Fairway Solitaire

If there is one thing we love at iDB is to reward our readers with some awesome giveaways. We run those on a regular basis, and from time to time, we have one big giveaway that is sure to go down in iDB history. Today, we are announcing one of these.

We partnered with our friends at Big Fish Games to not only give you a free copy of their hit game Fairway Solitaire, but we also give you a chance to win one of three $100 iTunes gift card…

About Fairway Solitaire

Big Fish Games is the home of many highly addictive games for iOS, and Fairway Solitaire is no different. Disguised as a solitaire meets golfing game, Fairway Solitaire is much more than just that.

Recently rewarded with IGN’s People’s Choice Award, Fairway Solitaire offers hours of colorful gameplay and even features a crazy gopher. It’s everything but another boring solitaire game, believe us.

The full version of Fairway Solitaire is available on the App Store for $0.99 for iPhone, and $2.99 for iPad, but today, we offer you the full version for free.

How to enter to win a $100 iTunes gift card

The process is fairly simple. Here is what you have to do to enter to win one of three $100 iTunes gift cards. First, Redeem a promo code for Fairway Solitaire from here. You may choose the iPhone or iPad version of the game.

Then follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter and make sure you retweet this post by clicking here.

The fine prints

This giveaway is available to anyone, of any age in the world. We will pick 3 winners next Thursday and they will be contacted via Twitter DM with further information. The winners will then be emailed a $100 iTunes gift card.

Good luck to everyone and thank you to Big Fish Games for making this giveaway possible.

Note: Apple is not a partner nor sponsor of this promotion.

Winners announced!

We have our winners! Congratulations to @thiagojdi @HURevolution4lx and @iOSNerd45. You guys won a $100 iTunes gift card, compliments of iDownloadBlog and Big Fish Games.

Thank you everyone for entering the contest. If you didn’t win today, don’t worry too much about it because we already have more giveaways planned for the near future. Keep your eyes peeled! Thank you also to Big Fish Games and Gutsy McDivot for making this giveaway possible.

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