otterbox 5s

It looks like folks hoping to find a case that offers full device protection for their iPhone 5s may not have to wait very long to get one. Popular case-maker OtterBox announced this week that it has 4 cases ready to go for the handset.

More specifically, the company says that all of its new cases are “designed specifically to accommodate the new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor technology,” and all device functionality remains uninhibited by the accessories…

From OtterBox’s press release:

“Every Apple launch means new technologies that enhance the iPhone user experience, while at the same time create challenges for our products to evolve,” said OtterBox CEO Brian Thomas. “We have very talented design and engineering teams working hard to anticipate new technologies and determine the most elegant solutions for our cases which complement the user experience. As always, the OtterBox team will lead with innovations in premium protective solutions for these new devices and welcome the challenges that each new product launch generates.”

The Defender Series combines a built-in screen protector, polycarbonate frame and shock-absorbing synthetic rubber to provide industry-leading protection from scratches, dust and drops. The new styling of the Defender Series was designed specifically to accommodate the new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor technology, and all device functionality remains uninhibited by the case. A holster-style swivel belt clip is included for hands-free carrying.”

The Colorado-based company goes on to say that its Defender, Commuter, Reflex and Prefix cases will be immediately available for the iPhone 5s, and Defender /Commuter cases for the iPhone 5c will be available in the coming weeks.

The Defender series runs between $49.95 – $59.95, the Commuter between $34.95 – $39.90, the Reflex will cost you $34.95 and the Prefix $24.95. If you’d like to learn more about the iPhone 5s, be sure to check out our recap page.

  • iSamurai

    Interesting, I wonder how they circumvented the problem.

  • Bob

    Good if you’re in a warzone, unnecessary and bulky if not, there’s better & thinner alternatives.

  • Tom Brady

    I can’t use these big ole cases

  • Johannes Mertens

    If you’re going for Maximum drop Protection this is a good
    Case, but i think you will Ruin the Whole “iPhone experience”. I’m Using the belkin grip candy sheer, which i can recommend.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      I use a back plate to protect from scratches.

  • Jimothy

    Wonder if they’d make a version for those who don’t want to use the “Touch ID.”

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Just curious why were you wouldn’t use Touch ID. Still too early to tell but seems useful for securing iPhone, App Store downloads, Passbook, etc. I never use a password on any of my iDevices. I’m the only one using it.

      • Jimothy

        Not saying I don’t want to, was just curious. There are many people who don’t think they won’t use it. I actually just upgraded from a 3GS to a 5 as my main phone, so I won’t be getting a 5s for a while! Haha.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        That’s cool.

    • OfcrFriendly

      That wouldn’t really be cost effective on their part, I doubt that will happen.

      • Jimothy

        Didn’t figure.

  • Danibal59

    Well its really just the defender they changed since the commuter, reflex and prefix are all just the same form factor. But anyways the defender looks better without the bottom part covering the button and all.

  • GaugePrower

    But why not the armor? We want to shoot 120fps slow motion under water.

  • Gurudas G

    LOL I was just thinking about what otterbox would have to do to fit with the new iphones fingerprint scanner. Looks like now i know 😀

  • RyanAlca

    Eww.. Why not just walk up to Jony Ive’s lawn and take a big s**t? Do otterbox fans make their kids wear helmets to school? Ugly brick covering a beautiful phone, its a damn shame.

  • Brian Kieffer

    All they did was expose the home button. What a challenge that must have been…