iPhone 5C packaged (blue, white, yellow)

After sharing blurry photographs of the supposed plastic iPhone 5C showing the devices’s packaging and printed manual, the same Chinese source is back at it and now has posted a pair of new images. The photos appear to picture the blue, white and yellow iPhone 5C units in their boxes and a close-up shot of the blue iPhone 5C.

The latter is especially interesting as we’re treated to a nice scene of the device’s supposedly rounded edges, part of its Unibody enclosure in matte finish. It’s quite compelling, have a look below…

Top of post: the cheery pastel hues of blue and yellow, and white. I’m loving the iPod touch-style boxes.

Right below: the blue iPhone 5C closeup.

The two images were posted by the Chinese blog iapps.im.

Blue iPhone 5C packaging closeup

Note the Lumia-esque fit and finish and general hints of the Lumia 620 design.

It’s interesting that the images appeared briefly online before being taken down at the request “of a relevant party”, via CNET. The same website over the weekend shared the following images allegedly representing the supposed iPhone 5C packaging and a Quick Start guide.


Color-matched wallpapers seem to be a thing.

iphone 5c material 1

Earlier today, the Chinese technology blog C Technology published the first video  believed to depict the fully assembled iPhone 5C, powered on and running the stock iOS 7 Safari browser. The same website additionally shared the shot below of a green iPhone 5C in its packaging.

Green iPhone 5C in packaging

Apple’s plastic iPhone 5C is expected to be introduced alongside the iPhone 5S at a media event on September 10, with availability pegged at September 20. The $300-$400 device should include most of the iPhone 5’s internals, re-packaged inside a polycarbonate plastic body.

Moreover, the iPhone 5C is expected to phase out the iPhone 5, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

So, what do you guys think?

  • Taf Khan

    Looks cheap if I’m honest. Hope I’m wrong. Almost like an iPhone 5 but with a cheap Chinese case on the back.

    The black front face also doesn’t look nice against the blue casing.

    • himynameisBLiNK

      looks cheap? is that not the whole idea?

      • Mathi_11

        The idea is to produce and sell it cheap. Not to make it look cheap. I’d rather have an expensive looking phone which is cheap instead of a cheap looking phone which is cheap.

      • The nexus 4 doesn’t look cheap, yet it has an even cheaper price tag…make it look cheap, ’cause it has a cheap-price tag, and it’ll barely appeal to cheap-price Android phone users

      • Taf Khan

        Yes but Apple have never done cheap! That’s my point. It does not suit Apple. You will never see Mercedes doing cheap. Better sticking to the premium handsets.

      • Kaptivator

        Mercedes has the A class starting at about 30k. Ford has a Taurus starting at 27k. The difference of 3k financed over 5 years (or purchased outright), wont change a persons situation for the worst. To my point, luxury companies always have an “entry model” to captivate with the hopes of earning the repeat business for the model up. The 5c is the entry to next years iPhone. If the 5c dosent appeal to you, like the CLA didnt appeal to me, dont complain about it or say Apple has never done cheap, because they have. Look at it from a business side, because its all about money. Benz, BMW, Audi all started an “entry line”, because why? They were loosing the market share to other companies making a cheaper product with premium internals. Apple is just doing what other premium/luxury lines have always done. OFFER AN ENTRY MODEL. My Benz nor iPhone will not be any lesser of a Benz or iPhone just because there is a cheaper model offered. No, Apple has never had an entry iPhone, but look at their iPads, Mac Books and Macs. They all have an entry line. And you know what, no one has dubbed them cheap. However they are clearly cheaper (in price) than their big brothers. So now Apple is cheap, for making an entry iPhone….Clearly, not!

      • blastingbigairs

        I still don’t think it’s supposed to be cheaper, I think it’s just supposed to finally bring color to the iPhone lineup. Cheap is not the Apple way of doing business and never will be. I can almost bet the price will be the same as the 5S.

    • Chuck Finley

      Cheap Chinese case?

      You should probably try and remember where the rest of your iPhone is made.

      • Taf Khan

        True. But there is a clear difference In the price, appeal, and quality of iPhone cases. This is a fact. Just look on EBay for a budget case, see where it’s come from and compare against a better quality product.

    • imra qyasif

      exactly. especially when you look at the edge.

      I really love the chamfered edge found in iPhone 5 & iPad Mini.

  • D.

    If the specs are of an iPhone 5, I’ll probably get it. The iPhone 5 in it’s current state is more than enough for me. But to have a blue one? Awesome!

    • ClaudieX X

      5s for me, 5c for my wife.

      • Taf Khan

        That made me laugh. The question is would she know the difference.

      • O. Bakerman

        She’ll say: Haha, I got colors!

    • mehrab

      Its amazing to see the year old iphone 5 having more graphics in game quicker mutitasking and faster webpage loading and apps opening then th octa core gs4! But i think the 5c will have an over clocked updated a5 cpu

  • Willie

    It looks like a 3GS material but with a iPhone 4 shape. Looks good to hold or to grip on because it looks curvy and smooth.

    • Julian Dehne

      iPhone 5 Shape

      • Arnaud Nelissen

        Neither iPhone 5 or 4 shape.

  • himynameisBLiNK

    man, kids are gonna eat these things UP this year!

    • Andy

      I wonder what Apple are going to do with iPod touch. Obviously, it’s still going to stay available for the next few years but with the release of budget iPhones, the price difference isn’t that much. Going to expect kids holding iPhone 5C’s everywhere within 1 year.

      • Maxim∑

        The 5C will be slightly more expensive then the iPad Mini I think, 399$ would be good

  • Julian Dehne

    300 – 400 $ just 8 – 16 or also 32 GB for 400 $ ?

    • Andy

      I would say 16GB is the bare minimum these days, the iPhone 4 was the last model to include 8GB. Maybe $350 for 16GB, $450 for 32GB for iPhone 5C.

  • NaSty

    That black front and that blue back case look durrty
    If it had the same colour all over it might look a bit better

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    They look awesome! And the color-specific packaging is very compelling, especially with the whole blurred iOS 7 wallpaper theme, This is going to position Apple extremely well for the emerging markets, as well as mid-tier price range…Great news for Apple…Kudos Jony & Tim…

  • Sam Khan


    • Maxim∑

      and it begins….

  • rasengan720 .

    In what universe is $300-$400 cheap/budget ?

    • dpacemaker

      That’s the unsubsidized price. So it’s much cheaper than the other model. So subsidized I imagine it being free for base model. Then probably 50$-100$ for the higher gigs.

    • None you actually pay for the brand apple the phone is really worth like 100 buks.

    • Mr. E

      That won’t be the price if you buy it with a contract. That’s why it’ll be budget

    • Maxim∑

      half the price of the main one

    • Matthew

      It’s off contract up subsidized. The flagship iPhone is about $650 unsubsidized. So yes $300 is cheap.

  • JomanJi

    So they’re going iPod Nano style; the background is the same as the color of the phone, eh?

  • Lol they look damn ugly my iphone 5 with limited edition 2pac case looks better then all that.

  • 4pplesauce

    phase out the iphone 5 you say?! yess! to me that means less people with iphone 5s and more people with ugly 5c models, in turn making the industrial designed iphone 5 more vauluable and to an extent at some point finding a good condition ios 6 jb iphone 5 will be RARE 🙂 and rare means value, and value is

    • mav3rick

      A good condition phone on JB 6.x will be a rare treat soon… 6.x is the last true iOS…

  • Fevostone

    Off topic iOS 7 beta 6 not coming out then..? Are we just waiting for full gm now..? Any light on this people..?

    • Danuel Carr

      Beta 6 has been out for weeks. This very blog reported on it. If you mean Beta 7, then no there is no news and probably won’t be any since there are only 8 days left until the the expected public release.

      • Fevostone

        Yes beta 7 sorry and thanks for the info 😉

  • Frozen Bee .GFKS

    reasons why Im not getting an 5C:

    1.WHITE ONE HAS BLACK FRONT!!!!!! Hideous…

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Blue looks pretty nice on it. I’d still prefer the glass and metal of the iPhone 5 (and 5S as we’re all assuming), but it’s still a nice phone for someone on a budget who won’t be able to afford the higher price tag of a 5S.

  • @sexyhamthing

    software and hardware looks terrible……. i mean, really apple?
    Jobs’d be pissed

    • 3aloo1

      This is a budget iphone!!!

  • chumawumba

    It says 10 Tuesday on the calendar icon on the iPhone. Yep, that pretty much confirms the iPhone unveiling on Tuesday September 10.

  • laszlo gaspar


  • Mike

    Last year’s rumors were fairly accurate (if I’m not mistaken), so this might be the real thing.

  • William Kosch

    Anyone wondering why the bezels are black???

    • Makes it less appealing and cheaper to manufacture…

      • William Kosch

        How would black be cheaper to manufacture than white? I actually prefer black it IS more “appealing”.

      • I find it appealing with a black/dark back (like my iPhone 4S), less appealing with other colours.

        It’s cheaper to manufacture cause its easier to get black materials that remain black over time. That’s what delayed the launch of the White iPhone 4; Apple had a hard time finding the right material that looked white and remained white over time.

      • William Kosch

        I think what delayed the white iPhone 4 was the white color interfering with the flash and the proximity censor. And really, how much money would it actually save them? $0.05?

      • According to what I recall reading, the white material they were using at first was leaking light. So, they needed more UV protection compared to the black counterpart. I think the same applies here. I’m not sure how much it saves them, but multiply it by a million and it is something…

      • William Kosch

        True true.

  • J™

    When the iPhone came in only white and black, people complain that it is monotonous and start to buy all kinds of colourful cases to decorate their phone.
    Now, it comes in multiple colours to choose from, people say it look cheap…. Humans… very hard to please.

  • Marcos Frazão

    I would buy a full white body (back and glass) with 16gb for 300 bones or less.
    More than this i’m out.

    I liked this 5C, this in times i highly considering move out to android
    Lets see apple, impress me and i stick with you.

  • nguyen

    Will this 5C be sold globally, or just China? I want to buy one when it’s out 🙂

  • FOFF

    um you cant “remove things ” from the internet…lol