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I don’t currently use an in-vehicle mount for my iPhone. I’ve tried a few before, but each time I was more than disappointed with their build quality. But if I was going to try one again, I’d probably look for something like the eleMount.

The eleMount is a CNC machined all-aluminum mount for smartphones and tablets that looks like it was crafted by Apple itself. The best part, though, is that it doesn’t use suction cups or clamps for mounting; it uses polyurethane pads…

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The accessory comes in both black and silver, and is made of aluminum. It measures 90mm x 61.5mm and features a ball and socket joint for 360-degree viewing, as well as two polyurethane pads—one for your device and one for the surface.

You can mount the eleMount on almost any surface, including glass, so it’s perfecting for taking in the car. The company says that it supports a “very wide range of devices,” regardless of size, and it has a 1/4″ 20 thread for attaching to tripods.

Check it out:

Unfortunately, the eleMount isn’t available for purchase yet. It’s still in Kickstarter land, and the project still has 51 days to go before it’s funded. The good news is, though, that it will be funded, because it’s already quadrupled its $10,000 goal.

If you’re interested in one, you can still get on the pre-order list with a pledge of $60 or more. The project will end on Friday, October 4, and the company is hoping to start shipping (free in the US) the first round of eleMounts by December.

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  • ze_rusty

    Holy shit. This is what I wanted for my car.

  • Matthew Cleveland

    Looks awesome, but pretty pricey.

  • Xee

    I looked a rival magnetic holder earlier this year. But there are rumours the magnets can sometimes mess with your phone. cant remember exactly what though…

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    Very cool, I wonder if this would surpass Bluelonge Milo stand I currently own (I’m not really looking for a car mount at the moment). Milo is good but it gets dirty in just 2-3 days and I’m getting a bit tired of having to clean it.
    I agree this one is a bit pricey though.

  • Lol, way overpriced. Got myself one of those universal clamp stands on eBay for $8 and have been using it for years without any problems.

    Wouldn’t deny it’s beautiful, but sooner or later, those sticky surfaces are likely to wear off as you attach/detach it, making you have to purchase a new one. Thanks but no thanks.

  • mickey

    Like the design but wonder how the elepads stand up to time, heat and sunlight? Seen similar sticky pad mounts that lose grip over time.

    Right now I am using an infiniapps slyde mount. It is similar to the delayed mountek snap that killed on imdiegogo. Quite sleek, much cheaper and the cd slot mount and magnet are tested and proven. And no, magnets should not mess with your phone or nearly any modern device.

  • Unless they give me 10 years warranty on those sticky things, it’s way too pricey!