Last month, we reported that p0sixninja’s OpenJailbreak website was up and running. But either the launch was premature, or some problems were discovered, because shortly after the site went up, it was taken down.

Well whatever the issue was, it’s been fixed. Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) announced on Twitter earlier today that is now open to the public, and he encourages hackers and developers to get involved…

For those unfamiliar with Hill’s OpenJailbreak initiative, it’s essentially an open source project that anyone can look at and contribute to. The goal here, posix explains, is to keep jailbreaking sustainable for future generations.

Here’s a slide from Hill’s JailbreakCon presentation:


He goes on to explain that jailbreakers can typically be broken down into 5 groups: average users, fanboys and fangirls, developers, security researchers, and jailbreak creators. And OpenJailbreak was designed to cater to the last 3.


If you’d like to read more on Hill’s presentation, you can view the entire slide set. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a video of the speech, but since it was live-streamed over the Internet, we’re hoping that a clip turns up shortly.

Right now, OpenJailbreak doesn’t look like much—there’s just 6 projects or so up. But Hill says dozens more are planned, and obviously the amount of information will grow as more people contribute and submit their work to the site.

I must say, the future of jailbreaking is looking awfully bright right now, with iOS 7 on the horizon. In addition to Hill’s project, the evad3rs have said that they have several unused exploits, and Ryan Petrich is organizing TweakWeek 2.

Who’s getting excited?

  • Luke Jennings

    Don’t normally do that but had to do it on here

    • Rares


      • trumpet444

        “First” comments are stupid but I think “Die” is a little dramatic

    • *TOMBOMB*


  • Qasim Bashir

    sounds good

  • Willie

    i am excited but im also wondering that if such open source things are online, wouldnt apple staff people (including Tim Cook) be able to access such things?

    • sivkai

      Ha I can’t imagine Cook taking time out of his busy schedule to look at this. But yh, I am sure someone at Apple will be tasked at doing just this.

    • Even a common user can think about it, don’t you think developers like Joshua Hill have not figure that out. As article said, this website is created for mostly developers, security researchers, and jailbreak creators. And I am sure, only countable top most developers (jailbreak creators) will get access to exploits and bugs.

      But yes, there is always a good possibility, some apple staff break into top developers and get all exploits and ideas. Or a apple staff member hack into the server and gain access to all the stuff.

      But I don’t think developers will share their good exploits with each other unless these are already closed or very common. Because as far as I remember these exploit are sold at very generous amount. A developer can get rich by selling these exploits.

      So this website will mostly share ideas, help new developers and collaborate at some level.

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    Awfully bright right now? Ok we shall wait and see. In other news ever since I sent my phone for repairs(I got a replacement). My old phone was jailbroken and the new one I got came with 6.1.3.
    I somehow seem to be happier with a non jailbroken phone. One of the main reasons I liked jail breaking was the zephyr. But ever since I discovered assistive touch, well I know it’s a poor mans zephyr but it works very well.
    Also I can’t tell you how happy I am. No more reprings or crashes. What a relief.

    I did invest a lot in my jailbroken device. Hell I even paid for multiple apps and enjoyed it.

    But I guess am at a much more calmer place with a non jailbroken device.


    • Antzboogie

      To be honest my iPhone 5 rarely crashes I have customized my keyboard black and red Zeppelin changed my carrier logo Bite Sms is the best SwipeSelection is a must and the list goes on JailBreak I need you! My iPad aint shi* without the JailBreak!

    • leart za jmi

      Yes i am thing the same, zephyr is the reason why i jailbroke my new 4s glad that i find a new one in 6.0.1. Assitive touch is a nice way to save the home button but cant compare with zephyr 🙂
      And about the crashes, i just installed zephyr and nothing else, in a month i dont had even a single crash…

    • trumpet444

      Of course you get crashes if you install everything in sight. My 5 crashed maybe once or twice a month.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        Your wrong. I installed 4-5 tweaks and that was it. I think ios7 will fix most loopholes for the jailbreak

    • mav3rick

      Jailbreak is not for everybody. It cracks open your phone for endless possibilities. But if you don’t know what to install on it, all weird things happen. Jaibroken here never crashes, cherry picked all the tweaks and attentive removed the trouble ones. Sad, some were paid for, but the phone is running like a dream.
      There is no real usage experience without Jaibreak!

  • marTone

    Since I’m on iOS7 betas I’m desperately waiting for a jailbreak:) Is’s great but I need my IntelliScreen and other stuff so I hope this gonna work and we’ll see a jb shortly.

    • mav3rick

      Feb., Mar. it is coming…

      • ClaudieX X

        thats a hope or you have something?

      • mav3rick

        If it will still be possible to crack open this new neonOS, devs. will wait for at least .1 ver. to come out with most of the bugs fixed before releasing the public jailbreak. And in couple weeks after that apple will patch this rainbow unicorn poop OS closing the jail again.

  • 3aloo1

    I bet that tim cook will be shocked
    But what i am thinking is if apple and the workers will check the open jailbreak and fix the exploits this will be a problem
    plus if i am wrong reply to me

    • Sean Clark

      Unpatched exploits will not be released freely to the public. There will be a separate website reserved only for the most trusted and proven jailbreak developers.

      p0sixninja knows what he is doing.

      • 3aloo1

        Thanks for the info 🙂

    • Bob

      Look at p0sixninja’s powerpoint presentation on slide 34 he got asked:”Aren’t you worried this project will help Apple?” and he replied “No, Apple already has their own code to do the same things, why would they want to use mine?” so yeah. on slide 34.

      • 3aloo1

        Thnx i didn’t know about that ???

  • disqus_P8GRvseykd

    Not sure how this works but doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. Seems like it just makes it easier for Apple to monitor what’s going on? Am I mistaken?

  • Schryliam

    Well maybe apple realize that people wants a jailbreak more then the clean iOS

  • Abdul Qadir

    i’m exited about both ios 7 and openjailbreak….

    • Willie

      So exited you can’t spell

      • David Villamizar

        He just quitted both things, no grammar issues there D:

  • sivkai

    “the future of jailbreaking is looking awfully bright”

    I think awfully bright is the wrong use of words. Promisingly bright would be more appropriate.

  • Philipp Steigler

    Super excieted!

  • Zorvage

    “Bigger than a jailbreak”

  • Freddy Born

    Any news for iOS 7 jb?

  • Martin Fong

    I hv the account registered in redmine but cant long in on openjailbreak website ==

    • Martin Fong

      log in*
      wt can I do?

      • ConduciveMammal

        Contact support

  • Rameshwar Shrestha

    r u drunk..Ans: may be…LOL

  • jocastro


  • mav3rick

    This could also be a sign that future Jaibreaks are not so easy to make.
    Every new iOS got harder to crack. Let’s wait to see how tough this new neonOS will be freed…

  • Marcus Gomita

    Well the PowerPoint slides got removed so I’ll re-upload them here: