iPhone 5c case

In addition to the new 2 meter Lightning cable and its two new charging docks, Apple also unveiled today new custom cases for its new handsets. There’s a fun plastic one for the iPhone 5c, and a sharp-looking leather one for the 5s, and both are available in various colors…

The 5c cases are made of silicon, with a microfiber lining, and have cutouts in the lower half so that the phone’s body still shows. You can choose a color that matches your 5c, or combine colors to mix it up. Six different cases will available for the 5c and they’ll cost $29 a piece.

iPhone 5s case

As for the 5s cases, they’re $39. And here’s Apple’s product description:

“iPhone 5s has a stunning exterior. So any case that dares to conceal it should be equally appealing. The Apple-designed leather cases more than meet the requirement. Made from premium leather, they look and feel luxurious. And because they’re precision crafted for iPhone 5s, your phone still feels incredibly slim even with the case on.”

If you’re interested, you can find the 5c cases in Apple’s online store. Both show unavailable for shipping at this time, but say that they can be picked up in a store on September 20—the date that both phones will be available for purchase.

Anyone planning on picking up one of these cases?

  • De Miranda Dinis

    Red Iphone 5s Case 🙂

  • Boss

    Ugly wouldn’t even put it on my iPhone if it was for free

    • sivkai

      Yet it won’t stop the thousands (maybe millions?) Of iSheep calling it a revolutionary case and flocking to buy it.

      • felixtaf

        Dont get the point of calling others sheep, jus because they like something that you dont? People buy what they like – personal interest…

      • sivkai

        I admire your sensiblity, but when I refer to iSheep, I am talking about those people who bash anything non-Apple and blindly praise Apple for even the smallest of news.

      • felixtaf

        I agree. I visit iDB and GSMarena often. I can tell you, who s bashing other products more. Android users. Jus got to an iPhone article in GSMarena (any article), you will see amount of people calling names of others.

        I saw a parody video yestrday about 5c and it has nearly 30000 likes (which says cheap phones are for peasants at the end). I dint find it funny, but people who found it funny, Y, because its mocking Apple.

        Also, go to any android vs iphone or iPhone intro video in youtube, the top comment with more likes will be like this “iPhone sucks or Apple Sucks”.

        Now tell me who is bashing other products more….

      • Singed

        Idiots are flaming other idiots. I see no point.
        If you know their points are not valid, then you don’t concern about them yourself.
        If their points ARE valid, maybe it’s not bashing at all?
        Let idiots argue with idiots, smarter people just ignore these types of conversations.

    • 40niners

      the first case IS ugly, id have to agree with u there

  • f1ght3r

    will the iphone 5S case work with iphone 5?

    • Johnny True

      sure, the same size.

      • pauleebe


        They have different dimensions:


      • Johnny True

        mate, iphone 5s and iphone 5 have the same size. iphone 5s and 5c are different. fine?

      • pauleebe

        I thought he said 5C, since the article was about 5C vs 5S case. Sorry!

      • Johnny True

        np bro)

  • Joe Benning

    Looks like a Connect 4 board.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Sounds like a great idea for a kickstarter project…

    • solidsephiroth

      You’re absolutely right! Those 5c covers are ugly! The 5s covers are ok. I’ll buy one just because I want to protect my phone and because they look slim enough for me to use on a third party clock dock.

      • Singed

        The 5c covers were obviously made for 9 year olds. The 5s covers do seem not bad, especially when compared with the hideous 5c one, but overpriced. Third party cases go for two-three times cheaper.

  • Lance Baker

    The 5C case is awful but i’m sure people will buy them. My least favorite thing is how you see just parts of the text on the back of the phone. Wonky.

    • Singed

      I can’t unsee.
      Ugly just got uglier.

  • Linton Findlay

    the 5c cases are pretty shocking, i mean you pay to have a colourful iphone only to have it covered by a different clashingcolour?

    • 40niners

      Why cover it at all then, that’s what you’re saying?? Most want some level of protection, if its already a colourful phone, protect it with a colourful case. Or go transparent i guess

      • Linton Findlay

        Well if i were to cover it id use something more substantial than a sheet of rubber filled with holes

  • Cole Hunt

    The iPhone 5C isn’t even cheap, if you think about it. Apple actually just shit customers out of a nice backing because guess what: come time the iPhone 5S releases, the new original 5 pricing would be $99 with a two year contract. But now you pay 99$ for a plastic watered down version of an iPhone 5. Does anyone notice this?

    • Linton Findlay

      Yhh dont see why people cant just go out and find an iphone 5 for the same or less price. Whats stopping carriers supplying them?

  • Marcio Atouguia

    If they fit the iphone 5 I may pick one up as this is more interesting that the iPhones

  • Brandon Weidema

    the 70’s called, they want their cases back.

    • Nestea80

      Well, I slept with your wife!

  • Guest

    Nice cases

  • vs511

    It’s not Silicon, Silicon is the element from which microprocessors are made. Silicone is the material (compound) used for making cases. Just saying, it does make a huge difference.

  • beharrys

    Don’t like plastic, prefer leather. Looks much richer and stylish!