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The only thing better than scoring a cool gadget is scoring a cool gadget at a discount. So of course we just had to pass along this information regarding some hot deals that Best Buy will be running this weekend for smartphones and tablets.

As noted by CNET, starting today, the electronics retailer will be offering double the trade-in value on mobile devices for folks purchasing a smartphone from one of the 3 major carriers. Additionally, it’s also taking $100 off select iPhone models…

To get double trade-in for a device, simply┬ábring in a working, non-cracked cell phone to your local Best Buy, and the retailer will give you double the phone’s value. You must, however, be purchasing a smartphone from Verizon, AT&T or Sprint.

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As for the $100 iPhone discount, it looks like it’s just for the 32GB iPhone 5 (black or white) model on Sprint. It’s a good deal, considering you get a 32GB for the price of a 16GB. But it also means you’d have to sign a 2-year contract with Sprint.

Best Buy is also running promotions on a wide range of other devices this weekend, including Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which is $100 off. The retailer is also still knocking $200 off select MacBook Pro models, and another $100 for .edu students.

If you’re going to act, do it fast. It sounds like most of these deals are going to expire Sunday.

  • Next month, another $100 off…

  • Gabriel K

    if gamestop did this, instead of the 5 bucks you get for your like new iphone 5, you could go for 10 bucks! yay!

    • Steelahlive

      Well my IN ABSOLUTE MINT condition jailbroken – iphone 4 just sold on ebay yesterday for 350 USD – and gamestop would have given me 175 cash or 199 store credit for it as of Monday when i took it into them. So not sure what your like new iphone 5’s condition is – but gamestop would surely give you more than that for it.

      • boscotherock

        That’s only because GS is doing double trade value right now too..

      • Gabriel K

        it appears your sarcasm detector is broken.

  • Gorgonphone

    lol still no deal…

  • Luis M. Maldonado

    When the iPhone 5S comes out next month, people will be selling their phones a lot cheaper on Ebay.(without contract)

  • Phil

    what if I am still in my AT&T 2-year contract and therefore I am not eligible for AT&T upgrade yet?

  • Phil

    i just called BestBuy in Irvine, CA and the guy knew nothing about this promotion, it’s not listed on their website?

  • John Gregory

    Too bad Best Buy does not know anything about this promotion. I guess the joke is on me for accepting this as a reliable source.

  • JohnCassius

    My friend got this deal in Philly. Can’t find any information about it here in NJ.

  • Jordan Carter

    ya that double trade in value promotion is bullshit sorry you guys need to get ur facts straight.