iPhone 5s (gold, iSight camera 001)

Fashion retailer Burberry (not to be mistaken for BlackBerry) just announced that it will be using Apple’s new iPhone 5s to capture images and photographs at the upcoming high-profile fashion show scheduled to run in London next week. Not only will Burberry be using the improved iSight camera on the iPhone 5s to shoot stills and video, they’ll be also taking high-quality shots to document runway and beauty looks, product details and backstage moments. And I bet they’ve opted for gold devices…

Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, says the two companies share design expertise and craftsmanship. “We have a mutual passion for creating beautiful products and unlocking emotive experiences through technology, which has made it intensely exciting to explore the capabilities of iPhone 5s,” he said.

Wow, what a nice endorsement!


File this one as a nice marketing stunt which should help raise awareness about the iPhone 5s ahead of its September 20 release. It’s curious that Apple opted not to put up the flagship device for pre-order, unlike the iPhone 5c which is available to pre-order starting tomorrow.

A media release also quotes Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of iPhone & iOS Product Marketing:

iPhone 5s makes it even easier to take great photos with the world’s most popular camera. We’re thrilled to see the amazing photos and HD video Burberry has captured with the incredible all-new iSight camera.

It’s not just marketing talk.

Apple’s new top-line iPhone 5s does pack a lot of punch in the camera department.

iPhone 5s camera hardware

Instead of ratcheting up the megapixel count, Apple opted for camera tweaks and improvements across the board, starting with a 15 percent larger sensor with larger pixels (1.5 microns) which allows for better photos.

There’s also a larger ƒ/2.2 aperture to let more light in.

Here’s a test shot by Burberry, taking with an iPhone 5s.

Coupled with an impressive 33 percent increase in light sensitivity, dual LED-flash and way faster media processing engine – courtesy of the 64-bit A7 chip – the camera can take up to ten full-resolution images per second and will automatically capture burst shots in order to present the sharpest, best-looking image.


The Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 runway show will take place on Monday, September 16, at 2:30pm London time. It’ll be available to view live and on-demand over at the Burberry website.

Apple’s design guru Jony Ive is friends with Christopher Bailey and attended the show last year so perhaps he’ll be making a cameo appearance next week?

  • chumawumba

    No fair, they get the 5s early!

    • Moi

      Every body plz give help , after I downloaded iOS 7 GM on my 3rd gen iPad I noticed that the blur effect is gone , since it’s the GM build is it official from apple that this isn’t a bug and they really disabled the blur effect ? Plz reply anyone !

      • chumawumba

        Blur effect was gone since beta 6 on my iPad 3

      • Moi

        So it’s not a bug ?

      • chumawumba

        No, iPad doesn’t do blurring anymore.

      • Moi

        That’s it I won’t update to ios 7 until the blur is back or there is a tweak in cydia can get it back …. I’ll have to wait for the jailbreak first

      • chumawumba

        Why? It’s not that big of a deal

      • Moi

        But it makes the iPad version extremely ugly

      • Moi

        What about HDR it shouldn’t be supported on iPad 3 , but I have it !

      • Dereck

        check the setting for high contrast mode and turn it off.

      • Moi

        That’s not the problem , I tried it

      • chumawumba

        Why? It doesn’t do anything

      • Hani Akil

        No u can reenable blur from settings search for something called increase contrast or something like that

      • Moi

        No that’s for trancpernty not for the blur , the blur is gone

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      can I have the image link of your avatar? ;p

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        I like it. A lot. Mind sending it to me?

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        Just dont pass it off as your own

      • Elvin Topalov

        Thanks!(: & I would never.

  • Mr. E

    Most likely it will be the gold one ;P

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    iDB update your iPhone on the bottom to something like this!

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      Oops look at my other one

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    iDB your bottom iPhone needs to look something like this

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      Right next to the flag top right the – is the edit or delete 🙂

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        How bout this

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      That home button looks wrong, gotta fix that.

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        I know it’s just a rough sketch

  • Ted Forbes

    I haven’t seen the camera comparison to the Nokia’s line of phones but it seems now that this battle of the phone is moving to the camera and it seems it is about who can make the best camera.

    Where are the pro camera makers Sony, Nikon, Motorola, Panasonic and Cannon, etc in this? In all truth it seems that the mobile phone picture for picture are better than the SLR pro cameras minus advance lenses. I know I have a few Sony and Nikon line of pro SLR and video cameras myself.

    The iPhone shoots a definite picture faster both photo and video. For the pro cameras the exception is in the lens and this what the SLR cameras have over the iPhone so it seems this way for now, a little while long or at least for the time being

    • Dan

      Sony Xperia Z1

  • Ted Forbes

    In fact whats going on here? Automobile makers are making better wrist watch and wrist watch phones better than watch makers and phone makers! Phone makers are making cameras better than camera makers? Whats next?

  • richrich

    that’s genius.

  • Margret Hunt