iPhone 5s (gold, three up, back, front, profile)

Surprisingly, Apple didn’t make any mention of a China Mobile deal at its event today. The Cupertino company had reportedly inked a deal with world’s largest carrier earlier this month to carry its popular handset.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t still happen. In fact, some new evidence surfaced today that suggests a partnership is still in the cards. It’s been discovered that both new iPhones support China Mobile’s TD-LTE tech…

According to their respective technical specifications pages, both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will work on TD-LTE networks. The 4G tech is used by China Mobile, but few other carriers, suggesting a deal has been made.

lte bands china mobile

Also adding to the pile of evidence is the fact that Apple has, for the first time, included China in its initial round of iPhone launch countries. Both new iPhone models will be available in greater China on September 20.

Perhaps Apple is waiting until its specialized Beijing event to reveal the new China Mobile partnership. Last week the company sent out invites to a media event, separate from today’s, to take place on Wed., September 11.

With over 700 million wireless subscribers, China Mobile is the largest carrier in the world—that’s about 7 Verizons. A deal with the provider would give Apple significantly more exposure in the important Asian market.

Stay tuned.

  • Byron C Mayes

    Can you explain what you mean by “greater China?”

  • mav3rick

    Hold your horses. Blackberry signed off with China Mobile in 2009. And 4 years later… Will see what this fruit get from this. Especially after so called low cost plastic phones at the same price as last year hardware but in metal case.

  • Naohiro Tsuji

    Band 41 is to be used by China Mobile’s TD-LTE. Watch if 41 will appear on the list later.