iDB T-shirt

If you listen to our weekly podcast Let’s Talk Jailbreak, you might have heard that I’ve had a bunch of iDB t-shirts made a while back, yet I never tried to sell them or even give them away. To be honest, although the box has been sitting in my office for a couple months, it kinda became part of the office to the point that I forgot about it.

But it’s this time of the year where I must make some room for more and I need to unload these t-shirts. While selling them did cross my mind, I decided to actually give them away to a few loyal readers…

The iDB t-shirt uses the American Apparel 2001 asphalt as a blank, with the iDB app icon screenprinted on the front, and the full logo on the back. I specifically chose this t-shirt blank because of its good quality and nice fit. In short, this isn’t some cheap t-shirt from CaféPress.

Only a very small amount of those iDB t-shirts were printed. Although they’re not numbered, if you get one of those, you know you’ll be part of a very small group!

How to get your hands on an iDB t-shirt?

In order to keep this giveaway exclusively for iDB readers, there won’t be any sort of promotion needed. So no, you won’t have to “like” on Facebook, or retweet this post in order to enter. All we ask is that you take the time to write a comment and tell us why you deserve an iDB t-shirt, and what size you want (we only have M or L available).

Example: I want an iDB t-shirt so I can wear it when I’ll be waiting in line for the iPhone 5S. My size is L.

Unfortunately, for logistic reasons, this giveaway is only available for people inside the US.

The winners will be contacted next Wednesday via the service they used to login and comment. Good luck to everyone!

Winners announced!

The winners of the iDB t-shirt giveaway have been selected:

All the winners have been contacted via the service they used to login and comment (email, Facebook, Twitter, G+).

Thank you everyone for entering the contest. Stay tuned for more giveaways on iDB.

  • Palmer Paul

    I’d love an iDownloadBlog shirt, because I think that your site is a very useful asset to the jailbreak community. Your articles are very insightful and you are one of the few reliable websites for jailbreak and Apple news. I love how you state the facts and try not to state your opinion in your articles, for this is good journalism. I am an avid reader of your blog, and have read most of the articles published in the last 8 months. Your site is also a useful (and easy to use) source of jailbreak utilities and IPSWs, and when I am helping someone on the IRC channel #jailbreakqa (freenode), I always direct them to your downloads page. I am a relatively active individual in the jailbreak community, and I would love to be able to support you guys by sporting one of your stylish shirts. Thanks for everything you have done to help our community stay well informed, and I hope you continue to do so in the future.

    P.S. I’d like a medium 🙂

  • E.J. Barker

    I’m a tech support manager and deal with iOS related stuff daily, plus been reading this blog for years now and love all the content 🙂 I would sport this at work and out and about, showing how die-hard tech junkie I am (screw Fandroids, haha!) I’m a L size, more real estate to display the logos, more chances for more readers! Double win ^.^


    I would wear it so people think I’m sexy… this shirt does that right? Large & In Charge.

  • Nate Osburn

    I would Ike a shirt because I come here first to check for Apple news and check out reviews of new tweaks in Cydia. It has been really helpful in weeding out all the good stuff, btw I wear a medium.

  • Ben Birns

    I want an iDB t-shirt (Size L) so I can wear it to my AA meetings…

  • Raj

    I want an iDB t-shirt because during my week long honeymoon on a remote island in Fiji i still found a way to get access to catch up with iDB! We love traveling so I want to see how many countries I can take my new shirt too! My size is M.

  • Gally Dikenson

    I want one of those T-shirt so i can wear it when i’m gonna get my first Mac Pro!!!!!
    Medium please!!!!

  • Alejandro Maximo Marez

    I would wear it around base so that Marines would start going to iDB instead of believing unfounded rumors from hearsay. iDB is and always will be the one stop shop for all things i. My size is medium.

  • Matthew

    That’s what Sebastien looks like!

    • No that’s not me

      • Matthew

        Oops. Then who?

  • Alexander Cipher

    I want the iDB t-shirt and It would be
    perfect when stupid people ask me question about iphone, ipad, ipod, iOS, so I
    can look at them and point my finger at iDB Logo And that’s it! “Find your
    answers is the best blog on the web ever..!” (And please, always listen
    to Jeff , he really KNOWS BEST)

    BTW: im size “M”.

  • Tsavo Walker

    I would like one because I will #praise and #worship it every day! I will wear for as long as I medically can. I will wear it at school, my house, the pool, the beach, to bed, all day, while programming and to the Apple store. iDownLoadBlog is my favorite website and I have recommended to all of my friends. I would like to receive this shirt because well it looks cool and I really love iDB! Mah size is S! ^.^

  • Tsavo Walker

    I like Sebastian’s beard.

  • Josh

    i would i want a idb tshirt so that i could show everyone in high school how apple is better L size

  • z8137

    I would like an iDB t-shirt so I can show it off in the public and represent! My size is S.

  • Carlos Franklin

    I love the iDB Logo and that’s why I wish I had one. (L)

  • Chris Corfield

    I would have never jailbroken if not for iDownloadblog. I’ve listened to ‘let’s talk JB’ since episode 1. I would wear one with pride. Size L please.

  • Victor J. Lockwood

    I want to ware the iDB shirt because your YouTube channel is alway the first place I look for new Apple videos. I have you on my txt and email alerts so I always know when yon have new videos. And of corse I will ware your t-shirt to let all my tect friends know about your channel. XL if possible.

  • Abhinav Sridharan

    I want an iDB t shirt, because it’s become a large part of my life. Because of iDownload Blog, I have garnered the knowledge necessary in order to effectively jailbreak my devices. I want to be able to support my avid thirst for technology by perhaps being able to wear a shirt from one of most cherished technology blogs! Most people during these giveaways (including myself) sound usually desperate. Rather than focusing on the product or meaning of the media, they simply are focused on material gains or getting anything that is labeled “free”. While the nature of this whole post may be similar. I just want to say that I want an IDOWNLOADBLOG t-shirt, because I like the blog! Size – M

  • Casey Talbert

    I would like one to show off iDB at my work and spread the word of your website and YouTube channel. My size is Large.

  • ProfessorX1®

    iDB T-Shirt Plz. Kthxbye Size:M

  • iPhone Gruru

    I would like a large so that I can take a picture of myself in it and send it to Tii and they can use it as their podcast cover

  • mk3s

    I need this iDB shirt! I’ve been an iDB reader since before they were idownloadblog. I would wear this shirt non stop! I’m purposely not going to get the iPhone 5s or update my phone to ios 7 because i want to keep my jailbreak and then download all the awesome jailbreak apps that are reviewed by Jeff! Pleeease grant me this one thing!

  • Vova

    I want an iDB t-shirt so I can wear it when I’ll be waiting in line for the iPhone 5S. My size is S

  • Brandon Humphrey

    I want an iDB t-shirt so I can wear it when I’ll be waiting in line for the iPhone 5S. My size is L.

    – that is what I was going to write anyways, lol

  • Aziz Ettobi

    I would wear this as much as possible to generate curiosity. When asked about the meaning, I would just ask to google it:)

  • Vijay Kumar Guntuku

    I want an iDB t-shirt so I can wear it in office and show that am an ardent fan of iDB and the icon under iDB is fun to see on a t-shirt which shows that my mind is always ready to load new things esp about apple iphone stuff! I check various blogs however, iDB is the most up to date which bring latest n genuine info everytime. My size is M

  • Ryan

    I would wear an iDB shirt all the time. You guys are my #1 source for everything Apple and I would love to wear it. I love the sleek and simple design! Evrybody I know knows how much I love Apple and it would be a great way to promote you guys. My size is Medium. 🙂

  • Gameboy213

    I want a iDB shirt so that when I don’t buy the iPhone 5s the day it comes out and everyone asks me why, I can just point at the shirt rather than explaining over and over and over…..

    Size M

  • George

    I want an IDB t shirt so I can I can look sexy when I go to the apple store. My size is M.

  • amenocal

    I would like to wear an iDB shirt because that way I will represent iDB everywhere! And let everybody know that iDB is a great new source for Apple and other technoogies fan! My size is M.

  • Been reading iDB for some time now, and could always use a new shirt =) Size is M.

  • Elvis Tawiah

    i would love IDB tshirt cos i am a big fun and would love to help the great news and work to show to every here in the uk . would love midium

  • I’d like to have an iDB t-shirt so I can wear it while I go out on jogs. My size is Large… I’m working towards a medium 🙁

  • Mark Thmas

    I would like the shirt because the shirt is awesome. No better way to show appreciation towards a company more so than to rep them. Large, please.

  • Ryan Pouncy

    I would love a iDb shirt to support and advertise the site for the people of Detroit. I think from the amount of people here that ask me about “jailbreaking” I can then, with this shirt point to it and say check out this website. You’ll learn a lot. Size (L)

  • Sad that’s only available in the US, I’m a Swedish enthusiastic follower of iDB and been for a long time, and would love to have a shirt like that.

  • g33k4l1fe

    I would wear it to keep me warm after my wife tosses me on the street for buying a new smartphone. I wear a medium.

  • Paulo Torpes

    i wanna be the first one to wear it in Portugal

  • Nahum Sanchez

    I want an iDB t-shirt so I can become the next viral video on Vine by walking into the Apple Store and telling them in an obnoxious manner they shouldn’t have dropped Lets Talk Jailbreak from iTunes because they are awesome and have better shirts. My size is M.

  • sleeperjoe

    I want this tshirt in size M so I can rock it when I go visit my family in the Caribbean in a few weeks. It’ll make the cousins turn a whole different shade of envy green.

  • Raghav

    I work for an ios app software company and I would proudly wear iDB tshirt at my work as my co-workers know how addicted I am to iDB. My size is L.

  • Brandon Miranda

    Is there a way for me to get my hands on one if these shirts? I would love to have one. Albeit. I am a year late.

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