Microsoft anti-iPAd mini Surface ad

Wow, there’s just no stopping Microsoft’s marketing people in their anti-iPad crusade. As it’s done several times this summer, the Windows giant yesterday posted a Surface commercial which predictably takes swipes at Apple’s full-size iPad, criticizing its $499 asking price, lack of SD card slot and limited Office compatibility (go figure).

You’d have think Microsoft’s ad agency would not release another iPad bashing commercial until next week. Much to our surprise, however, a mere 24 hours later a new commercial has surfaced on YouTube, this time on Microsoft’s WindowsVideos channel.

And for the first time, the software giant is targeting the iPad mini by pitting Acer’s 8.1-inch Iconia W3 tablet against Apple’s popular 7.9-inch $329 device. I’ve included the ad for your viewing pleasure right after the break…

“The competition just got smaller,” YouTube description reads.

Here, have a look.

Wait, we can’t play games on the iPad mini?

This is really a continuation of a theme prevalent in the previous Surface ads.

That being said, I’m not so sure Microsoft is doing itself any favor by painting the iPad overpriced while insisting that Windows 8 tablets are real computers.

If price, Office compatibility and ability to run legacy Windows apps were determining factors, then Microsoft would have been the king of the hill rather than an also-ran.

I guess Redmond didn’t get the memo.

Anyway, what did you think of this commercial?

  • Siddharth Desai

    So they admit that they blew it with the Surface, yet they keep poking at the tablet king?

    • Al

      I know right? Hatin is not a good look for Microsoft! Lol

    • Tablet king’s market share is now around 32%, so, I’d say their efforts are paying off…

      • Siddharth Desai

        Still a king.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Siri’s voice will be changed. They are rushing all the ads before then I guess 😛

  • n0ahcruz3

    Sadly microsoft will still get write downs lol. If only the price of the PRO is 499 or below with battery life of an ipad. I’ll take that over an ipad.

    • @sexyhamthing

      that’s not gonna happen. You’re expecting a decent specced laptop with macbook air-like battery (haswell -_-) in the form factor of a tablet for 500 dollars……….

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        It’s obviously not going to happen but Microsoft could make it happen if they wanted to in the same sense that Sony sold their PS3’s at a loss in the hope of recouping the lost money in sales of Bluerays and games from the PSN Store…

  • Facepalm

    This is just sad now… and I’m not even an apple fanboy….

  • Cesar D

    The worst voice ever, for the worst ad ever, for the worst company ever.

    • Lol

      Whoa there… Worst company ever? Exaggeration much? Chill out fanboy.

      • Cesar D

        I am not talking about popularity.

        I know microsoft is popular, but they have a lot of expensive devices which don’t have a shit to do with, and a lot of recurses, like someone said here: “I don’t understand this ad, because the gaming library for the ipad far exceeds that of anything that can run on a Surface/Microsoft tablet” It’s worst, even their ads, even their devices.

      • “But they have a lot of expensive devices…”

        Lol at the hypocrisy, which Apple device has ever been priced cheap compared to the competition?

      • mehrab

        I think microsoft makes bad products and software their cheapness is the reason they survive by cheapness i mean cheap laptops/pc which run windows

      • You sound like low price implies cheap hardware and specs. I could easily find a $600 ultrabook that outperforms the overpriced MacBook air…you’ll have to do a bit more research than just entering “apple com” in your address bar.

      • mehrab

        My nexus 7 2013 fails to outperform my “overly priced ipad mini” 🙁 poor me buuhuuu i only go to apple dot com. I had the surface pro and ultrabooks and a gaming pc. Running win 7-8-8pro I HATED MACS. I did not give a crap about them in like the december of 2011. Then 2012 i got a mac and it changed everything. I dont own a windows device anymore no surfaces nor windows phones. Optimization is key windows 8 is optimized for phones to some degree not really optimized for laptops and pc”s they are fast but not as fast as macs

      • Well, several smackdown comparisons on the web (including this one http://bit ly/14BGek7) clearly say the opposite…so, I’ll go with the majority’s opinion. Enjoy your Apple world…

      • mehrab

        GOO YOU HURRRAAAYYY!!! In real world the mini kicks the nexus 7 2013 hard i even showed you a video. If you want the highest benchmarks 😛 then go android. If you want actualy power go ios lolol i even told you to watch a video that dlearly shows gaming performance between the two

  • pauleebe

    I don’t understand this advertisement, because the gaming library for the iPad far exceeds that of anything that can run on a Surface.

    • Kurt

      This is not windows RT, and this is not the Surface, so you may want to rethink that

      • pauleebe

        My bad, I updated my post to reflect it’s an Acer tablet … as if that’s any better. I never said anything about Windows RT vs. 8.

      • Kurt

        That part was a reference to the “gaming library”. But I still would prefer another device than this one. Perhaps a 13″ iPad 5 🙂

      • pauleebe

        The number of titles that could functionally run on an iPad versus the number of titles that could even run at all on that Windows tablet … there is no comparison!

      • Kurt

        I don’t know the numbers but I doubt it. Since you can run emulators to run nintendo, etc games and of course this runs flash, so you have flash games, plus all the other games on steam. For the windows store there are only 13,000+ games. But again, you can run legacy apps on this machine. So you’ll be able to enjoy it. If you don’t mind an 8 inch screen. I do.

      • onebyone_

        Hey calm down, iOS vs Windows…?
        why they don’t make ads VS Mac OSX?
        desktop version VS desktop version?
        anyone see the point?….
        it’s funny to see how Windows made those kind of ads

      • Nipasaurus

        Microsoft doesn’t make adds like this for their desktops because they have the entire desktop market tucked away in their metaphorical pocket.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I’m sure the games from the Windows Store will run great on a device like the Acer whatever it is shown in the video. As for flash games and legacy apps while they’ll run I doubt they’ll be optimised for a touchscreen meaning unless you plan on connecting a keyboard and mouse up you’ll likely have a bad experience playing / using them…

      • Kurt

        It’s a 300 dollar computer, can’t expect the best. But reviews seem like its a good deal for 300 bucks. Just need to manage your expectations.

      • Rowan09

        There’s iswifter which I found accidentally on the AppStore and its a full flash browser made specifically for games.

  • Kurt

    “That being said, I’m not so sure Microsoft is doing itself any favor by painting the iPad overpriced while insisting that Windows 8 tablets are real computers.”

    This is NOT running windows RT.

    • felixtaf

      Yep.. True.. But an Intel atom powered windows tablet.. Wonder how smooth and fast it will be while handling multitasking r intense apps…

      • Kurt

        You can run 3 apps and then lag according to a review: /watch?v=RoZDMX2Gx90

        Overall, I think she was a little too kind. But for 300 bucks its a great little device, but not something I’d want. I’d rather have better specs in a device so I would obviously be willing to pay more.

      • felixtaf

        Also bulky and heavy.. 1.1 pounds for a 8 inch tab… But for 300$…. Its good… May be next gens will be slim n light weight….

      • Kurt

        bulky and heavy because of the cooling system, etc as this is a windows pro machine not RT/Android/iOS. I like the idea of a 300 dollar tablet that runs full windows but I don’t like 8 inch screens. I prefer a phablet as a mobile device while out and while home a full tablet @10″ and hopefully 13″ this fall :-s

      • mehrab

        Win 8 tabs that run on atoms are incredibly slow. A picture in the library which is somewhat “12 megapixels takes 5 secs to open up even after open it looks blurry takes a while then shaprens it

      • Atom processors are no weaker than ARM processors, if you can do it on the Surfae RT, you could probably do it on this guy…

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      If they aren’t running Windows RT and are a “real computer” can you change the OS to something like Ubuntu? Or does Microsoft lock the entire OS down and not let you tweak things like the OS or the devices BIOS settings if it has one?

      • Kurt

        of course. only RT you can’t

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    M$, iPad isn’t the enemy. Windows 8 is.

  • VATekMan

    It is soo funny watching these ads, remembering a few years ago in the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ad campaigns that Apple used to run… They are very similar… Regardless of which one you like or do not like, they are still amusing to watch.

  • omrishtam

    hmmmm i think i will stay with my iPad….worst ad ever, after that lame samesung ad with the dancers at the end…

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Microsoft is going crazy.

  • Joseph

    It’s called advertising, Christian. If you didn’t notice, Apple points out the advantages to their tablet as well, in their commercials, just not as directly.

    None of us care about your fanboyism. Post the news and get out, I don’t want your opinions if it’s all absurd hate.

    • mehrab

      Oh theres this video i want you to watch on youtube just search “PRUEBA DE VELOCIDAD Nueva Nexus 7 2013 vs iPad Mini” it opens mc4 at the same time and the ipad mini blows away the nexus 7 2013

  • Burge

    We’ll first it’s Samsung and now Microsoft if you carn’t beat the device that you wish you came up with try and dis it with a Ad or two ..

  • Prasoon Singh

    They need to stop.

    • Why didn’t you and your herd say that to your herd master, Apple, when it was making these 69 ads (http://bit ly/17bybX9) pointing fingers at Windows?

  • Rowan09

    This commercial suck, not because its going at Apple but just because its not accurate. The iPad has tons of games, “lets just go back to reading” makes it seem as if its just an ebook reader. If Microsoft want to pay me the people’s salary doing these commercials I can definitely do something better than this.

  • felixtaf

    Stupid ad again… The last one from MS was a lil better… Why cant compare the fearures side by side… No one will believe that an iPad Mini is only an ebook reader!

  • felixtaf

    Already lost millions in Surface. Now wasting millions in ads every week!

  • Chindavon

    We will see Halo running on iOS and Android before this tablet makes any money.

  • Brandon H Smith

    Lol Microsoft sucks hahaha. Nobody is purchasing those tablets and try still persist to make those commercials? I hope their state of denial ends soon wen they dismally realize that apple can’t be beat.

    • Brandon H Smith

      I also apologize if I seem like a fanboy, I just really really hate Microsoft for their speed lacking software and hardware. They’re also becoming very greedy and charge for everything.

      • Sounds like you’re still referring to Windows ME…

        “They’re also becoming very greedy and charge for everything.”

        Just like Apple?

  • Immortal1s

    I own an Acer W510 – 10.1″ screen, 576g, lighter than the 680g WiFi-only iPad 4. It runs full Windows 8, and is perfect for me. When I use it like I would an iPad, e.g. browsing, Youtubing, Redditing, emailing, reading, streaming flash videos etc it runs very smoothly without lag. In addition, I can run full Office for productivity, legacy Windows apps like SopCast, VLC, Chrome with flash, uTorrent etc like a desktop/laptop. Obviously intensive programmes like high end desktop games and Photoshop would lag, but then why would anyone want to run them on a tablet? The battery life is immense: 7+ hrs as a tablet, twice that with the base keyboard attached. Also the USB port is a godsend, allowing me to use flash drives and even for syncing my iPhone with iTunes. I for one am perfectly happy with a Windows 8 tablet.

    Having said that, I NEVER like to see ANY ads which directly take swipes at its competition. It shows that the makers have an inferiority complex, no matter how good their original product is.

    • Gorgonphone

      “Acer W510” you own a what

      • Immortal1s

        Acer Iconia W510. Edited.

  • onebyone_

    JAJAJA Windows 8 (desktop OS) VS iOS (mobile OS)?????
    whats wrong with you microsoft? comparing with son of MAC OSX.. JAJA

    • Lol, was wondering how you hypocritical fanboys will spin this one off. First when it was a dumbed down tablet OS (Windows RT, like iOS), you were complaining that it’s not the full windows or its price is not justifiable (yet you still buy the iPad). Now the price and functionality are even better (full Windows 8, a tablet oriented OS), they’re complaining that it’s a desktop OS.

      Idiocracy at its finest…

  • Gorgonphone

    oh great are they gonna make a surface Mini?? ohh umm they already did it was called the ZUUUUUUN… hahhahahahahhahhahahahahhahah

  • Gerardo Castro

    *father and son picture meme*

    “Dad, what’s a successful tablet?

    I don’t know son, we are Microsoft.”

  • Joshua Catimpo

    Microsoft is making apple the boring microsoft with reading, no fun stuff, etc… and making themselves look fun.
    -i sense jealoussyyy- jk 🙂

    just like mac vs pc ads switching their names…
    “Ooh, im a mac and i do pie charts for dessert”

  • rasengan720 .

    funny how they broadcast these advertisements and yet their tablets sales have only come up to 1.7 mil since december

  • R4

    Yeah, i dont want my iPad anymore because Microsoft has a shite Halo remake.

  • You fantards really need to look back at the 69 ads (http://bit ly/17bybX9) your herd master, Apple, made when it was in the same minority situation (in the desktop Market)…

  • Mark Langston

    In one word: pathetic but clearly this ad is targeted towards insanely incoherent and completely stupid consumers that wouldn’t know a tablet from a PopTart.

    I do find it interesting that Microsoft has to tout the inclusion of MS Office as a dominant feature set. While document creation is important it’s not what helped Apple sell over 170 million iPads in 3 ½ years so for Microsoft to think any differently is, again, pathetic.

    Moreover, when Siri says that the Acer tablet is a “real PC” that’s extremely generous since the Desktop is ONLY good for MS Office and nothing else. You can’t install drivers or other apps on the Desktop so no, it’s not a “real PC”, unless Microsoft’s new definition of a real PC is making Word documents.

    But I digress. Microsoft is clearly on the defensive side of this war and while they’re making strides they’re insultingly way behind the competition.

    Their only saving grace that I see on the horizon is success via the Xbox One but with all the inconsistencies happening there that’s a long shot too.