Alleged photos of silver iPad 5 shell hit the web

By , Aug 19, 2013


New photos of a rear shell believed to belong to the next generation iPad surfaced late last night. The images appear to show a silver casing, which is consistent with previous reports and leaked parts pointing to a smaller, thinner tablet.

We’ve seen a number of black/slate shells allegedly belonging to the new iPad on the web over the past several months. In fact, they first popped up all the way back in January. But this is one of the first times we’ve seen a white/silver shell…

These photos come from our friends over at, first posted on Weibo. And while they don’t necessarily reveal any new information about the tablet, they do corroborate the thinner bezels and chamfered edges we’ve seen before.


Interestingly enough, there also appears to be an iPad mini shell in the photos. It’s unclear, though, whether the hull belongs to the current model, or the next generation mini. Take 2 of the tiny tablet is believed to include a Retina display.

That theory was reiterated by a report earlier this month from The Wall Street Journal. The outlet claimed that suppliers were gearing up for mass production of a new iPad mini with a high resolution screen, and possibly colored backings.

Apple is widely expected to hold a media event next month, but there’s been no word on whether or not the new tablets will make an appearance. Smart money, though, is on Apple unveiling its redesigned iPad 5 and new iPad mini at a separate event.

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    • Gorgonphone


  • Sokrates

    had to be expected.

  • Steven Honey

    Wonder why they don’t put led flash on the iPad?

    • Born of Fire

      exactly what i’ve been thinking !!

    • Johnathan Jennings

      Why would you need it? *Maybe* on the Mini, but not the Fullsize. I’ve had my iPad for about 2 and half years now and I’ve probably taken about 50 pictures with it, and those were photo booth. The iPad just wasnt made to take pictures so I really don’t see a need for flash.

      • Born of Fire

        i work as an interior architect..sometimes i do take pictures with my iphone but the editing is so hard on small screen using apps like Measures.but on the other hand it is really nice to use Phonto and Measures apps using both ipad mini and ipad

      • quitcherbichinn

        so sync your photo stream with iCloud between your iPhone and your iPad and what you take with your iPhone will show up on your iPad…you can edit and do w/e and not look like a complete fool in public.

      • Gorgonphone

        i have take 1 pic with my ipad4 lol

    • quitcherbichinn

      because people taking pics with their iPad look like fools! i’ve seen it twice…once at a concert and once in NYC at a church and both people were from another country and looked completely asinine! just sync your photostream through iCloud and the pics will go from your iPhone to your iPad…all without looking like a complete tool.

      • Matt Taylor

        Wow, insulting people that make use of their iPad camera now! I’ve seen this in NYC also, and in London and yes it’s a little strange but not “foolish” as you imply!

      • quitcherbichinn

        that’s your opinion. my opinion is….people look stupid holding up a giant iPad to take a picture. i don’t care if you agree with my opinion or not. suck it princess.

  • Matt Taylor

    They better step up there game and bring themselves up to date with hardware specs or I’m never buying an iDevice again! At this point what with the state of iOS I probably never will again anyway but I’m on the fence! As are thousands of others… Don’t push us to android and loose your crown Apple! Step it up.

    • mehrab

      Up to date with hardware specs? Ypu do realize that the iphone 5 has the strongest gpu for a smartphone in the world right? Ios is not cpu instensive so the benchmark scroes are low. Take for example the nexus72012 scroes 1595 on geekbench and the iphone 5 is about 1601. Yet the #a5 chip which is apples 2 years old chip is twice the gpu of the tegra and the a6 is six times the gpu. Whats the end result to this? The nexus 7 2012 became obsolete while the iphone 5 which has the same benchmark scores on it will last atleast 4 more years. Its not always about specs. What soecs do you want on the 5s btw?

      • Matt Taylor

        This article is based on the iPad, as such, so was my comment! I would like a ram boost on top of the usual processor boost and maybe some stronger storage options! As for the iPhone I am happy with the rate of hardware progression and only want for a more spacious screen real estate!

      • quitcherbichinn

        so 128gb isn’t enough storage for you on the iPad? what android gives you more than 128gb? even with a micro sd slot? i see you are a windows type and a spec whore and in your belief only the highest possible number is the winner so ultimately you don’t really know a whole lot about what you talk about. it’s ok…jump ship to an android device and enjoy but grow up and quit with the juvenile threats.

      • Matt Taylor

        I hate windows and I hate android and no it isn’t about the highest number it’s about value for money! All these idiots saying an iPad wouldn’t benifit from 2GB of ram are stupid! Anyway don’t insult people for wanting more from there products! Watch your mouth!

      • Matt Taylor

        And to make accusations of being a windows type towards someone you don’t even know based on a comment about wanting more from their iPad is juvenile, ignorant and damn right pathetic! I know my iPad 4 lags when I am producing music on multiple apps backgrounded/processing simultaneously! It’s nothing to do with numbers. Competitors are using more powerful hardware and I want the same on the platform I have invested hundreds of pounds in software and on devices I pay a premium for! Yes iOS manages ram and processing well but not for multiple apps that run simultaneously! Apps on iOS are evolving very fast so the hardware needs to so the same to accommodate there advancements! And yes 128GB is lovely, but hardware progresses with time, that’s the idea of a “refresh”.

      • mehrab

        IF YOU THINK YOU”RE IPAD 4 is too laggy. The. Get a nexus 10/7 2013 you”ll die

      • mehrab

        The nexus 10/72013 is not near the ipad 4. -.- 128 gigbs is here btw. Ram not need enuff ram even tho it”ll be updated. Youtube this and be amazed lol “nexus 10 vs ipad 4 gaming oode” yes exactly that. Btw the ipad 4 has the best gou in a tablet atm. And it”ll prove you that when you watch the video :p please do watch -.- you”ll get tpwhat i mean

      • Matt Taylor

        The thing is, more ram means more backgrounding capabilities! Technology progresses with time, why do people forget that? “1GB of ram is fine, the A6 chip is the best mobile chip, bla bla bla”. So are you saying even though competitors are moving promptly with the evolution of technology Apple don’t need to? That Apple can move at a slower pace because iOS manages ram well? We pay a premium price so we should expect a premium product! So what, iDevices bench better than competing devices, it could bench even better still if Apple thought a little less about there profit margin! I will watch the video you recommend though, thanks man…

      • mehrab

        I hope you watched. If you did you know the comment you just said is wrong. Apple doesnt need it cos android cant manage to beat apples 1gb. Their ios is very optimized 1gb feels like androids 3g b

  • Maxim∑

    no home button leaks yet

  • Kaptivator

    Need the iPhone in an all silver finish. IMO

  • batongxue

    Just make the big guy a little bit thinner and much much lighter.

  • Freddy Born

    I hope they will release iOS 7 and new iPhone with the iPad 5 at the same time. Because when evaders release their jailbreak when iOS 7 comes out, apple will be patching it out in time the new iPad comes :/

    • quitcherbichinn

      jailbreakers will just hold back on the release of a JB, if one exists, until the iPad 5 and mini 2 come out. they’ve done it in the past.

      • Matt Taylor

        My thoughts exactly.

  • Gorgonphone

    looks like big boring iPad

  • felixtaf

    Am buying an iPad 5 when its released… But confused between Silver (white) and Slate (Black)… Any suggestions?