iPad mini 2 (backplate, space gray 001)

With the iPhone 5s and 5c, Apple has clearly adopted a new color scheme for this year’s iPhones. On the plastic end, we have white, red, green, blue and yellow as your vivid color choices. The flagship iPhone 5s, however, has switched to three finishes: in addition to the much talked-about gold variant, there’s also a silver model which closely resembles last year’s white iPhone 5 and an all new space gray model, basically a subtly toned down black iPhone 5 design with a gray backplate that gives it a more metallic feel.

Which begs the question of new iPads. With these design changes in place for new iPhones, will Apple adopt a similar strategy for the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2? A new part that leaked Wednesday shows a new space gray color finish on a back shell said to belong to the forthcoming second-gen iPad mini upgrade…

The rather accurate French blog NowhereElse.fr has gotten hold of this part through a Japanese parts retailer so this isn’t a genuine part from Apple’s factory and it lacks the final coating which gives it the shine and Apple’s unmistakable premium finish.

iPad mini 2 (backplate, space gray 002)

It’s interesting that this particular part meshes up nicely with a report yesterday by the Chinese blog C Technology yesterday which had claimed that the iPad mini 2 will be offered in the existing silver and white versions, in addition to a new space gray color option.

According to a rather sketchy report by MacGeneration, another French blog, Apple is poised to introduce new iPads at a media event on Tuesday, October 15.

And what do you think?

Will space gray replace the slate finish of the original iPad mini?

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    • Jonathan


      • Glorin

        Luke and Jony… stop it! You have work to do.

      • Jonathan

        Yes mom…..

  • Who cares what the back looks like? If the front is a retina-density display, sign me up for two of these things on launch day.

  • abdullah575

    I am very Excited for iOS 7 GM !!!

    • Peter Cao

      The GM is already here…

      • felixtaf

        He jus woke up…

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  • Shakur

    Ios7 is not here 4

  • Byron C Mayes

    Please stop using the phrase “begs the question.” No one uses it in its original meaning (a debate device), and it makes no sense in its current usage. Favor “raises the question” instead.


  • Glorin

    Sad… I love the black one… hope it won’t be discontinued

  • jose carlos

    This blog is just a BIG SCAM just to advertise for Apple with so call rumors,leaks and B.S.

    • felixtaf

      Thank you Sir… Your FBI level investigation is awfully awesome….

  • jose carlos

    Just know EXACTLy what I’m talking about!

  • Kimberly Barnett

    I have the mini now, if this has a retina display ill defiantly be buying the 3g 64gb version, I have the wifi only 32gb now and its a pain not being able to use it anywhere i like. Also its a pain not having the size to store more than a couple of monies with all my songs