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Fans have been kinda keeping their fingers crossed for a September release of OS X Mavericks ever since Apple at June’s WWDC formally announced the new version of the desktop operating system for Macs. The guiding logic was that the company would need to release both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks simultaneously because the two releases complement each another. For example, Mavericks with its native Maps app lets you create a route and send it wirelessly to your iPhone for navigation.

Or, reading a notification on your iOS device now automatically clears it on your Mac and all of the other devices. However, a reliable blogger now quotes sources with knowledge of the launch plans as claiming that OS X 10.9 Mavericks is due at the end of October so Apple could “focus the majority of its software engineering resources on pushing out iOS 7 alongside the new iPhone hardware over the next couple of weeks”

Mark Gurman, writing for 9to5Mac:

For the launch of both OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion, Apple released the new operating systems the day following an earning results release. Apple traditionally shares its Q4 earnings numbers during the second half of October, so perhaps Apple will release Mavericks the day following its Q4 results announcement.

The author goes on to state that Apple is expected to upgrade its iMac and the MacBook Pro family with Haswell processors this Fall.

AllThingsD corroborated the report with its own sources.

“AllThingsD has confirmed that OS X 10.9 will not launch this month, but next,” author┬áJohn Paczkowski claims. “Sources say Mavericks will arrive at market sometime in late October, well after the release of iOS 7”.

Just last week, Apple seeded OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 7.

There are no new user features as the release focuses on squashing the existing bugs and increasing performance, a tell-tale sign of a public release looming on the horizon.

While primarily focused on optimizing performance and battery life on notebooks, Mavericks brings a few notable user-facing features such as Finder Tabs and Tags, standalone Maps and iBooks app, various Safari enhancements, improved support for multiple displays and richer notifications.

  • Jonathan

    I still have high hopes for iOS 7 on the 10th.

    • Prasoon Singh

      I doubt it will be a public release. Might be a GM release for developers instead.

  • Prasoon Singh

    What a bummer. I was expecting to buy OS X Mavericks next week.

    • Brandon Weidema

      same boat man!

  • abdullah575

    I hope iOS 7 come in the Next week !!

    • thetomthebomb

      I know. Been waiting since WWDC!!

    • Guest

      I know. Been waiting since WWDC!!!!

  • Guest


  • Chris Gaunt

    So have I missed it somewhere or have they listed compatible Macs for Mavericks for existing users? I have a 13″ early 2011 MacBook Pro. Will I be lucky? Or left out in the cold?

    • Jonathan

      I guess we’ll find out in a little less than 2 months.

      • becoolyolanda

        I seem to remember an article/pundit stating that if your hardware accepted Mountain Lion, then it would (most likely) accept Mavericks.
        [Keeping fingers crossed for my MacPro 3,1]

      • Chris Gaunt

        Ok. But for starters the suspense is killing me. And second I’m too curious to see hi gets screwed because I feel I did. I upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion because early info said lion was required for Mountain Lion. I should have saved my money because I coul have upgraded straight from SL to ML. Pissed me off.

    • Canchume

      do not worry bro its compatible, i install osx mavericks in my 13 late 2011 base madel and no problems

  • Craig Wayman

    Mother Fucker, every year I completely erase reformat my SSD and throw a fresh copy of the operating system on (get all the gunk off), instead of doing the app store upgrade and I have been waiting since July of 2012 and this shit is getting old.