iPhone 5s order september 20 8am

The iPhone 5c might already be available for pre-order, but for some reason, Apple will not let you pre-order the flagship iPhone 5s. We speculated why, but we’ll probably never know for sure the reasoning behind this decision.

If it’s been clear since this week’s event that the iPhone 5s would be available in store on the 20th, the exact time hadn’t been made official until today, when Apple sent an email to customers saying the iPhone would be available for order online at 12.01am PST (3am EST)…

Of course, if you’d rather get the line, your local Apple Store will open at 8am on that day. It’s highly likely that carrier stores will open at 8am too and will also let you order online at midnight, but this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet.

If you want your iPhone 5s on launch day, your best bet is to get up early and stand in line. I’d suggest avoiding standing in line at Apple Stores since they always attract more people than the carrier stores. That’s my “technique” anyway.

So what are you going to do? Online or in line?

  • Casey H.

    Is this definite verification? I among others have been wondering about a trustworthy official answer.

    • omrishtam

      it’s official….they sent me this email also…you can trust that the online order will start at 12:01 am on the 20th september.

      • Palmer Paul

        12:01 am PST… thats 3:01am EST

      • Casey H.

        Yeah that’s what sucks being in florida. I guess I will have to pull another annual apple all nighter.

      • Sokrates


      • solidsephiroth

        Me too.

      • Casey H.

        Thank you!!

      • omrishtam

        np 😀

  • İlkim Sezen

    They are going to sell unlocked and contract free 5s too, right? An Apple employee just told me they wont.

    • Not right away, but maybe later like they did w/ the 5.

    • richrich

      that would be a dick move if they didn’t, especially since they started selling unlocked 5c’s right off the bat.

    • pinoy

      T-Mobile will sell unlocked on sept. 20 I think.

  • İlkim Sezen

    By the way what time should I start waiting in the line? In New York.

    • Jonathan

      PST – EST = 3 hours. 3:01 AM.

    • Palmer Paul

      People camp out for over a day at the Apple Store by my house. When the iPad 2 came out a few years ago, I was talking to the first guy on line at the Greenwich Village store. He said he had slept out there for two nights.

    • Craig Christopher


    • Richard Butler

      You should be in line already.

  • Jonathan

    Anytime now..

  • seanwes

    Any insight on whether AT&T stores will carry the 5s that morning, or is it just Apple stores?

    • That’s when reading further than the headline comes in handy 🙂

      • seanwes

        Apologies, Sebastien. I admittedly skimmed. My position is probably a poor one to make a suggestion (and may get downvoted for that reason), but I hope this can be taken in the constructive light it is intended.

        For the many skimmers out there, it is helpful to have specific words at the front of a sentence or paragraph. For instance, the current sentence “It’s highly likely that…” isn’t as scan-friendly as “Carrier stores have not officially confirmed…”

        It is entirely my mistake for missing that bit of information at the end of your third paragraph, and I take full responsibility for not reading thoroughly. I only make the suggestion to optimize for the majority of readers that do skim articles.

        Always appreciate the information you are consistently putting out. Thanks for being friendly! =)

    • Craig Christopher

      My local stores are carrying them so I assume they all are…

  • Patrick

    im going to order it over the phone, three will ring me

    • Richard Butler

      Not taking orders by phone!!!!!

  • Jon Lindstrom

    Do you think you will be able to preorder online at 12:01 AM, and set it for in-store pick up at 8 AM?

    • Al

      That’s what I’m wondering… Whether there be in-store pick up, cause that would be more convienent yet I doubt Apple will allow that.

      I’m sure it will be beneficial for them to have as many people in lines due to media coverage.

      • Jon Lindstrom

        Confirmed by a live chat with apple support. No on-line order and in-store pick up on 9/20 b/c of demand.

      • Sokrates

        You mean no pre-order? Ordering online on the 20/9 should be possible

      • Jon Lindstrom

        I just mean that you can’t combo ordering online and specify in store pick up is all. Orders will start at 12:01am PST

      • Sokrates

        Cool thanks

      • Phan Tasm

        That’s crap!! That’s the first thing I wanted to do order online so i know i have it and then pick it up. It secures my sale so what does it matter due to demand!? I don’t mind standing inline as long as I am guaranteed the phone I want!!

      • Richard Butler

        Onlime orders all will be shipped. Standing in line orders will give it to you that day, if in stock.

    • William Kosch

      Doubt it sorry.

  • Gary32283

    It’s so they will sell cases/accessories in the stores along with the new phones.

    • Casey H.

      They may sell the new apple cases but they will probably direct you to the iPhone 5 cases since they will all fit.

      • Lucy Yao

        The new/larger flash on 5s requires a larger opening on some 5 cases. The 5 cases with the teardrop/oblong shaped opening (smaller on the flash side) will likely prohibit full 5s camera usage. If it’s a “pill” shape (same size on both lens and flash side), it should work for 5s.

  • veda99

    I will go to apple store to make sure they carry unlocked from first day or not!
    Also what time they open!(Store is in GardenStatePlaza Mall, NJ)

    • İlkim Sezen

      please let me know after you find out. 🙂

      • veda99

        8am and they do carry contract-free unlocked 5s from first day!

    • quitcherbichinn

      if they go on sale at Apple stores at 8am 9/20 then common sense dictates the store will open at 8am.

      • veda99

        If the mall opens at 10am so do the apple store right? Contrary to that just confirmed, it opens at 8am on 20th!

      • İlkim Sezen

        how do you know they will have contract free unlocked on 20th? i just called new york fifth avenue and they told me they dont know it yet.

      • veda99

        i went to apple store in GSP Mall, NJ and they told yes they will carry from 8am on 20th

  • Eddie Leonard

    Im in the UK and I got the same email except for it said 12:01AM BST… Don’t know if Apple are trolling or not :L

  • ic0dex

    Sorry to say but I don’t think these will sell out like the iPhone 5 did and had a 3 week waiting time. Well except the gold iPhone 5S because every Armenian, Persian and every other Middle Easterner will buy them out.

    • quitcherbichinn

      i think you are very mistaken. this same claim was made when the 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, and 5 came out….and EVERY time they were wrong. the claim was also made with the iPad mini and that claim was wrong.

      the phone may have the same wrapper but internally it is a 100% new phone. i don’t understand how people don’t get that. i also don’t get how people are surprised 6 years in that a “s” version would be released. people build up their own rumors and base expectations on unfounded rumors on what Apple might put out then get pissed off when Apple didn’t put out what gossip queens said was coming. if you fall for liars then that is on you. shame on you for believing whatever lies people tell you.

      this phone will sell more than the 5 did just as the 5 sold more than the 4s and so on. it’s Apple…they have a devoted fan base…they’ll be just fine.

      • Al

        Although the first statement you made about people doubting Apple with their history of selling devices is correct. The last statement I tend to disagree with.

        I don’t think the 5s will sell more than the 5 given the circumstances that Apple is in. Firstly, they are not taking any preorders until the 20th given that they normally do preorders a week early and I doubt they will have enough for the first batch. I was able to go into Apple around noonish and pick up the 5 on the launch day. Some people might lack the motivation and the hassle into getting a 5s with such a constraint supply from the start. And, secondly… they are selling another new iPhone along side the 5s.

        Those two decision by Apple might end up putting the 5s a disadvantage in comparison to other iPhone launches.

      • quitcherbichinn

        i think that is opinion and assumption. you may very well be right but i don’t think you will be. i think the release will prove to be successful but even if Apple sold 100 million iPhones this quarter, they’d still be accused of failing. it’s gotten to the point of ridiculous at this point with “analysts”.

      • Rohan Rashid

        I know the “S” models aren’t usually the best to get but I have been using the Iphone 4 for the past 3 years and think its time for a new one.

        One your contact ends you’re still paying for a subsidized plan. meaning that the phones are cheaper but the planes are higher. If you’re not getting a new phone then you are somewhat losing money. Unless you’re with tmobile, tmobile knocks off the subsidized plan after 2 years.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I may give Verizon a call to see if they’ll be opening at 8 am as well. I don’t want to show up and hour late (or early) for nothing, although I’d rather be early.

  • Max

    But if we order online, how long is the shipping wait? A week?

  • iAppleTech

    Will the 5S then ship out on the 20th? I rather wait in line and get my 5S a few days earlier instead of waiting.

  • ousmanesokona

    No true. For the 5c you have the choice of T-Mobile or Sim Free. But for the 5s, choice for Sim Free is not present. What that means is anybody’s guess. It maybe just a glitch. What surprises me if that noone is talking about it. If you but a T-Mbolie “Unlocked”, from Aplle, you will still have to “beg” T-Mobile to really unlocked it for you.

    • HUH? unlocked is unlocked, it just happens that they are the ones selling it with their own sim card. Probably just a temporary agreement. Brick and mortar may be another story though.

  • Ran

    PST means UTC-7? UTC-8?

  • Davey Jones

    Can we order the 5s online at 1201 on the 20th and chose to pick up in store or is it shipping only?

  • Juanita Castillo

    Does anyone know if we will be able to buy at least 2 phones on Friday @ the Apple store?

  • hwy505

    PST? Don’t you mean PDT?

    • Ran

      I guess it’s PDT
      want to know the time because I’ll try to buy it from Japan

  • Craig Christopher

    I will be waiting in line around three or five in the morning Pacific time at my local AT&T store! Wish me luck! Going for the gold (in very limited supply)!