iTunes Radio (three-up, iPhone 5)

Yesterday’s iPhone 5s/5c announcement has brought a few changes to the iPhone lineup. The 16/32/64GB iPhone 5s is now Apple’s new top-of-the-line offering, respectively priced at $199/$299/$399 with a two-year contract. Apple has also discounted the iPhone 5 and reshuffled the iPhone 4s offering by introducing the 8GB iPhone 4s as the bargain option costing zero bucks after a two-year contract.

According to a new report, some of the California firm’s retail stores in Canada have discounted existing stock of the unlocked iPhone 5 models with sixteen and thirty-two gigabytes by $100. The off-contract 16GB iPhone 5 has also been slashed by $100 to $599, down from $699 previously…

iPhoneInCanada made the discovery yesterday and confirmed the new prices with the Pacific Centre Apple Store in Vancouver, Canada:

The Pacific Centre Apple Store tells us 32GB models are now $719 (previously $799) and 64GB models are $819 (previously $899). So the 16GB model gets $100 off, while 32GB/64GB models only get $80 off.

Existing unlocked 16GB iPhone 4s units have been cut by $70 and are now available for $529.

IBNLive has confirmed the discounts.

All prices are in Canadian dollars, of course.

Discounting the unlocked iPhone 5c to $599 means shoppers in Canada can now choose between paying $599 for the refreshed plastic variant or last year’s iPhone 5. The cheaper iPhone 5 sounds like a good news for folks who feared being pushed into buying one of the new plastic iPhones in the unfortunate event of breaking their existing iPhone 5 handset by accident.

Apple typically keeps replacement stock around for old models for warranty and recently switched to actually repairing faulty iOS devices rather than replace them with refurbished counterparts.

It’s unclear if this is just one store’s discretional move or if Apple ordered its outlets across the U.S. and around the world to discount iPhone 5 to clear stock, but we’ll definitely update the article if we learn more.

The author noted he called the SoHo Apple Store in New York City which “relayed they are no longer carrying unlocked iPhone 5 units”.

If you’ve received word of discounts from an Apple Store in your area, make sure to let us know down in the comments or by dropping us a line to

  • Jimmy Velletta

    I’m wondering if they’ll swap out my cracked iPhone 5 for free now… With it being discontinued and all.

    • Tristan

      No. Why would they. They use the small panel for the 5s and 5c…

      • Jimmy Velletta

        They’ve done it for me twice when I had the iPhone 4, after the 4S came out. That’s why I say that…

      • Tristan

        So maybe they’ll do it a third time. Who knows.

    • lilwsm

      I don’t know if they will replace a refurbished iPhone 5 or not, mine right now has a problem with loudspeaker which I believe it’s a hardware issues, and it’s still under warranty.

  • Nate McKelvie

    “Discounting the unlocked iPhone 5c to $599 means shoppers in Canada can now choose between paying $599 for the refreshed plastic variant or last year’s iPhone 5.”

    I usually hate people that comment about spelling and grammar errors, but I have a legitimate question. Was that supposed to say discounted iphone 5 to $599 or did you mean to say 5c?

  • olvier

    you are taking about “cheap iphone” like the 5 c was cheaper by 400 dollars. no its not budget phone. it is still expensive, but seems like the marketing works.

    • Elma

      Apple never said it was a budget phone…

      • olvier

        haha. apple stock value tells it differently… to be honest 5c does not make any sense like this than. What is its target group? as it has almost exactly the same features than the 5 so along with the 5c did not make sense to market it if it is not significantly cheaper.