Google Maps 1.1 for iOS (teaser 001)

In another showing of the key differences between Google and Apple, the Internet giant on Thursday announced that relevant advertising will now start appearing in the native Google Maps app for iOS and Android devices.

Relevant advertising will appear at the bottom of the screen after you perform a search, Google said, adding that ads may include a title, ad text and a link to get directions.

Great, Google, just great! You can go ahead and sell me at a premium to advertisers all you want, but I hate ads and am switching over to Apple Maps as we speak…

You can tap an ad or swipe upward to reveal more information, like the address, phone numbers, reviews, interior photos and so forth.

Google also introduced a new ‘Get location details’ click event, resulting in standard CPC charge. Advertisers can optionally buy additional click actions such as directions, click-to-call, location details and what not. There are also free actions like saving business information for later, sharing a business with a friend or starting navigation.

Here’s an example ad on an Android device.

Google Maps (ads in search results 002)Google Maps (ads in search results 001)

To show ads on the Google Maps app, advertisers need to add location extensions to their search campaigns or create an ad with the AdWords Express tool.

AdWords will only charge for up to two paid clicks per ad impression. Reporting for paid clicks is available by segmenting reports in your AdWords account by Click Type.

According to a post over at Google’s Inside AdSense blog, over one billion people use Google Maps services every month. The company is adamant that the new experience is “more attractive for users and more effective for advertisers”.

We’ll see about that.

Such a move might not make a difference on the ad platform that is Android, but users on a highly curated app platform with premium experience (hint: iOS) could easily take an issue against Google polluting their search results with pesky ads.

Okay, yours truly may also be overreacting a bit.

After all, I’m the kind of guy who happily pays for ad removal in otherwise free iPhone apps – in part because I don’t mind supporting quality software.

Relevant ads in Google Maps are probably a backend update as Google hasn’t indicated that an iOS/Android app update was imminent.

At any rate, feel free to download the Google Maps app free from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play store for Android.

So, what do you make of this?

  • onebyone_

    go away… uninstalling this app in progress.
    I don’t want more ads on my phone.

  • Brandon Weidema

    because iAd doesnt exist. Seems like a slight over-reaction…

    • Not in the maps application though.

    • MarcPhilippeB

      you can disable iAd

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      You are a moron! There is NOT ONE ad in ANY Apple product! iAd makes it easy for other developers to put ads in their apps, not Apple!

      • Brandon Weidema

        ok, ill rephrase. How dare they try to make some money back after providing such an amazing service for free.

      • Rowan09

        It’s not free without a price and the price is annoying ads. I hate YouTube at times because of the ads that shows up before videos, we all would like to skip the ad right away.

  • Winning!

    Cydia. Adblocker. Done.

    • nevertrending

      Damn … looks like I need a jailbreak on iOS7 faster than I expected, cause there is nothing I hate more than Ads. Wish Google at least gave me a chance to pay and never see them again.

    • Niclas

      Or FLEX, done.

      • deepdvd

        I don’t see a single FLEX patch regarding ads for Google Maps. Care to enlighten us on how you did it?

      • Niclas

        I don’t have any ads yet, but when I do, me or someone else will make it.


      apple maps


  • Kevin Guzman

    The app is still much better than the future Maps app included on iOS 7. I can’t even count how many times Siri warns me to make a turn right as I pass the turn. Seriously, Google Maps is still a whole lot better and much more accurate than any other map app in the App Store.

    • nevertrending

      I love Google Maps and use it cause they have an amazing POI database, but living in Belgium I’m yet to encounter any error with Apple Maps… ever, to be honest so far it’s actually even more accurate, but that might be because TomTom’s headquarters are located in Netherlands.

    • Gorgonphone

      google maps + tom-tom + navigate from maps = perfect

    • GFYantiapplezealots

      The hell it is!! I use maps everyday! Apple maps is 10x better than Google maps in my experience.

  • s0me

    I live in a small town (90k ppl) in Romania. Apple maps is useless here compared to Google, not that I have to use maps to get somewhere but it’s the same everywhere I go.(In RO)

  • David Gitman

    I think google doing the right thing .. they did give us great map app..dont they need to get something for this?

  • yader

    with 2.0 they don’t let me save anywhere I want to any more, the place has to have an address. so I uninstalled and reinstalled the old app from my iTunes. They removed a good feature for no reason.

    • Guillaume

      it’s right, google maps made a back step the day they were thowned out of native ios exprerience ! No more intuitivity, no more saving your locations and RENAME them, no more adding to contacts etcetcetcetc… (to do that you have to go through their website and even then it’s not synchronized properly..) google ios maps app sucks big time period.

  • Mike Paterson

    So what, it’s an Ad. Not as if someone will now come knocking on my door and try to sell me a utility or “can I clean your windows”.
    Far too many overreact with Adds. Life and the real world are much more important in needing issues sorting out.


      yet here you are on a tech blog

      sad really

  • Time to add some more ad servers to my hosts file on both my iPod and Android.

  • David Cawthorne

    Hi, EggMapsHD is Google Maps for the iPad without the Adverts, that annoying search bar, different colours for A and B roads and more road names at certain zoom levels. It also uses the actual Google Map and Street View data. I have asked the author to submit his iPhone version to Apple, I for one would buy it.

  • Benchmark Apps

    I would understand a small company using Ads, but not Google. Advertisements most of the time look ugly, so I’m not sure I’m keeping the Google Maps app for much longer.

    I want a clean, non ad interface, no matter what type of ad it is.

    (Please note this is my opinion and I don’t want to start anything. Thanks. )

  • Benchmark Apps

    Also, I’m actually loving both Maps. They both have different qualities.

  • Ted Forbes

    They can put the Ads there all they want I don’t ever see them anyway. Then again I am only one person. Thank goodness for options.

  • Boring

    If I recall, a post on iDB claimed iOS grabs more of the mobile ad market than Android, which basically means your paragraph basically stating Android is ad-filled is false (unless I comprehended the article wrong), and I can attest that I found more ads on iOS than Android, but that’s based off of my own experience. (Sorry for the run-on sentence)

    So Christian, it just seems like you are trying to start wars in the comments…again. You didn’t need to bring up Android having ads, you just choose to.

    Also, in response to your own tweet that you embedded, you better tell Sebastian to remove ads from iDB, if you think ads are so terrible.