Aeroplanes 3Tired of the same old patrol boats, submarines, and destroyers of your grandparent’s Battleship game? Looking for a new way to guess your enemies whereabouts and then blow them to bits? Then, you are in luck.

Areoplanes is a fun new game that uses the basic structure of the nearly 50-year-old Battleship game, but instead of fighting at sea, you’ll be flying through the sky…

Players start with an army of three planes that they place onto a 10 x 10 grid. The planes can either have a three or five-square wingspan. They are four squares in length and have a three-square tailfin.

You can rotate the planes to face any direction you want. Place them on the grid however you like, but they must be entirely on the grid and they can’t overlap.

Aeroplanes 2

When the game begins, each player has 30 seconds to pick a spot on the grid to send a missile. If you miss, a dot will appear in that square. If you hit, an “x” will appear. Just like in Battleship, a hit means that you are on the right track to destroying your enemy. Unlike Battleship, you can blow up an opponent’s plane with one hit. The only way to destroy a plane is with a hit to the “head.” If you are lucky enough, you could guess a direct hit and knock your enemy down with a single blow. Otherwise the goal is to find the front of the plane.

You can view all of your old games to get an idea of how to best strategize against your opponents. If your friend tends to place his planes in a similar fashion for every game it could be the advantage you need to get the upper hand.

Aeroplanes 1

The free version lets you play against a computer generated artificial opponent (named Frank). You can compete in normal or hard mode. You can also play against a friend in online multiplayer mode through Game Center. However, if you want to play against a random opponent, you’ll have to upgrade for $0.99.

The nice thing about this game is that, for free, you get almost every possible feature of the game without a single advertisement. If you want to play against a random opponent you can pay $0.99 for the upgrade. However, the free game could keep you busy for hours if you have enough friends in Game Center that want to play.

Aeroplanes is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Download it in the App Store today.

  • Sokrates

    the picture with the white iPhone looks amazing.

    • And the game is amazing. Just try it.

    • Kurt

      Does look good but its not real. It’s been photoshopped. Notice no black around the screen in between the pixels of the actual screen and the bezel.

      • The game looks and plays like in those pictures.
        This pictures are for presentations, and yes looks awesome.

      • Kurt

        You’re missing what I mean. It looks so cool because there is no black around the screen where the pixels end. on our iphones the pixels don’t go to the white of the bezel. There is a gap. and that gap is of course black. And in the pictures they took it out.

      • Sokrates

        True! That’s why.

      • dpacemaker

        It seems that almost everything has the fine print of “screen images are simulated” it’s kind of misleading that these don’t. Of course sometimes when I post pics on social networks I put that in fine print on my photo. I’ve actually had people ask me how I simulated a pic on their phone. So sad that we live in a world lacking in intelligence.

      • “So sad that we live in a world lacking in intelligence.”
        We are glad that we have this awesome people like you. I’ve heard a lot of good things and discoveries that you have made because of your intelligence.

        Perhaps you are talking from your view. That’s why!

      • dpacemaker

        Perhaps your not understanding the premise of why I said that. I am posting pics with the phrase “screen images simulated”, and have people ask me how I simulated an image on their screen. That is a lack of intelligence, just like people in the 80’s that wondered how the movie knew how to format the movie for their TV. If you feel big for insulting someone for no reason, good for you. Based on your comment I guess your one of the people that lack intelligence and felt the need to defend yourself.

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    I upgraded to the premium version of this game and I still cannot use the “Play Now” mode as it says it’s not available in that version.
    Anyone else experienced this?