3gs up close

AT&T will soon start offering refurbished iPhone 3GS models to prepaid GoPhone customers, according to a new report from MacRumors. The device will be sold full retail to those that don’t qualify for a subsidized phone.

Quoting an anonymous tipster, the site says that the handset won’t be openly available. Apparently the phones won’t even be displayed publicly, but sales reps will be able to offer them to certain price-sensitive customers…

MacRumors’ Jordan Golson reports:

“AT&T retail stores will be offering refurbished iPhone 3GS models to its prepaid GoPhone customers — no-contract accounts that do not qualify for subsidized phones — according to a MacRumors tipster.

The tipster claims the phone will not be displayed or promoted publicly, but sales reps will be able to offer them to certain price-sensitive customers.”

There’s no word on what AT&T will charge for the device, but the site points out that since the carrier offers refurbished iPhone 4 models for $325, it’ll likely be well below that. Also, it doesn’t sound like all stores will have them.

The offering is curious for a couple of reasons. For one, the 3GS was discontinued last fall, and will not run iOS 7. And second, Apple is widely expected to release a new budget iPhone model next month for around $300 or $400.

Still, if the handset comes in well under $300, it could appeal to folks who either don’t care about the latest and greatest, or can’t afford it. We’re not sure exactly when the refurbished 3GS will be available, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

  • n0ahcruz3

    If it cost $50 i might buy one.

    • Lisa

      $50 and you can get one off eBay and set it up yourself…it’s really rather easy.

  • Martin 

    3Gs is not a bad choice for a first smartphone. For sure is better than some cheap Shitsung. You can still using it without lags, because of system optimization. Of course it will be slower than new iPhones but still..

    • leart za jmi

      3gs is very stylish, i used one month ago, ok is a bit slow but still is able to give you satisfaction 🙂

  • dpacemaker

    Yeah this makes no sense since most Apps won’t be available. Even now my daughter uses my old 3GS as a iPod and some games are unavailable, even more so for the 8gb models. I have that and a 16gb and some apps work on the 16gb model, but aren’t able to be downloaded on the 8gb. Hopefully for those that want and need this type of service they will offer the iPhone 4 at least, but really the 4S or 5 should be allowed. If they can afford the unsubsidized price. Bad credit, but they just got taxes back would be the typical situation.

    • felixtaf

      u r right… But cant expect a 4 yr old model to support latest games/updates… Still its a good phone….

  • chumawumba

    I just hope it would ship with ≤ 6.1.2

  • mau5haxor

    It really is a great phone. I had one like 2 years ago them i bought an iPhone 4s to replace it, but i missed it so mush i actually downgraded and sold the 4s just to get this again. Honestly i believe it was the best iPhone ever made.

    • leart za jmi

      Cmon 3gs was great but to leave the cool iphone 4s for that it is a waste 🙂

      • mau5haxor

        Well the iPhone 4s was a bit overpower for me, for example: i use my phone for calling and msgs. I kinda use web sometimes and i have only about 5 app store apps. none take too much power at all. chrome eBay newegg so yea 3gs is plenty enough. plus with the extra money i bought a new graphics card. 🙂

      • leart za jmi

        Yeah your right, if you need just a phone 3gs its a good choice, and looks greats

  • Brandon Miranda

    i really love the iPhone 3GS greatest phone evr. i got it stolen but if it wasnt for tht phone i wouldnt be the apple freak i am now

  • Rowan09

    Does AT&T currently offer Go service for the iPhone?

  • Alan Absalon

    Why not offer the iPhone 4 as a GoPhone? 3gs has no led flash, not dogging on the 3gs in any way though

    • OMG

      yeah the 3GS is soo Los and slow now 4 should be the minimum

    • Lisa

      I have been using an AT&T iPhone 4 with a Straighttalk sim card with unlimited talk, text, data (for $42/month purchased in 3 month increments) for 2 years now. Purchased the iphone 4 off ebay used and set up myself. ATT will not tell you how to do it, the money mongers that they are. They want to get the $80 + per month from you folks that can’t live without data. I am getting ready to switch to the GOPhone 10cent/min plan. as I really don’t use the phone for calls and rarely text anyone, most of my data is accessed via wifi so I really don’t need data. 10cent/min plan. will cost me about $106 a year. I like having the phone for emergencies and I like having a smartphone for apps., calendar, email, camera, music etc…Again ATT will tell me it can’t be done – the phone doesn’t support it…but I have my daughter set up on an iPhone 4 right now with an ATT gophone 10cent a minute plan. The phone is an ATT phone too that is not unlocked. I really don’t see what all the fuss is surrounding using the old model phones that have already been payed for and depreciated in these ways?


    am I only one who still using it ??