ilife for ios icons

Following this morning’s sending of invitations for a September 10 media event, Apple has posted updates for its entire iLife for iOS app suite. That includes iPhoto, iMovie and of course GarageBand.

Both iPhoto and iMovie updates claim to “addresses compatibility issues,” and there’s a similar note in GarageBand’s change log. But given the timing, the updates likely have something to do with iOS 7

Oddly enough, it’s been more than two weeks since we’ve seen a beta for iOS 7—the last update, beta 6, was released on August 15th. But Apple is still expected to roll out the software to the public this month.

iOS 7 brings about an all new UI design, and a number of new features including Control Center—complete with Settings toggles—true multitasking, and a new wireless file sharing protocol called AirDrop.

Apple will likely show off the software at its media event next week, where it’s expected to unveil two new iPhones, and release it a few days after. Last we heard, though, the iPad version was a bit behind.

At any rate, if you plan on upgrading to iOS 7, you’ll want to go ahead and grab these app updates. You can find iPhoto here, iMovie here, and GarageBand here. If you don’t already own them, they’re each $4.99.

  • HellBlaze

    All 3 icons are now flat, they lost the “glossy” finish, round line and popout. All consistent with ios7 icons.

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Now they just have to take the gloss out of Pages, Keynote and Numbers…

  • Urzo

    They’re still skeumorphic though…

    • John

      That won’t change until after iOS 7 is publicly released… I assume iLife/iWork Apps will be updated on the same day.

  • marco1993

    Just removing the gloosy finish have made the apps look so different
    It fits in more on iOS 7 now

    • chumawumba

      Not yet. I have a feeling apple will make them like this