blue white pink iPhone 5c side by side

Ok folks, the time has arrived. Those in one of the 9 initial launch countries can now pre-order an iPhone 5c. Just as promised, the Cupertino company began accepting advanced orders for its new, brightly colored handset just after midnight this morning.

It appears that some users are still seeing Apple’s ‘We’ll be back’ poster on, but the Apple Store app is up and running. Remember that carriers are also accepting pre-orders, so it’s worth checking out their websites if you have trouble getting in…

Interestingly enough, you can pre-order an unlocked version of the iPhone 5c tonight—an option not available to US customers at launch time last year. It also looks like the iPhone 5c cases and charging dock are also available for purchasing tonight.

This whole thing is a big experiment for Apple, who has never launched multiple new handsets simultaneously before. There’s been a lot of controversy over the 5c’s price and feature set, but only time will tell if those concerns have gone mainstream.

Last year, pre-orders for the iPhone 5 ran out rather quickly, with shipping times for most models doubling within an hour. We’ll hang around for a bit tonight to keep an eye on model availability, and we’ll be sure to update this post with any developments.

Still trying to decide which carrier and model to go with, or if you’re getting one at all? These posts may help:

So, have you pre-ordered your iPhone 5c yet?

  • Justin Schoenfeld

    nope site is still down

    • Justin Schoenfeld

      never mind just got up

  • veda99

    Pre-Ordered blue gsm unlocked 16gigs!(as Bday gift)

    • beny698

      Same but I got the white!

    • Rowan09

      So they are selling the unlocked version right away? I’m buying the 5s but I need the unlock version.

      • veda99

        yes..on 20 it should be available!

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      Are you in the US? does the “unlocked” version work abroad? I have a friend in Vzla who bought an I5 supossedly unlocked and contract free for over a $1000 and all he got was a really expensive paper weight ’cause it was still locked to ATT&T. And now the IMEI unlocking is illegal

      • veda99

        Yes it should! unlocked and contract free from where AT&T, at&t doesn’t sell unlocked. they sell for full retail price but locked to them. unlocked from apple should be good. I have been using unlocked versions for a long time now!

      • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

        Unlock from Apple. Thats the part i needed to Know. Thanks much

      • richrich

        sounds like your friend got scammed

  • Litchy

    Pre-ordered 🙂

  • beny698

    Got mine but the case isn’t going to ship out until after September 26th…

  • Hewitt Smokeshop

    Att site suck… Able to open the site n order but no confirmation…

  • William Melendez

    Patiently waiting for the “S”.

    • Julian Gigola

      maybe s?

      • omrishtam

        does it matter?

      • Jay Kay

        Thats controversial

  • Baby Damulag

    oh my, this upgrade would be
    totaly worth it! as im jumping from an iphone 3g, this iphone has become
    to slow for me to the point that it would take ages to power up, and
    take 2 minutes to open the damn safari browser….

    oh yeah im talking about iphone 5s not iphone 5cRAP!

    • Jay Kay

      Happy to know that soon ull be out from stone age

    • Kurt

      Welcome to 2013!

  • abdullah575

    it sucks it’s the same as iPhone 5 !!

    • Jay Kay

      No its cheap from that, iphone 5 was made with premium materials not cheap plastic, but i know apple will make good money from it, im fanboy but not stereotype.

      • mehrab

        And this will attract teens and the colors match with ios 7 very well and its more updates has nicer front cam and battery and its new and colorful and irs meant to be bohgh on contract cos on contract its cheaap!

      • Kurt

        cheap plastic

      • mehrab

        Everyperson who went hands down with it said it feels much more sturdy durable and nice in the hands then samsungs plastic *flagship phones*

        The entry level iphone is designed better then samsungs.

        Has awesome colors and has seamless design with a hard polycardbonate body reinforced with METAL. And has a coating of idk the name lol has a coating from something else too

  • kay appleseed

    i dont understant, there iis only a difference of $100 between 5c and 5s. why the hell would any one want this piece of ******. no matter how good the plastic quality is, its still plastic….

    • richrich

      and it’s still 5… fork over an extra 100 and you got yourself at least some improvements…

    • Jay Kay

      For candy colors, i guess candy crush lovers are rushing for pre orders

    • Tom Brady

      U people and your ”fork over the extra 100″ talk is irritating. Walmart is selling the 5c for 79 bucks so that is saving me cash. And besides GTA 5 is coming out so the extra bucks saved will go there

    • mehrab

      It will attract teens and the colors match with ios 7 very well and its more updates has nicer front cam and battery and its new and colorful and irs meant to be bohgh on contract cos on contract its cheaap!

    • Gustavo Adolfo Mirabal

      They will buy it to match their Crocs i guess

  • O Al Marar

    5c is = 5
    So why they buy it?!
    Maybe becuase of colorful!?

    Just 100$ difference between 5c and 5s


    • Jay Kay

      TTF 😉

    • mehrab

      will attract teens and the colors match with ios 7 very well and its more updates has nicer front cam and battery and its new and colorful and irs meant to be bohgh on contract cos on contract its cheaap!

      • Kurt

        cheaap plastic

  • Steve Brea

    It’s pretty stupid to pre-order the 5c if you have a an iPhone 5.

  • Attom

    I pre-ordered the pink one for my best friend for a gift 🙂
    She’s upgrading from the 4 so should be interesting

  • felixtaf

    Off Topic:
    Asphalt 8 : Airbourne – free today in US appstore….

  • Marlber Cruz

    This is ridiculous! The only real new product apple has is the 5S. All that the 5C is a cheaply made version of the regular 5. Apple slapped a cheaper, colored back case, kept it all at the same relative price, and then have the gall to call it a “new” phone?! I guess their banking on people having more common sense then money. But please tell you guys at iDB can see this ruse for what it is? Not innovation, just a sad marketing attempt.

    • Alex Rodriguez

      I’m glad someone said it!

      Polls show that most apple fans won’t buy it.

      Wall Street is concerned about its sales..

      Obviously they marketed the wrong way, or did they? Apple has enough appeal to put a poorly crafted device and still make money. Yes I said it, they will still make money.

      However, the true apple fans will buy the iPhone 5S, and the in between market will gravitate towards the 5C.

      I hate the 5c, but apple will
      Make MONEY.

      Android phones have an opportunity to take the lead if they simplify the user interface and design better looking phones. (Not to say they haven’t in the past)

  • veda99

    Wish I can get 5s without standing in line on 20!

  • BearManPig

    I remember all people talking sh&t because of the plastic samsung phones xD

  • Yaclexx

    Following Apple’s MO , after i5s came out i5 was gonna be lowered to $549 (with high quality materials) but instead they priced the i5c at the same price but using i5cheap plastic…
    Are they charging us more for IOS7?
    For $100 just wait a bit and get the i5s
    That’s my 0.05c

  • Gus Me

    This needs to blow up in their face badly to hopefully stop them from their 4/s 5/s garbage and give us what we want not what they say we want…

    Of course it won’t though haha

  • Brock

    i believe the 5c is very appealing to younger people because the bright colors. This is the perfect phone to buy teenagers because it will be alot harder to break then the 5. Just think about it, its plastic so if you drop it you dont have to worry about the back breaking just like the 3 and 3gs. Would you buy your 13 year old a 5s? I wouldnt cause it will be broking within a month.