iTunes Festival 2013: six free song downloads, live video broadcast

By , Aug 30, 2013

iTunes Festival London 2013 4.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)iTunes Festival London 2013 4.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Apple’s upcoming iTunes Festival in London will be headlined by Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jack Johnson and Jessie J, with the star-studded lineup including over 60 acts.

The iPhone maker has just recently updated its iTunes Festival London 2013 iOS app with Passbook tickets and promised to live-stream the event to owners of the $99 Apple TV set-top box, like it’s been doing in years past.

And now, Apple’s issued another update to the namesake iOS app to let you watch the event live as it unfolds, right from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices. And in another promotional move, the company yesterday began offering six free songs from artists playing at the festival through its Apple Store iOS app…

The six free tracks available for download through the Apple Store iOS app:

• “Trying to Be Cool” by Phoenix
• “Workin’ Woman Blues” by Valerie June
• “2013” by Primal Scream
• “My Love Took Me Down to the River to Silence Me” by Little Green Cars
• “Chain My Name” by Poliça
• “The Curse” by Agnes Obel

The offer is set to expire on October 31 so there’s still time to grab those songs.

Just navigate to any store location within the app and the offer will pop up. Unfortunately, the free songs are currently available only to those in the United States.

Download iTunes Festival London 2013 and Apple Store app free from the App Store.

Apple Store app (iTunes Festival London 2013 free songs)
Screenshot courtesy of MacRumors.

Unlike last year, Apple is now heavily promoting the upcoming music festival on TV, in newspapers and on the radio, with offers of free tickets giveaways. It’s also made the iOS app available to those in the United States, for the first time ever.

Perhaps they will expand the event next year beyond the confines of London?

From Apple’s press release:

First held in 2007, the iTunes Festival is held at London’s historic The Roundhouse in North London. Past performers have included Adele, Paul Simon, and Amy Winehouse.

This year, Apple has invited 60 artists to attend including One Direction, Usher, and Norah Jones. Typically held earlier each summer, the 2012 iTunes Music Festival was delayed due to the Summer Olympic Games, which London hosted in July.

Apple is also expected to offer digital EPs on iTunes from many of the shows.

Tickets for the iTunes Festival 2013 will be available via an iTunes lottery or through competitions held by various media partners. Apple says that folks in the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Japan, UK and Mexico are eligible to win.

The show kicks off on September 1 and will continue nightly throughout September at The Roundhouse in London.

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