microsoft 1020 ad

My how the tables have turned. Five years ago Apple was running its ‘I’m a Mac’ ads, attacking the perceived weaknesses of PCs running Microsoft’s Windows software. And now we have Microsoft making ads that attack Apple products.

The Redmond company’s latest in a series of Cupertino-bashing commercials pits the 41MP camera of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 against that on the iPhone 5. And as you can imagine, the spot paints iPhone users in a not-so-favorable light…

It actually looks very similar to Microsoft’s ‘Don’t Fight’ commercial it aired earlier this year, in that it shows both iPhone and Android users trading insults as they struggle to take photos. But here, the iPhone appears to be the bigger target.

The Windows phone you see at the end of the video is Nokia’s recently-introduced Lumia 1020. It has a number of high-end features, but the handset is particularly well-known for its 41-megapixel camera and its powerful 6x digital zoom.

While I’ve long thought Microsoft’s Surface v. iPad ads are terrible, I think this one serves it’s purpose. The acting is a little over-the-top, but it gets the point across that the Lumia 1020’s camera is much better than the competition. And it is.

Here’s hoping Apple does something about that next month.

  • Preet Patel

    Hahahaha the best ad ive ever seen and the ending is just fabulous……still an apple fan though.

  • Maxim∑

    Lumia 1020 is a brick and just came out. IPhone 5 is almost a year old..

    Edit:actually watched it.. 🙂

  • Julio Cesar

    Owle Bubo / EnCinema, anyone?

  • Pez Tickles

    who cares !

  • Hermès Vainstar Chu

    design of it makes it look like some lego brick

  • Guest

    I need to admit it, the ad was funny.
    nice try nokia but I’m keepin my iphone

  • FFF84

    I need to admit it, the ad was funny.
    nice try nokia but I’m keeping my iphone

  • Dani Hayes

    I’d buy the Lumia if WP8 had the apps that the AppStore does.

  • chumawumba

    Microsoft has something which is micro and soft.

    • Julio Cesar

      That thing doesn’t look so “micro”… Looks like an brick or something, but the camera is cool haha

      • Joseph

        He’s making a penis joke. A majorly immature one at that.

    • Dani Hayes

      Wow. Great play on words.

  • riyadian1


  • Phil Randle

    Its not really just mocking iPhone, its mocking Galaxy as well. But that phone was designed for its camera use, and its competing with a phone that was released in 2012, even though it would still win it would be better of targeting the S4 and HTC One.

    I am sure the 5S will up the ante in the camera sensor stakes anyway.

    • Gus Me

      I’m sure the 5s will, but I doubt anything will come close to this anytime soon. Unless this thing starts selling like crazy and forces others to follow, but what you gain (a very nice camera) you also lose (OS, Apps, etc…) I just hope Apple doesn’t disappoint too much.

    • Joseph

      iPhone users also use their devices for pictures. A lot. It’s only appropriate to target them, too.

    • mehrab

      The iphone 5 has a better camera then the gs4/htc one

  • 🙂

  • daniel bonnells

    Lol they had to buy so many iDevices just to film the commercial…

    • onebyone_

      the real owners of iDevices in this ad are the NOKIA staff LOL!

      if you want a better camera just buy a NIKON or Canon.

      • Hyr3m

        Actors for rent = Nokia staff ? Bit of a stretch isn’t it ?

        Also, if you want to have a great camera with you all the time without carrying another device, buy a nokia.
        But please if you want to immortalize your kids achievements, bring your actual camera, not just your phone.

      • Singed

        With how poorly the things are going for our beloved cellphone maker, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Nokia staff were the actors!

  • منتظر ايفل 6


  • zarah

    my so mao

  • neoamaru

    …is it OK if i actually enjoy this?? (& post that fact on an apple fanboy blog?) 😛 LOL

  • TuNuT

    So… Everyone is using Apple devices, just one man using Nokia? 🙂

  • TuNuT

    So… Everyone is using Apple devices, just one man using Nokia? 🙂

  • TuNuT

    So… Everyone is using Apple devices, just one man using Nokia? 🙂

    • Joseph

      Yes, and it’s fairly accurate, too. But just because a device isn’t used as much doesn’t mean that it’s not a good device (to that person using it, at the very least).

      • Lordthree

        The unrealistic part is that ANYONE has a Nokia

      • Joseph

        I didn’t ask you, did I? Everyone has their phone preferences, and the reason that people say WP8 is bad is because of their lack of dev support on apps.

      • Lordthree

        Oh excuse me- I didn’t see anyone ‘ask’ for your nonsense opinion either.

        Apps are a big part of the reason, but so is the fact that it runs wp8 with butt ugly metro, is largely plastic, and is branded Nokia. There is also a large section of people who simply won’t by ANYTHING from Microsoft.

        On top of all that, the phone looks like a brick.

        Get off your high horse

      • Joseph

        Says the person on their high horse already, being an Apple fanboy with your statement.

  • Joseph

    I don’t see how the tables have turned at all if there’s still people saying that Microsoft sucks; it’s just not Apple, this time.

    • Joseph

      Lordthree, you are a hypocrite to your above statement about people having a Nokia phone by downvoting this comment. Congratulations!

  • Joseph

    I don’t see the point in bashing this commericial. Nokia is making humorous commericials that we can all enjoy, regardless as to whether we want to switch or not. The commericial is showing the phone’s primary purpose; to a professional photographer and to Instagram (Hipstergram?) users. It’s main advantage is it’s amazing quality camera that preserves quality when zooming in, and no other phone running a different OS than Windows Phone 8 on the market does that yet.

    They showed it perfectly by exampling how it’s small (comparing it to iPads being used to take a video, it’s also around the same size or slightly larger than most normal mobile phones used today. Also, I mean small as in comparison to the height of other devices, not that it looks like a brick, as people are saying. That bulge is needed for such a camera, and until technology improves, there’s not much of an option. Photographers, the main target of this phone, might not mind as much anyway, since it’s not exactly too bad of a bulge), and the degradation of quality when Android/iOS users zoom in.

    In my opinion? Nokia has a pretty solid device on their hands. They’re highlighting how a lot of people use their phones as cameras these days, so logically, a very high quality camera inside of a mobile phone would be the next logical step. Windows Phone 8 is half decent, the main disadvantage being it’s lack of apps and developer support (and Youtube now, too, since Google likes to troll Microsoft). If it had the developer support that iOS and Android have, though? Then I think iOS would have a new major competitor on their hands.

    • Joseph

      Thanks, Lordthree, for going through all of my comments and downvoting them for absolutely no reason. I’m willing to bet you didn’t even read this one., and if you did, I’d love to know why you think I’m wrong.

      • Julio Cesar

        In my opinion, some Nokia commercials offend iPhone users in a stupid way.

      • Joseph

        All a technique of advertising. Some people see it as offensive. Most people, like the responses to this commercial, are seeing it as funny, despite the negative portrayal of iPhone and Android users.

      • Julio Cesar

        Nokia at least take it easy, but look at Samsung commercials…

        Do you really think that an commercial that clearly says “You’re dumb to use an iPhone” is not offensive?

        I’ll not buy an device just to “look smart” just because of an shitty technique of advertising.

        Our intelligence is not measured by what we have but for what we can do with something that in theory should be outdated or obsolete.

      • Joseph

        Samsung takes it a bit too far to get their point across, yes.

      • Julio Cesar

        But there’s two Lumia commercials that I really don’t like the way they represents iPhone users:

        “iPhone Zombies” and “Time to #switch”

    • mehrab

      The third party instagram apps have been blocked they dont work anymore so ig is useless on it

      • Joseph

        It was a joke, mostly. You can always post the photos on the web. :p

      • mehrab

        Erm what? Im talking about instagram only for uploading pictures on instagram you need an ios/android device.

    • Dan

      I agree. I’m actually pretty tempted by this phone. I would certainly miss the apps I have come to love on IOS/Android, but the camera alone is amazing. Besides, I’ll still have my iPad for home use.

  • Guest

    LMAO! Even though I’m a huge Apple fanboy, I still love Nokia commercials. They’re hilarious!

  • Prasoon Singh

    Man I love these Nokia WP8 commercials. I still love Apple and my iPhone 5 though 🙂

    • Joseph

      Yeah, the commericials are great.

  • Dave

    It’s just Microsoft as always, hating on Apple for being awesome.

    • Joseph

      No, it’s called advertising. It’s the exact same thing that Mac vs. PC did, point out the disadvantages of the other platform.

      • Julio Cesar

        But nowdays Apple don’t even need to talk to gain users. Just shows the device working.

      • Joseph

        Yet they proved that it’s a valid advertising strategy, and companies need to start somewhere.

      • Julio Cesar

        Valid only to people that actually uses something from the company or who are dumb enoght to buy just because the commercial says that you will look cool with this.
        People who switched from PC to Mac switched not because of the advertising strategy, but for what the product itself actually offers.

      • Joseph

        The Lumia commercial doesn’t say you’ll look cool, it points out the benefits of the device.

      • Julio Cesar

        When you say that other device is bad you’re not actually pointing out the benefits of your device.

      • Joseph

        Sure they are. They’re pointing out that other devices can’t preserve zoom quality, which it can, for example.

      • Julio Cesar

        Only in this commercial…
        Did you seen the “iPhone zombies” commercial or the “Time to #Switch”?

  • At

    I don’t think I know anyone who buys a phone, buys it for just the camera. That’s all I see in this, and all of their commercials for this phone, “we have a better camera, but that’s it”! Also, any professional photographer probably doesn’t shoot their pro photos with a phone, but a really nice pro camera. You know, an awesome camera that they can sync with their phone to have all their awesome pictures on.

  • Apple_King98

    The hidden message of this ad….everyone owns an Apple product. Except for the two boring people who didn’t join the fun tackle. It looked like a party.

  • n0ahcruz3

    This will be my first WP. If it goes on sale at $99.

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    As much as I’d like a powerful 41 megapixel camera with a 6x zoom am I the only person that thinks the big camera protruding out of the egg yellow phone looks rather ugly and not very stylish in comparison to the iPhone 5?

    • Joseph

      If you want a camera that good style might not be your top concern.

  • Chris Holden

    sweet jesus.. its a goddamn phone! if people really cared about photography they would buy a professional camera, i was more than happy with my 5mp camera my old phone had, now with a 8mp camera i could not ask for a better camera.

    • Joseph

      Tell that to the people that post photos basically everywhere with it. Cameras are nowadays used by people with smartphones, and quality is increasingly becoming more important.

      • Julio Cesar

        Say this to my Canon 7D.
        If I use my smartphone for a quick shot I don’t really need super ultra high quality, people take photos with smartphones to post on instagram and it don’t really needs more than 2 megapixels.

      • Joseph

        Which is why I said “Tell that to the people that post photos basically everywhere with it”. I’m not referring to everyone.

      • Julio Cesar

        Don’t really need to trash your smartphone to get a new one just because of the camera…
        You can get better DSLR cameras and continue with your favorite smartphone.

  • Joseph

    “You know everyday, more photos are take with the i-Aghh.” :))
    Hahaha loved that part. The old lady was pushed around 😀

  • Benjami Lindqvist

    If you really take professional photos with your mobile phone, then you would think buying Lumia 1020. If you need your phones camera like taking a picture of something funny fast, then I would chiose the iPhone 5, remembering that iPhone 5 still taked very awesome photos. iPhone just haven’t engineered to be a camera. And 1020 isn’t the most beautiful piece of electronics in the world 😀

    So i highly recommend you still buy your camera and phone, because camera and phone still are completely different things. And if you are wondering, you have like SLR which has only 20 megapixels; the megapixels really don’t change the picture quality, it only makes the size of the photo smaller or bigger. Of course if you zoom and do a lot of modifications to the photo on your computer, the megapixels will become the number one thing that makes the photo great looking after editing.

    That was my opinion of the Lumia 1020. And i will still buy a SLR for taking photos and a phone for work and calling.

    • Julio Cesar

      Exactly! I prefer get an iPhone 5 / 5S and use my Canon 7D to professional photos. If I want something quick I don’t really need something too powerful, an iPhone 5 can get the result that I expected.

  • George Petrou

    Lol they shat on both companies xD

  • Klaus Jacobsen

    Looks like Microsoft bought more iDevices for this add than they have sold Lumias. Very funny commercial though 🙂

  • Rowan09

    Funny commercial but if all the 1020 has to offer is a camera they are in a really bad place. All these commercials show is the camera is great and …… Good luck on thinking people will go buy a phone only for the camera. I don’t even know why this is even a Windows commercial it doesn’t even mention anything about the OS.

  • Roger Riekki


  • Sokrates

    This ad is actually really good. Good job Microsoft! Finally something creative!

  • 我是谁

    apple no good

  • …or you just focus and take an awesome picture with both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4.

  • Hyr3m

    “powerful 6x digital zoom” -> You mean cropping ? How is that “powerful” ?
    Also, y u no mention the awesome physical image stabilization?

  • klouud

    Pretty funny – and true. I hate the camera on my 4S. Come on Apple!!!! Still not gonna switch tho. iOS is still the best choice for me overall.

  • tech gadgets

    Hi, one of my friend was using this mobile. This mobile features and that camera picture clarity is good. so i like this mobile.

  • Dan

    You can’t take these things seriously. It’s like people on this site saying android fans are cheap and can’t afford IOS devices. I just brush it off.

    • Julio Cesar

      I’m iOS and Android user, and want to get an Windows Phone too…
      Why? I’m developer.

      I spent two years with an iPhone 4, I’m now almost 2 years with an simple Galaxy, and waiting for my Nexus 4. Looking forward to the iPhone 5S.

      But I still prefer the iPhone.
      Here in Brazil there’s no “cheap” device, the prices are the highest in the world. Look at some the prices:

      Galaxy S4: US$ 881
      iPhone 5 64GB: US$ 1679
      With an shitty contract, you take it for only $ 100 cheaper. And pay $ 100 per month for a slow internet, crap signal, and when you try to cancel the plan takes months (while you pay) until finally cancel.

      • Dan

        In Canada highend android and Apple phones are pretty much the same price.

      • Julio Cesar

        Yeah, but people here need to work harder like an slave to get less money than working in Canada.

  • Ben Kim

    Haha I love creative commercials. Bravo. But yeah the “phone”/brick still won’t sell

  • diggitydang

    It’s sorta getting old that all ads are so directly targeting iPhones and iPads – in a reverse way, it’s like Nokia is saying that “iPhones are the best, but we do the camera better”… ooooookay, what ELSE do you do??? I could also buy a DSLR and take better pics, but if you don’t do almost EVERYTHING better, I’m not switching just because of a camera. Another thing I noticed is that there was only ONE couple with a Nokia… sorta representative of the market!! hahahah…

  • Dante Arellano

    Good ad for windows phone I don’t know guys but windows phone has future the interface is good the hardwer sucks.

  • Dante Arellano

    ……what hell 41 mega pixels!!!???

  • Singed

    Whoah, whoah, whoah, A GOOD iPhone bashing commercial?
    Holy moly, expect the world to end soon!

  • Stijn Jasper

    Kinda remembers me of the Lg viewty in a way. Big lens on the backside of your phone.