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Apple began emailing developers last night, informing them that their Developer Website would be going offline on August 17th—that’s tonight—at 6PM PST for a “brief scheduled maintenance.”

The move comes exactly one week after Apple alerted developers that all of its remaining Dev Center services had been brought back online following a three week outage due to a security breach…

Here’s the email:

dev down apple

Apple doesn’t typically alert developers to upcoming Dev Center outages due to scheduled maintenance, but perhaps in wake of the recent security breach it felt that it should give folks a heads up.

On July 18, Apple detected an intruder attempting to secure information from its developer website. The attack led to a three week outage while the company overhauled and rebuilt its systems.

As a result of the downtime, there is now a Status Page that shows the status of Dev Center services.

  • IsaacTobalina

    so that means we could be able to downgrade like the last time?

  • irshad

    so is it possible to downgrade

  • Mike K

    Would it be possible during the downtime to install iOS 7 beta 1 on my VZW iPhone 5? I’m running 6.1.4, and REALLY want to try the Beta! Or is there any other workaround? Much Appreciated.

  • Victor

    I have a question I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but I always get developer messages even if I’m not really a developer. What’s that mean? Thanks either way…