TypographyTime for Notification Center Featured

If you’re a fan of the legendary TypographyTime lock screen add-on for LockInfo, then perhaps you’ll be interested in adding a TypographyTime clone to Notification Center? That’s the exact premise behind TypographyTime for Notification Center, a jailbreak widget that adds a stylized clock to iOS’ pull down information panel.

We’ve taken some, ahem, time to go hands-on with the widget. Check inside for the full video walkthrough showcasing all of the pertinent details…

To enable the widget, you’ll need to head over to the stock Settings app > Notifications > and then enable the TypographyTime widget. Once enabled, simply slide down the Notification Center panel to view the new stylized clock.

TypographyTime for Notification Center features no options or settings to configure outside of adding it to Notification Center. It’s an extremely simple tweak, that brings time, day, and date to your Notification Center window. True, it’s a bit on the redundant side with the status bar clock and Home screen date app icon, but for those of you looking to spice things up a bit, TypographyTime is a decent choice.

If interested, you can download TypographyTime free of charge from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Please share your thoughts and comments about the widget in the section below.

  • dedegarrido

    Lockscreen? maybe; but on NC… b*tch please, look at the size of that thing!!!

    • Louis Pei

      I agree. Except for its nice design, it’s kind of pointless to be in NC. I mean, the time is right above at the status bar.

      • dedegarrido

        The design is really beautiful, they should make a smaller version of it, I don’t know, but as you said; its pointless since there is already the stock time right on the statusbar.

  • Louis Pei

    Typography used to be my all time most favorited lockscreen ever.

  • Caleb Youngblood

    I love cake

    • Louis Pei

      Stop spamming this. I love Iphones and agree with everything you listed out. But seriously stop! I mean it!

      • Caleb Youngblood

        k thanks XOXO

      • Louis Pei

        Gdi Caleb. Edited your comment and make me look like an idiot. Very well.

    • Isa Altintas

      1. Ever tried a Nexus device?

      2. Why would you buy a -80 $ smartphone?

      3. Just search the net for it’s features..

      4. Everything is customizable from A to Z. EVERYTHING. even more than an iDevice.

      5. Google search: XDA Developers, RootzWiki etc.

      6. Yes, most. But they are getting better e.g HTC. Good sides, less damage from drops, water resistant..

      Example, thank you Ryan Petrich.

      7. It has almost as much apps as the appstore does.

      8. Only found in ChinaSuch a pointless comment. Every phone Os has it downsides. But the more OS’ the better imho, just makes everything more interesting. I used Android for 3 years. My Galaxy S II wasn’t a Samsung anymore. Changed literally EVERYTHING. Even wrote simple bash scripting myself after a while. And that’s what makes it all so amazing. Now, I have an iphone 5, an iPad Mini and an ATV. It’s all great, really..

  • somaxd

    its still broken on lockinfo.
    If you add this to NC on you lockinfo… the time doesnt update untill you unlock the phone and lock it again…. lame… since this was my favorite lockinfo widget… im still pissed that LI5 broke it… and wish i could just use LI4 in iOS 6

  • czbird

    Is there a version for LockInfo 5 yet?

    • somaxd

      nope… sucks..

  • Justin Stortz

    I used this with Dashboard X on my iPad home screen. It looks gorgeous.

  • Xxyyzzy

    Tweak used to make ncsetting flat ???

  • Chuck Finley

    Two clocks = Stupid.