Apple price stock before after announcement

Here is an interesting graph to look at, a day before Apple is set to announce not one, but two new iPhones, which we’ll call the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, at least until Apple proves us wrong.

This chart, created by Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore takes a look at the Apple stock price during the months before and after an iPhone announcement…

As you can tell, the stock goes up in all cases, except after the announcement of the iPhone 3G, which, as Philip Elmer-Dewitt notes, was launched a couple months before the US officially entered the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression. The stock also goes down following the launch of the iPhone 5, which happened the day Apple’s stock hit its peak at $705.07.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to draw conclusions from this chart. If anything, my money would be (and it actually is, since I own some Apple stocks) on the stock going up in the next few months, especially due to high probability that Apple inked deals with Japan and China‘s largest carriers, opening the doors to considerably more potential customers.

  • MyFlammingSkull

    looks like the most was iPhone 4 when they changed everything

    • Boss

      The iPhone 4 was one sexy phone compared to the 3G

      • zustroy

        And compared to iPhone 5.

      • Maxim∑

        I have never heard someone say the iPhone 4 looks better than the 5….

      • Sam L.

        It does. I prefer glass over aluminium.

      • Maxim∑

        iPhone 5 is both 🙂

      • nevertrending

        I love iPhone 4 design way more than 5.
        That glass ¯(ツ)/¯

      • Giel Konink

        i hear it almoste 1 a week or somthing

  • Jonas Rasmussen

    Let’s hope they go back to 3.5 inch.

    • Maxim∑

      hahaha 🙂

      lets hope Samsung makes metal phones

    • n0ahcruz3

      Really? Then blackberry should go back making qwerty keyboards.. Oh wait.

    • CryptoCoin420

      You can’t be serious?

  • mav3rick

    Not 2 new but same last year phone in COLORED plastic cases and the other one with added fingerprint collector.
    Blackberry signed off with China Mobile in 2009 and 4 years later… Don’t put a high bet this fruit will make it better…

    Quite sad that the only hopes on the pome are coming from some plastic phones with colors to attract more users. Once it was for innovation and the wow factor.

  • Osama Muhammed

    how much i always wish i could be part of stock market just after seeing the stock increase, damn a lot

  • FOFF

    yup folks gett excited and hopeful then get quickly disappointed once apple reveals nothing