green blue pink iPhone 5c side by side

Now that Apple has told us everything there’s to know about its new iPhone 5c for the colorful and the flagship fingerprint-scanning iPhone 5s that runs Apple’s advanced, in-house designed, two times faster 64-bit A7 chip with M7 motion coprocessor, would-be shoppers will have a chance to pre-order the former starting tomorrow.

Even though the company won’t provide pre-orders for the top-line iPhone 5s, both handsets are scheduled to simultaneously land on store shelves next Friday, September 20. Folks who frequent this blog by now have learned additional tidbits about the handsets in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to put together a little non-scientific poll asking a simple question: which new iPhone are you planning on buying come September 20, if any…

As a reminder, the iPhone 5s is priced at $199/$299/$399 for models with 16/32/64GB of storage and is available in three finishes: space grey, gold and silver.

iPhone 5s stack

The iPhone 5c comes in white, pink, yellow, blue and green and is available in two tiers: the $99/$199 for 16/32GB models. These are on-contract prices for eligible customers or those willing to sing a new two-year wireless service contract.

If you’d rather go prepay and buy your device separate of a wireless service, your off-contract prices are as follows: $649/$749/$849 for the 16/32/64GB iPhone 5s and $549/$649 for the 16/32GB iPhone 5c. Note that Apple does not offer an iPhone 5c variant with 64 gigabytes of storage.

iPhone 5s and 5c off contract prices

Here, cast your vote now.


I’ll just get both devices, for business purposes.

If I weren’t blogging for a living, I’d have picked up a gold iPhone 5S.

Touch ID scan fingerprint

I imagine S-upgrades aren’t as attractive to folks who are halfway through their contract as they are to owners who bought their iPhone two years ago. This time around, things are different as Apple’s brought enough improvements in the hardware department to wet everyone’s appetite.

You’re of course invited to argue with me and explain your vote to fellow readers down in the comments.

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    lol, why comments under “next Samsung phone will have 64-bit processor” are closed? :DD flamewar much?

  • Dylfo

    i have a 4s and i dont even feel like upgrading apples not doing anything that looks exciting at all

  • Sam Khan

    At night i say i’ll buy it. Next day i wakeup i say screw it. This is just keep happening for the last 2 days

  • Fanboyofapple

    Will the off contract 5s work with any carrier since it’s the same model? Or just work with T-Mobile?

  • Taf Khan

    One thing I always said is that cheap doesn’t suit Apple, it would seem that Apple also agree judging by the price of the 5c..

    I don’t think it’s enough of an upgrade to persuade me to switch from my iPhone 5 to the 5s.

    Bring on the iPhone 6 please..

  • MESTIRI Ahmed

    I’ll get one, the 5s not the “not-that-cheap” iPhone because I need to upgrade from my iPhone 4 and I sure prefer the simple iOS UI better than any other competition. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t consider buying one or the other. Apple is becoming more and more boring and more and more expensive. Crazy.

    The only reason it’s still making its way through the market is because there ain’t no good enough competition. Apple is relying on the lazy competition and is taking it very slow with “innovations” trying to make the most of money out of every single one. Too greedy the way I see it.

  • If I had $600 laying around, yeah I would go pick one up. But since I can think about 200 more important things than a new phone, no, not this time. I’d rather wait 6 months for the price to drop $100-200, then go get a used one.

  • Bieberkinz

    I’m a legit minority. 5c, cheap, and enough for what I need. An iPhone 5 16 GB for $99. Colors is a nice touch too for me. Again, FOR ME. I also do better taking care of plastic/matte things vs. Glass/Glossy/very obvious scratchy things. And I NEED an upgrade (3GS, RIP ‘Ol Reliable. aka my new iPod.)

  • einstein812

    After 6 years of drinking the Apple kool aid and buying the latest iPhone every year, I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and experienced first hand how behind Apple truly is. No longer must I wait months for the liberation of a jailbreak and installation of countless tweaks to enjoy features that the Note 2 possesses out of the box. I still own a MacBook Pro, Mac Pro Desktop, 2 iPads, and an Apple TV, but it will take more than a fingerprint scanner for me to switch back to an iPhone. Besides, they’re so small.

  • Matt

    Considering upgrade from 4 16gig to 5 32gig.

  • bob

    None because I don’t have the cash plus I don’t need it bcs I have an older iDevice.

  • Riley Freeman

    waiting for the 6 with the bigger screen. see ya next year. yall should have included that as a option in your poll

    what if the homesceeen button broke??yup exactly

  • IPhone 5 is the iphone5c wtf apple!!! That’s cheating

  • Alex Marwaha

    can someone please help me and tell me why this is happening? this happened immediatly after ios 7 gm was installed onto my ipod 5th gen. im on windows 8 itunes 11.05. why does it say go to 11.1? is there such a thing on windows? plz help.

    • Bob

      Update your iTunes. What a noob.

      • Alex Marwaha

        Hey bob there is no 11.1 for windows. Only 11.05

      • Bob

        Then there’s nothing you can do but wait until 11.1 comes out.

      • LiFeSII

        11.1 only available for mac osx

    • bob

      not the place to post but go on the downloads section and get the newest itunes. next time go to the forums

  • Clement Yeo

    so next iPhone 6, 6S , 6C??

    • Y2J

      Next year, the three available models will likely be: iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c.

  • John Mosey

    I just ordered a refurbished iPhone5 from AT&T for $50.

  • iCrunch

    NO more passwords!!!!!!!!!!! They’ll even have a Touch ID API if I’m not mistaken, so this will be integrated into third-party apps. Hellzzzzz yea, I’m getting the 5S!

  • Jeremy Spencer

    I’m finally updating from my iPhone 3G! I think it’s time, buying with no contract 🙂 I hate how its $70 more in Canada, it used to be just $50 more but they made the 5s and now it’s $70 more.

    • iCrunch

      Even though, I’m American, I agree with you. In fact, I was shocked how much more Apple charges all around the world, as compared to the U.S. The U.K. and Australia are good examples. And then you guys have 3-year contracts!?!?!? You guys need to rise to the machines! lol…

      • Jeremy Spencer

        I don’t like getting contracts, but the 3 year contracts let you pay less each month, a lot of people probably like it


    You poor people, If you cant afford it – than don’t get it.. Simple
    Stop crying like a baby.
    (This message is for whoever is interested in bitching all the time)

  • Baby Damulag

    oh my, this upgrade would be totaly worth it! as im jumping from an iphone 3g, this iphone has become to slow for me to the point that it would take ages to power up, and take 2 minutes to open the gamn safari browser….

    oh yeah im talking about iphone 5s not iphone 5cRAP!

  • Wil

    I have the feeling that apple won’t do pretty good this year.ever since Steve jobs died the new CEO has made the business gone down. There’s nothing really great about the the new iPhones besides the camara and the finger print password, I was expecting something more from apple. A new model more flashlight. Idk something new.i think ill be switching to the galaxy s4 instead.

  • Guest

    Oh no I’m so colorful

  • rasengan720 .

    if i had the money i’d buy anyone of them but i don’t 😛

  • Fırat Çiftçi

    Well, I have an iPhone 4, so I think it’s time to upgrade.

    • Y2J

      Same here. What color are you getting? I can’t decide.

      • Fırat Çiftçi

        Probably gonna buy a “space grey” iPhone 5S.

      • Y2J

        I can’t decide between Space Gray and Gold. I kind of want the gold because every phone I’ve ever had has been black and I kind of want to change it up.

      • Fırat Çiftçi

        If you use a case, the Gold one will look exactly the same as the White version. If the Gold version had black or more gold colour instead of ‘all white’, I’d probably but that one.

  • Adel Ibrahim

    Is more better then cheap plastic Samsung S4 .

    • einstein812

      I have repaired and replaced the glass on many iPhones and aside from a weight difference, I see no technological advantage over the plastic housing of Samsung devices. Making an unbiased comparison, the “plastic” Samsung S4 out-features the iPhone overall. My opinion is based on ownership of both and through extensive use.

  • @dongiuj

    Going by these votes so far it looks like apple could be in for a negative shocker this time round.

  • Y2J

    I’ve still got the iPhone 4, so I’ll be getting the 5s. Can’t decide what color, though! They all look sexy!

  • Wassim Omais

    They shouldn’t have discontinued the iPhone 5. They should have just used their old strategy of offering the old model for free, and scratched the idea of the “5C.” Apple is simply not a “budget” company and never will be, so why did they simply use iPhone 5 hardware and change the color?

    What I’m really looking forward to buying is the 5S. The 64 bit processor will make it VERY quick, and I believe iOS 7 is a good change.

  • Yudumcan

    Nah! I’ll stick with my well-trusted good old iPhone4 at the moment, maybe until iPhone 6s?

    • Y2J

      You’re keeping the 4 for two more years?

      • B-Dazzle

        Nah, I won’t be getting a Iphone 5s. lol

  • Kyle

    Am sorry apple community, I still don’t like the look of IOS 7… HTC one or GS4… I deeply am sorry, but apple downgraded with IOS 7

  • John714

    with Steve Jobs out of the picture, apple will soon lose its current position.

  • Ethan Humphrey

    i’d get the iphone 5s, cuz it has a fingerprint sencer. but im sad cuz im a kid with no phone and ony and ipod touch 4 with no ios 7 ;(

  • Phil Greek

    Why Apple advertises the gold phone, and not make it available for 3-4 weeks, is beyond me!

  • Jon Padfield

    If I were at the end of my contract I would definitely upgrade but to do so mid contract would cost $849 for the 64 GB model – about the same amount I anticipate spending next month for an iPad 5.