Since we first started hearing reports that Apple was working on a smartwatch, designers have been churning out concepts left and right showing what their visions are for the device. And we’ve seen some good ones too, see here and here.

But this new one from Federico Ciccarese, of Ciccarese Design, might be the best yet. Designed with a flexible touchscreen display, it looks more like a futuristic, high-end fashion accessory than it does a smartwatch, and it even runs iOS 7


The name Ciccarese should sound familiar. Federico and co have been responsible for a number of popular past Apple product concepts, including one for the 4-inch iPhone, these life-like iPad 5 mockups and he’s even done an iWatch or two.

This time around, Federico’s concept is based on Apple’s ‘Bi-stable Spring with Flexible Display’ patent. Much like a slap band bracelet, a popular accessory in the 90’s, the patent calls for a snap-on bracelet with a flexible touchscreen display.

Rumors regarding Apple’s smartwatch have been plentiful over the past 6 months. Bloomberg says there are over 100 designers working on the project, and multiple reports have claimed the company has brought in outside talent to help out.

Actual details regarding the device have been slim thus far, but it’s believed that it will run iOS and feature a wide range of sensors for tracking health and fitness stats. There’s also been no word on a launch date, but it’s not expected until next year.

What do you think of the concept? Would you buy one?

  • Jonathan


  • Cesar D

    What the hell? Am i seeing an iphone?

    This device just wanna cost so much, if it comes.

  • Dave

    I don’t like it. The iPod Nano with the watch case was better.

  • Timothy

    I could totally see something like this becoming a fad by 2015.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Battery Life = 1 minute.

    • Timothy

      Lol… But I do think they would need something besides a leather wristband if they’re to incorporate a flexible, multi-day battery. This concept does provide that, although the screen is perhaps too large for the battery to support it well.

  • Timothy

    I just realized that this actually looks a lot like Apple’s Magic Mouse crossed with a white iPhone…

  • Elias Chao

    I hope this won’t be the “iWatch”, I don’t know other guys, but I won’t buy it if this is the SO what it will run.

    IMO, it should be a custom version of iOS, not the iPhone version.

  • Royce Otero

    This is lame. It needs to be a totally different design then the other idevices.

  • Can be broken easily =)

  • Abdl

    Am i really expected to put that on?!

  • OhSixTJ

    Did I mention how much I HATE concept photos? Just report what you know, don’t report what you don’t know.

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    this is just an iphone wraped around his wrist. An iwatch should look a little bit more like a watch and have a smaller display like the ipod nano or mybe a little bit bigger. If an iwatch would look like the one on the video then there is no reason to have smartphone because you will already have a smartphone around your wrist ,,,

  • Joseph

    Looks way too much like a bent iPhone. Screen size is good, but… meh.

  • Question

    Nah this one just looks weird. I feel that this concept is probably the nicest looking

  • Yunsar

    I just hope it has some sort of size adjustment method.

  • Jay Kay

    The most fail design dont call it watch it could be band

  • JS3

    absolutely the ugliest thing ive ever seen…. like the other guy said its a band not a watch….

  • Dan

    I wouldn’t wear this, looks like too feminine. Hopefully they make it look like an actual watch

    • Bob

      Are you insecure? I’d understand you not wearing something that looks feminine if you’re insecure about if you like men or women

      • Dan

        u mad bro? That’s my opinion and i stick with it. I wouldn’t wear a dress to show how secure i am, and i wouldn’t wear this crap either. Good day to you.

        nice to see you edited your post, made you look like a real prick.

      • Bob

        cool story bro

  • deepdvd

    “…, runs iOS 7″… How exactly does a concept “run” anything? Just take out “runs ” from the article title.

  • Craig Keller


  • David Muschek

    YEP, nevermind calling it iWatch. iBand or iLet in the slapband config would be best. No camera or flashlight. Just a glow setting for illuminate a small area in the dark if needed or for signaling purposes. Then to complete the package, an iRing (bluetooth ear piece to fit in the ear as small as a hearing aid)