Activate Command

Interested in running shell commands via an Activator gesture? If so, then we have a treat for you. Aptly entitled Activate Command, this new jailbreak tweak allows users to execute commands via an Activator gesture, which would normally be submitted via a script or via a terminal session.

Interested in seeing how Activate Command works? We thought you’d never ask. Head past the break for our video walkthrough.

After installation, simply head over to the stock Settings app where you’ll see a new preference panel for Activate Command. Inside the tweak’s preferences you’ll find nine different slots, and each of these slots can contain a shell command.

Next, venture into Activator’s preferences, and assign a gesture to the corresponding command number that you configured in Activate Command’s preferences. You’ll then be able to use an Activator gesture to execute the shell command.

The developer includes a few good examples of the type of commands that you may consider using as a means to test out the tweak. I stuck with something really simple, invoking Siri using the “say” command, and assigned it to a double press of the sleep button. All worked just as advertised.

If you’re an advanced user who’s plenty familiar with shell commands and shell scripting, then Activate Command will likely be something that’ll appeal to you. Otherwise, the tweak and it’s value will likely be lost in the shuffle.

Activate Command can be had for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Do us a favor and share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

  • SSB

    Is there any tutorial for the command

  • abdullah575

    no news after this Article??

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Why would you want this? What would you do with this functionality?

    • David Morse

      Reposting this from a comment on Reddit (credit to sarcasmsiempre):

      Using Activator’s command-line interface via Activate Command opens up a ton of new possibilities. When you simply select multiple actions for a single event, they all fire at once, which is not helpful if you need to toggle things in sequence; the command line, however, allows for delays, and by extension complex compound actions.

      I have a command called “Class Mode” that first toggles Airplane Mode on (my classes are in buildings with terrible reception), then toggles Wi-Fi on (but I have campus wi-fi) and presents the Bluepicker menu of Bluetooth devices so I can reconnect to my Pebble. This is fired automatically when my classes begin, but I also have it assigned to a QuickActivator toggle.

      I have another called “Driving Mode” that shuffles all of my music, then opens the Automatic app (it hasn’t been doing its thing automatically for me since updating to iOS 7), then locks the screen.

      My third one is “Lost/Stolen Mode,” activated via text message. First it toggles off BiteSMS message alerts (so no one can read my text messages). Then it turns the ringer on, sets system volume to 100%, and says, “Alert! Alert! This device has been lost or stolen.”

      Activator really is tremendously powerful, even more so than people give it credit for.

      • Rafael Nietsche

        please share your “driving mode” command. I need one to shuffle my musics.

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  • Hari

    Cydia 6.1.2

  • hhumbert

    Try using Cmdivator instead. It has no limitation, and you also do not have to go to a separate Settings section.