you can buy for $2 off eBay.

  • joy

    there is not electricty charge to kill someone with a freaking phone… even with it plugged houses have breakers. I am an electrican and 110 volt won’t kill you. Only in countries where they have no electrical regulations will u die when u get electrcuted from an outlet.

  • D1craig

    i dont know where you all come from but im sure in my country we have rules that mean cables and such things to do with electricity have to meet certain standards of safety. the only thing different about apple cable accessories is they have a chip that allows your device to use them. do you really think they get there stuff made in china because they make high quality products? they just want all the money you spend on your phone not just the 200% cost of the handset (compared to any other similar handset from other companies).

  • endok

    Workaround 1: Plug – Unlock – Plug again
    This came from a reddit post.

    Turn on USB power
    Plug in lightning cable to iPhone
    Dismiss any warnings
    Unlock your iPhone.
    Dismiss any remaining warnings.
    Now with the screen turned on.
    Unplug the knock off lightning cable.
    Plug it back in.
    Dismiss warning again
    It should now charge

    Workaround 2: Taking the sim out.

    This is from a post in Apple forum.

    Take the sim card out of the phone and try charging it.

    Workaround 3.1: Turn off your phone

    This is a comment in the mobileburn post.

    Plug the cable then turn off your iOS Device. Says, it should charge while your phone is turned off.

    Workaround 3.2: Plugin right before the phone turns off

    This is a variation of Workaround 3A. I’m not sure what’s the difference but I managed to increase my battery percentage by doing this.

    Hold the lock button, then slide to turn off your phone. When you see the black screen with the busy wheel icon, immediately plugin the cable. You can’t see any progress or use your phone, but after a while when you turn in on, it should have a higher juice. For emergency situations, this is better than nothing.

    • Guest

      i was playing minion rush on the charger on the newest ipad and now the cable broke after a month stupid apple i going to invent banana brnd jpads

  • John Smith

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  • Yogesh

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  • E71

    Total d*** move, Apple.

    It’s a good thing my iPhone 4 is the last iProduct I’ll ever buy.

  • al-andrew

    A bit late here …but I needed to go buy a new cable today and $25 I felt was a bit cheeky but when you consider all the free updates and work that goes into iOS this $25 seems like a small ask….. think we need to be a lot more aware of how much work good companies actually do to keep their products working properly. This cable issue is just another small example.

  • I used my cable too much. It got a kink in the neck. I bought another, from Apple online and it does not work. Ugh. So. Frustrating.

  • Marisa Mormile Elskamp

    Let me know when there Is a class action suite because they do it with their own accessory plugs as well so the consumer has to keep purchasing new ones every few months.

  • Katsu999

    Apple trying to retain its profit stranglehold by refusing any non-Apple cables is what is happening. “You must only buy Apple cables.” How many CERTIFIED non-Apple cables are out there? Curious.