Realmac Software, the guys who brought you the popular to-do iOS app Clear, the iOS camera app called Analog Camera and the gorgeous scrapbook app for the Mac, Ember, today shared their roadmap for Clear. As iOS 7 gets its official release date – September 18 – developers are busy updating their warez with the matching flattened look and support for new technologies Apple added to it mobile operating system.

As Apple still doesn’t allows developers to introduce paid upgrades to existing App Store apps, some developers – Realmac Software included – have opted to re-release their apps as a separate, iOS 7-specific download…

Realmac, writing on its blog:

As the App Store doesn’t offer upgrade pricing, we’ll be launching Clear for iOS 7 at an introductory price – details of which we’ll be announcing soon.

As a result, Clear for the iPhone and iPod touch won’t be receiving any further updates.

If you’re planning on getting the upcoming paid upgrade, you should enable iCloud in the existing Clear app so all your to-dos get carried over to the iOS 7 version of the app seamlessly.

“If you’re planning to remain on iOS 6, we’d advise you to pick up a copy of Clear for iPhone as it will be removed from sale once iOS 7 launches,” Realmac advises.

I’m not sure I’m fond of App Store re-releases as a band-aid solution to tackle the upgrade pricing issue.

Much of the promise of the App Store revolves around paying for an app once and getting upgrades free of charge. On the other hand, it’s unrealistic to expect that developers will provide lifetime support and free upgrades to existing apps.

I mean, even Apple had to post Logic Pro X, a massive update to its audio editing suite for the Mac, as a Mac App Store re-release so existing users are forced into a full-cost purchase.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t like the fact of repaying for the app. I bought the app once, I don’t want to buy it again. Why not have a redemption code appear inside the current Clear app which will allow existing user to ‘update’ free of charge?

    • Valent Cheung

      They say it’s due to the limitation of 50 redeem codes per app update.

    • Braydin72

      That would defeat their point, they want you to have to buy it again.

      • Kenny Woodard

        Howl yes!

    • Two things:

      1. Apple won’t allow paid updates for existing users.

      2. The current version of Clear will still work on your iPhone, so you didn’t pay for nothing.

      • Jonathan

        True, and don’t you mean “Apple won’t allow paid updates for existing users”?

      • Correct. Sorry about that. I edited my comment accordingly.

      • Jonathan

        No problem.

    • richrich

      I agree. I just bought it recently, buying it again feels just wrong.

  • Crls9

    Sucks, I’m not rebuying it.

  • Andrew Roth

    That should be against Apple’s guidelines… It’s pretty much directly objecting to one of their requirements…

  • Carlos

    I bought it the first day it went up and still waiting for a f***ing real update. Not even push notifications or alerts. Not going to rebuy. Very disappointed

  • nemopsp

    That is bs… bought Clear awhile ago.. well i guess just another app not goin on my iPhone same with cydia tweaks you shouldnt have to rebuy for the upgrade should b free of charge no matter what!!! example IntelliScreenX for iOS5 $10 for upgrade for iOS6 $5 now wonder what is the upgrade fee for iOS7 :O an now Clear i have to rebuy on AppStore… Tho im on iOS6.1.1 an was planning on staying tell my iPhone 4S got yellow spot on the screen an its cover by apple warranty but i have to update to iOS6.1.3 kinda bullshit! an im prob. gunna lose a factory unlocked iPhone 4S another bullshit! cause apple prob. gunna give me a another phone…. than plan on stayin on iOS6.1.3 for jailbreak :O which prob wont b another 4 months…….. ugh but not rebuyin this App!! waste of money there r other to-do list in the AppStore tht wont make you pay for iOS7 update!

  • iThinkergoiMac

    Honestly, I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about having to rebuy an app. This happens all the time with desktop applications. You don’t buy Office or Photoshop with the expectation of never having to buy it again, do you? How are developers supposed to make enough money off of single purchases that last the lifetime of the product?

    This is how software works. This is how it has always worked. The only reason mobile apps have been the exception is because it was such a new market. Now that the market is beginning to stabilize, this is going to happen. If you didn’t expect this to happen, you haven’t been paying attention. This is going to happen more and more, and I’ve been expecting it for a while now. I’m actually surprised more of this hasn’t happened sooner.

    • And that would be the smartest comment of the day.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        I WILL say that since the App store doesn’t obviously provide a way to download previous versions and there’s no physical copy, people who don’t pay attention and don’t back up their phones to iTunes can get stranded. There should be a method for getting an old version you paid for once the new version is live. Usually, the new version causes the old version to disappear.

        That being said, I just searched and saw that I can still download the old version of 1Password from my purchased page, even though I can’t find it in the App Store for purchase. I assume that each developer determines how this is done.

    • Dany Quirion

      Who pays for photoshop? Never heard of a torrent?

      • mehrab

        There is full version of photoshop on torrent really?

      • Dany Quirion

        All torrent or full version…

      • David Villamizar

        I don’t pay for Photoshit, I use Sketch

    • Eric M

      Thank you. Didn’t have the patience to type all that out. People are so cheap.

    • madmaxmedia

      It’s not an all or nothing proposition here, of course technically it is completely up to the developer’s discretion to do this. But many people in this thread think it represents poor very value for the USER if the ‘new’ iOS 7 app is basically the same as the iOS 6 version.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        But that’s pure speculation. We don’t know what the exact features will be. Besides, it will be initially released cheaper than normal. So you don’t even have to buy it at full price.

      • madmaxmedia

        Actually, given that the old version will still be iOS 7 compatible makes it a moot point. If you don’t like the policy, or don’t feel the new version delivers significant added value for the price, you can just stick with the old version. They’re not forcing users to double-dip, which would have been a bad move IMO.

        But saying people have nothing to complain about is not really appropriate either. What if the app had come out 1 month ago, or previously promised future updates (without specifying they would be paid updates) that users now will have to pay for? None of this is black or white IMO.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        What ifs don’t really matter, since they didn’t happen. People can complain all they want, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re complaining about something they don’t generally complain about on other platforms.

      • madmaxmedia

        People complain about paid updates situationally for certain applications, but yeah they don’t complain about the actual concept of paying for software updates on other platforms.

    • Alexander Reimann

      Not quite. When I bought Office 2010 on Windows 7 and then Windows 8 comes out and there are some bugs I will get updates to fix it. Even if Office 365 is out. The support for Office 2010 is until 2015 and extended support till 2020. So yes, if I’m alright with using Office 2010 and don’t feel the need to buy another version of office, it’ll keep getting upgraded to run on Windows, even if it updates, for 10 years. Then they cut support. There should be no difference for iOS apps. They need to continue to support the version I bought even if iOS updates. If they don’t want to make it look and feel like iOS 7 fine, bring out Clear 2.0 and sell that separately as iOS 7 optimized. But bugs and support should continue to be given to the version we purchased before!

      • iThinkergoiMac

        You know that the App Store guidelines don’t let you sell more than one version of an app at a time (apart from free ones), right? What you’re proposing isn’t possible under current App Store guidelines.

        Also, I imagine the current version runs on iOS 7 just fine. I don’t know for sure, if someone could chime in that would be great. I’m running the iOS 7 beta, and all apps except one work perfectly well, and the problem affecting that one isn’t something this app would have to deal with. So it’s not like you won’t be able to use what you already have…

        EDIT: madmaxmedia says the current version runs on iOS 7 just fine. So what are you criticizing? You’re not being cut off from what you purchased in any way.

      • madmaxmedia

        Yeah- I got that from the RealMac blog article quoted by idownloadblog. That makes a HUGE difference here IMO. People will gradually get used to the idea of paying for updates, you’re definitely right there should be some mechanism for updates since continuing software development is not free for the developers. Unfortunately even the Mac App Store has it backward here.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        Yeah, there’s a lot of people assuming they will be forced to get the new version in order to run it on iOS 7, which I think is where most of the issue is being taken. Hopefully Apple will figure out a way to do it better soon.

    • Brett

      I don’t mind paying for a newer version, but I don’t like having to pay full price again. I do realize that devs don’t have a way around this.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        It’s going to be released with a cheaper, introductory price. So, you won’t have to pay full price…

      • Brett

        Yes, I know, but that isn’t always the case.

    • Kev

      Yeh, actually I do buy office not expecting to buy it again. I’ve had it for years and still perfectly good, thanks. My work organisation still uses office 2003 and it’s fine thank you very much indeed. Won’t be buying clear again. It’s a rip off. Oh, lets buy a coat twice shall we?

      • iThinkergoiMac

        A lot of thanking going on there…

        If you’re OK with using old and outdated software, and there’s nothing wrong with that, you’ll be fine here. The current version will work on iOS 7 just fine.

        As for the coat analogy, think of an operating system as a child that never stops growing. The coat will only physically fit for so long.

      • Kev

        Why I would thank the developers very much indeed to let us know exactly why they are charging us again seeing as most of us aren’t software professors thank you very much, but consumers who are used to buying things the once, only. And what other developers are charging again for their apps, not many I’d thank you to realise, thanking you very much indeed.

  • I think people don’t understand the work put in a brand new app, even though this brand new app is the same as its predecessor. You can’t expect to buy an app for $.99 and have free updates forever.

    I’m totally cool with paying to get the newest version. And if I don’t want to pay for the newer version, I just don’t buy it and I’ll still get to enjoy the previous version.

    • GuiyeC

      The thing is, Clear is a simple lists app, that’s pretty much all it does, you can’t set up a notification or anything. You can use gestures, that are actually really good, but that’s since 1.0.

      Yes, they’ve added good stuff like iCloud, mailing lists, and whatnot. But, what else could they add? What else could they add that won’t compromise the concept of the app?
      I think it was in this blog, I saw a post about some apps that already look great on iOS 7, correct me if I’m wrong, and one of them was Clear, so it can’t be a graphics update, and if it is, it’s minor.
      What amazing features are you packing to justify re-paying the whole price again? and not even rebrand it to Clear 2, I mean, they are not, are they?

  • ArthurTyukayev

    People are complaining about rebuying a $5 app. Which is probably less than you spent for lunch today.

  • Alexander Reimann

    Well I won’t repurchase it… I hope that most people follow suit and then the developers will have to rethink making people rebuy software they already purchased. When the retina macbook came out and I bought it, lots of software looked like shit on it, but they updated it and now it looks fine. I didn’t have to repurchase that software, why would this be different for iOS7?

    • iThinkergoiMac

      Because they had to redevelop the software significantly. You don’t expect to go from Adobe CS3 to CS4 for free, do you? Your example is fallacious because all they had to do was update the graphics, presumably using much higher resolution originals anyway. A bit of work, but a purely graphical update, no added functionality. Presumably, this update isn’t purely graphical.

      • Alexander Reimann

        I didn’t say a $1000 software releasing a major (at least used to) update to their software should be free. BUT… when the new iPhone5 4inch screen came out developers had to adjust their software to accommodate. If they decide to bring out new features for clear that make it a significant change to the old version, fine. But what they are doing is cutting off updates altogether for those of us that bought the software. Even if we don’t upgrade to iOS7, we basically get to keep the old software and hope there are no significant bugs, since it won’t be updated.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        What developers do you know of that, after releasing a new version, continue to update the old one? Security updates to operating systems don’t count. I can’t think of a single one. Besides, your comment assumes the new version will require iOS 7. Who knows if it will or not.

      • GuiyeC

        It better, actually, it better be a requirement, because if not, it would just be an update no need to redevelop anything.
        And they are not calling it Clear 2, so it’s not the same as CS3 to CS4 where you pay a year of work to a HUGE group of people, this is a group of 10 people at most that had a successful app and they want their cut again.
        And as a developer I don’t think they are going to release an iOS 7 only version, and drop the other one in one day. I bet it will be pretty much the same, because the promise of the app is being simple, and maybe some “gravity” effects on some UI, or some transparencies. I can’t think of anything else that was added on iOS 7 SDK they would want to use, and they sure can’t make it flatter.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Things like Logic Pro X, yes, I would definitely buy again for full price. It was worth it with all of the new features it offered. If Clear offers a tremendous update, then sure, people should consider buying it again. If it’s just incremental, then forget about it.

  • madmaxmedia

    You should make it clear in this post (since there doesn’t seem to be a link to the RealMac blog), that the old version of Clear will still work just fine on iOS 7. That wasn’t immediately clear to me.

    If iOS 7 broke compatibility with the old version, forcing users to pay for the new app, that would have been unacceptable IMO. But that’s not the case, I think it’s really a judgement call here. RealMac has a right to do this, users have a right to complain- it’s the free market at work.

  • Chris Holden

    lol, task is better and is only $1 but is currently free, u should all download it, screwu realmac, greedy much?

    • MrShutEmDown

      Dont worry bro…mark my words

      – Instacast


      wil be up next to follow suit

  • MrShutEmDown

    having to pay again for app that’s only recently been released is a bit excessive. I assume Analog Camera will be the same way?

  • disqus_TMmElvKDq6

    I wanna see a Tweetbot update for iOS7, now that I’d pay for (again)

  • Adan Santos

    This is especially bad as this app is just a few months old. I didn’t mind paying for the new version of 1Password as the previous one lasted years, but this is just a GREEDY DEVELOPER that is out to rip us off. Pure and simple. He can put the new app, up where the sun don’t shine!

  • s0me

    Oh well… to bad for them I never have anything to do.

  • Tom García

    I don’t know why they are selling an upgrade. I think Clear is flat enough to match iOS 7, appart from the typography.

  • JRaynor

    so they never gave us the proper push notifications for the current version and now they expect us to pay again for the same app with a new desing? i will get it when it goes free then

  • El Arqui Tecto

    Doesn’t wort it anyway

  • Tom

    Seriously? All this commotion over 99c?

    Admittedly I was annoyed when I had to pay $10 to get IntelliscreenX on iOS6, but this is less than $1.