The introduction of smartphones and tablets has really helped bring ‘connected home’ technology mainstream. Actions that used to require a large, expensive in-home setup, can now be done with an iPhone, an app, and a relatively cheap accessory.

And the new iDoorCam is the perfect example of this. The camera-equipped, smart doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network to stream video of your visitors to all of your connected iOS gadgets, regardless of whether you’re at home or not…

How does it work? It looks pretty simple. Setup just involves attaching the (aluminum-enclosed?) device to your existing doorbell wiring, and connecting it to Wi-Fi. After that, anytime your doorbell rings, your iPhone will receive a notification.

From there, you can view video of your front door, with have the option to ‘Answer’ or ‘Ignore’ the bell. If you choose to ignore it, the visitor will never know the difference. But if you answer it, you’ll be able to communicate with them from your device.

The iDoorCam features two-way audio, one-way video, and it has the ability to save screenshots and record video to your Camera Roll. It’s also rugged, uses encryption, and supports multiple users. And, like other doorbells, it doesn’t require batteries.

If you’re interested in the iDoorCam, head on over to its Indiegogo page for more information. If you want one, a pledge of $127 gets you on the pre-order list if it gets funded. With 33 days left, the project is at just over $92,000 of its $100,000 goal.

I know I’ve seen similar products before but this seems like a solid entry. What do you think of the iDoorCam?

  • Derp

    An excellent way to avoid the bailiffs.

    • Bob

      If you can afford $127 for a door bell, you won’t have bailiffs after you in the first place.

      • Merchndise

        You might just be able to afford a $127 door bell just to avoid the bailiffs who are coming for their $25,000 worth that you can’t afford to pay the creditors. Although the first thing the bailiffs would take is the same $127 door bell that is sitting right there in front of them

  • Xee

    Bit expensive! Should include a water squirter for unwanted visitors lol.

  • Sero Eskandaryan

    Um well the camera is useless. Someone can just put a duct tape on it and then it’s a regular door bell lol

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Good idea but too expensive. I wouldn’t pay beyond 40-50 dollars for this.

  • Greate idea, but too expensive for a doorbell, pass…

  • Max

    Same. Like the idea but to much $$$

  • sadaN

    how is this better (besides being slightly cheaper) than doorbot, which is also compatible with locktron?

  • Jorge Castro

    at least you’ll know who stole it

  • Get an IP camera with tilt for £20 on ebay