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A month ago, Frost & Sullivan Consumer Video Devices Market report singled out Apple’s $99 Apple TV as the most-used set-top box in terms of content streaming. Specifically, the Apple TV claimed the commanding 56 percent share of streaming device sales, more than twice the share of the #2 Roku, which took 26 percent share of sales.

Not content with its ranking, Roku today cited another research to prove its box is the leading streaming platform…

According to a Parks Associates survey of 10,000 U.S. broadband households with streaming media devices, Roku emerged victorious with a 37 percent share versus the Apple TV, which took home the 24 percent share, the poll found.

Parks Associates notes that the percentage of broadband households with streaming-media boxes has doubled since 2011 to fourteen percent share this year. The overall market for connected devices (set-top boxes, smart TVs, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players) is expected to double to 330 million units annually by 2017.

Parks Associates (Streaming Video Media Device Usage Q1 2013)

According to Parks Associates research director Barbara Kraus, consumers are still reluctant to replace their streaming-boxes solely for next-gen game consoles and 4K or ultra-HD TVs.

As a result, streaming video media devices will have a thriving market because they can offer innovations such as streaming video at low prices. Devices such as Roku’s streaming players and Google’s Chromecast will benefit from these market conditions.

Needles to say, Roku was quick to highlight the survey results on its blog, having underscored that the numbers mean that Roku customers “stream more video and music than people who have other streaming devices”.


The firm touted more than a thousand channels on its platform and “more entertainment choices than any other streaming device” for movies, TV shows, news, sports, music, kids and more.

Indeed, a side-by-side comparison of content choices available on Google’s Chromecast, Apple’s Apple TV and Roku suggests that the Roku platform is the leading platform in terms of content sources available, even though it doesn’t have the YouTube app yet.

  • Fish_Taco

    They fail to release that Broadband company’s were selling the Roku devices with packages for either free or half the msrp.

  • Kaptivator

    I have been debating about the apple TV and the Roku. Push is now coming to shove and will go with Roku over Apple TV all because Plex is supported on Roku.

    Anyone knows of an alternative that is supported by Apple TV to stream movies and music thats on my home network?

    • Lordthree

      You can use plex with current Apple TV via a easy work around. Google it.

      • Kaptivator

        Yeah I know about the work around. However, not trying to go through all of that or jailbreaking it. Just want it to work out of the box.

        However, do you use the workaround and is it stable etc..

      • sadaN

        No need to jailbreak it…

    • You don’t need to jailbreak to use plex on appletv. Just download the plex for iOS app and stream to appletv via AirPlay. No jailbreaking needed.

    • JDili

      I use PlayOn. I wound up buying the license for the application because it came with a roku if I bought it. Seemed like a good deal. I’ve been happy ever since.

      Playon also works with your apple TV. The bonus to the application is you can stream HuluPlus shows normally block by the ATV Hulu application.

      • Kaptivator

        Thanks…Ill look into PlayOn

  • Lordthree

    “cited another research”

    You’re incorrectly using ‘research’ as a noun. It would read better and make more sense if you changed it to ‘cited other research’ or ‘cited another source’.

  • Rahnold

    Survey of 10,000 users out of the 100+ million out there. Careful targeting of a survey can always skew results… Nice try Roku!

    • Same applies to articles claiming iPhone is the “most popular”, “most web active smartphone”, etc. So, what’s your point?

      • Lordthree

        That’s not really true. The data that shows the iPhone is the most used for web browsing comes from network sources and not “people surveyed” as such, it’s a statistical fact.

      • Yeah it comes from small advertising companies that can’t track Android users easily, not the big Google Analytics stuff that involves Android…

      • Lordthree

        Google analytical is garbage tho. Super inaccurate.

      • Right, that explains why millions of sites use it…

  • Patrick R.

    ROKU lacks SMB streaming … (can´t play from Windows shared folder – only if you use DLNA option) …. Went to The Little Black Box.

  • Patrick R.

    I was happy with my Boxee Box (plays everything …), but Dlink stopped supporting the device. Thanks Dlink !

  • Jacob S

    Says “who”? Lol

  • BeatModz

    i would choose wdtv live hub 1TB, send everything to the hard drive and watch later or whenever. plays so far every file i use.. i love it. plays the iso of dvd’s like a dvd player and bluray copy’s ( mkv or m2ts )

    • JT

      Until you open the netflix app and notice the insane lag. I returned it the day after solely because of that. I want my netflix to be lagfree like the apple tv or ps3

  • Kaptivator

    Thanks for the info…Something to really consider. Much appreciated!! And yes, it looks straight forward.

  • Kaylee Castroverde

    I have two Apple TVs, one of which is a Jailbroken 2nd gen with Plex installed. I am quite loyal to Apple, but after trying out a Roku, I bought one myself. I think that, compared to the Apple TV’s interface, the new interface Roku released recently is just so much nicer & easier to use. I still have the Apple TV for AirPlay & such (nothing can beat it for teaching in the classroom!), but my Roku 3 can handle anything I throw at it!

    • J. Rockwell

      I totally agree with Kaylee. I as well have both devices (APTV and Roku) in the bedroom. I have the latest Mac Mini driving my living room TV. I must say the Roku is the better device, and this is coming from a person that loves all things Apple. It streams even the largest .MKV files flawlessly (as well as all other containers), it has HULU, HBOgo, etc., etc. etc. I couldn’t be happier with the Roku.