We’ve long anticipated Apple unveiling a new iPhone this fall, we just weren’t sure exactly when it would do it. Then over the weekend, a report surfaced claiming the company was planning an event for September 10, and it’s since been all but confirmed.

For the folks looking to sell their old models, that gives you a little less than a month to do so before the next iPhone is introduced. By then, your current-model iPhone will be worth a lot less than it is now—in fact, its value is already swiftly depreciating…


The above chart was constructed by the folks over at NextWorth, a gadget reseller, and it takes a look at the average selling prices for the iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS leading up to the unveiling of the iPhone 5 last year. Notice how they sharply decline through August.

This essentially means if you want to get top dollar for your current iPhone, you’ll want to sell it as soon as possible. And don’t worry, for those of you that need to keep the device until the new one arrives, some gadget resellers are offering 30-day price guarantees.

That being said, while resellers like NextWorth and Gazelle offer easy ways to unload your old gadgets, they don’t offer top-tier pricing. In fact, I’ve found that their offers for my old iPhones have typically been about half of what I could make selling them on eBay.

Here’s some cash offers I found for a used 16GB black (unlocked) GSM iPhone 5:

  • Amazon – up to $320.75
  • Gazelle – up to $320
  • NextWorth – up to $314
  • GameStop – up to $310
  • eBay – up to $510

Of course, these prices are all subject to the condition of the phone, and when you sell it. I probably won’t be selling my iPhone 5 this year, but I do have an iPhone 4S and some other 30-pin devices that I’m looking to unload soon. And yes, I’ll definitely be using eBay.

How about you? Do you plan on selling an older iPhone to help pay for a new one?

  • Bob

    I have an iPod 4. I think I’ll keep it. It’s not even jb’en yet.

    • Gorgonphone

      Ipod 4 is a pos.. Get you an ipod 5 it is perfection

      • Bob

        what’s a pos?

  • Jer

    I have an iPhone 4 with no scuffs or scratches but I don’t know how much money (£) I can get for it since this was the first apple product I’ve owned so I don’t about this whole reselling business? If its peanuts then I’ll just keep it

    • sivkai

      With it being an iPhone 4, I’m afraid you won’t get much. Maybe £200 max. I would just keep it if I were you, it’s quote handy in that in that it can be jail broken more easily than the 4S and 5 (and presumably the 5S).

    • Burge

      About £140 16 gig

  • Boss

    Think I might just keep my iPhone 5 like you Cody and wait for the iPhone 6

    • Gorgonphone

      Smart choice until the jailbreak for 5s is out


    I just like to keep them all

  • David Woje

    I want to sell my iPad 3 wifi. Wonder if the timings right for that…

    • Gorgonphone

      You should have sold that when the jb for the 4 cane out

  • Antzboogie

    I wont be getting the 5S I see this debut as not a good one. I was mad when I got the 4S and then had to pay full price for the iPhone 5 because it came out in the middle of my contract. I will be skipping all S versions.

    • iOSx

      S versions are rubbish. The improvement is so minor it’s not even worth it.

      • Burge

        So is that’s why iphone 4 owner where mad when they didn’t get Siri ..it was just a miner upgrade ..don’t make me laugh

  • William Melendez

    Welp , I sold my iphone 5 AT&T 16 GB prestine condition bought it on release day . Took care of it like a baby; I sold my iPhone for $560 cash on Craigslist . I’m thinking of going tomorrow to the apple store and buy another iPhone and return it within the 30 day gap and exchange it for the new “S” . Should work out , if its not out within those days I’ll be phoneless for a few days no big deal. What you guys think ? Kinda sketchy though . Idk …

    The down side of this is that if anything bad happens to the phone or if it gets lost I’m basically screwed lol.

  • mav3rick

    Never let go the 4S on iOS 6.1.x. Last true iPhone and last true iOS…

    • En Sabah Nur

      Now ain’t that the truth!! Couldn’t agree more!

    • last true iPhone? how’d you work that one out?

  • Gorgonphone

    Yeah if you dont care about your jailbreal yeah sell lol

  • Rudy

    I’m not selling my jailbroken Iphone 5 !!

  • Pez Tickles

    how come the 3GS does Better than the 4 ?