You know what we should do to stop them from complaining? We should write AT&T a check for $1 billion and if the deal doesn’t work out, they can keep the money. Let’s give them the $1 billion [Apple had $5 billion in cash at the time] and shut them the hell up.

Steve Jobs, talking to telecommunication consultant Raj Aggarwal about how he was annoyed that AT&T was spending too much time worrying about the risks of the deal he was negotiating with them before the first iPhone came out…

This quote is part of an interesting Forbes article where consultant Raj Aggarwal recounts how AT&T agreed to an unprecedented revenue sharing agreement with Apple thanks to Steve Jobs’ ruthless negotiation skills.

  • ap3604

    I love the part where he says “and shut them the hell up” 😀

    Thank you Steve for having the balls of steel to make the original AT&T deal happen thereby bringing the iPhone and changing the world of electronics forever.

    • KC

      Agreed. And thank YOU for including “of electronics” – I swear some think he brought about world peace.

  • David Gitman

    5$ -1$-1$ = 3$ HL3 confirmed !

    • :O

      I don’t understand? Someone tell me what this means and why he got 4 TDs? What’s HL3?

      • Falk M.

        Half Life 3, a game the gamer community is waiting for for way too long now.

        And ffs, it’s a joke obviously, where do the 4 thumb downs come from.
        Have my like.

      • David Gitman

        Haha thanksman

      • its 2013, don’t you recognise what google is?: “half life 3”

    • JulianZHuang

      HL suck. played and wasted my time.

      • David Gitman

        I am waiting for portal 3

    • D.

      Unofficially confirmed. But it’ll definitely be delayed 🙁

    • Eric 420

      unrelated to article, who gives a shit…..

      • David Gitman

        its related always

  • Eric

    How many of us would also pay $1 Billion to get someone to “shut the hell up”!!!…

    That’s Ruthless COMMITMENT!!!

    But, 20/20 hindsight shows us that $1 Billion invested back then = today, “more money than God”!!!

  • Scroat

    Steve Jobs= GOD  true story™©®

    • Guest


    • Hyr3m

      Heretic !

  • batongxue

    Typical Steve Style.
    Love his impatience, which had helped build the Apple today.

  • purp66

    ATT didnt worry ENOUGH about the risks. The agent locations practically LOSE money every time a stupid iphone walks out the door. Iphones are the most complicated phones to sell, thanks to Apple and all their stupid policies. And apple products are always a year behind in technology when compared to the androids.. most people only want them so they can say “oooh look, I have an iphone!” and they don’t know the first thing about how to use them

    • felixtaf

      You are starting an argument here… Who asked which OS or phone is better? Whats better for me isnt better for you…. Y all these bitching about ‘people buy iPhones jus to show off’…
      And for your comment – ‘iPhones are the most complicated phones to sell’ , You shud check the quarterly sales of iPhones…

      You hatred towards a product/company does not justify your claims…

    • Ahhh, another complete ignorant to the technology world/economy industry, why do i even bother:
      Lose money? gain a lot of money I should correct, with a 2 year commitment that chain you to that company; ahh I wont even start with how post device sales and services/revenues works in cellular companies…
      Those stupid policies have made it the #1 smartphone in lots of occasions.
      Apple products have always a year behind in technology?… When the iPhone launched, Steve said: we are at least 5 years ahead of any competition; boy was he right, for 5 years the iPhone brought to the phone industry (not to mention the iPad and its cellular services) new and/or exclusive features that came to be the new standards of the phone industry.
      Most people only want them because its just the best phone made, both constructed physically and by software. They have the most intuitive GUI that ties all Apple devices together, others uses them because they love their support, or their services, the design, the quality. Actually there’s a lot of reasons why would you want the phone that revolutionised the phone industry.