Aero 1These days, it seems like seven is the new six. Frankly, I’m ok with that. I love the new look that is coming our way with Apple’s redesign of its mobile operating system. I can’t get enough of it. Luckily, neither can developers.

Aero is a brand new weather app that looks and acts like it belongs in iOS 7. This app is so hip it’s practically wearing an ironic beard…

Weather app fans will love the look of this simple, but beautiful design. I have never used Apple’s iOS 7 native Weather app, but I’ve seen enough pictures and read enough articles to know that the similarities are there. However, this app is not a copycat.

Similar to Yahoo’s Weather app, Aero shows you current conditions for the location you are in at the moment. No matter where you are, it will update as you move. You can add as many cities as you like and watch the virtual snowfall anytime.

Like Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 Weather app, this displays weather conditions with live animation. If it is slightly cloudy, a smattering of puffy clouds will float below. If it is snowing, the background will be peppered with lightly falling white dots. If it is nighttime, you’ll see a starry sky. During the day, the colored background represents the temperature.

Aero 2

A hot day will produce warm hues of red and orange. A cold day reflects cool blue tones. A day that is cool, but not particularly cold, will be orange on top with a gradual color gradation to blue at the bottom.

Tap the clock icon in the upper right corner to see an hour-by-hour breakdown of today and tomorrow’s forecast. Each hour shows an icon with the predicted temperature and a graphic of the conditions, like a sun icon with clouds or rain.

Tap the menu list in the upper left corner the to add a new city and adjust the app’s settings. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, turn on push notifications and add a badge icon.

Aero 4

My favorite part of this app is the badge icon feature. Turn on notifications to see the current temperature right on the icon on your Home screen. You don’t even have to open the app to see how hot it is.

Aero is available for the iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 and later. Download it for only $0.99 in the App Store today.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    This is nice and all, but Yahoo’s ‘free’ app is more beautiful and flat enough for me.

    • Liam Mulcahy

      I agree

  • Cbreezy95

    again no ipad version -.- why is it so hard to make a decent weather app for the ipad?

    • Shingo

      second tat….

    • rasengan720 .

      Don’t worry my friend in a month or so that problem shall be fixed 😛

    • Julio Cesar

      I’m developer, I think I’ll try to develop.

  • omrishtam

    if weather app would be on the ipad in ios 7….that would be GREAT!

  • Diego Gastón Milano

    All nice but I’m not seeing any of these cool weather Apps having the ability to be out on NotificationCenter like the stock weather App allows.
    It would be nice if you could just redirect tapping on the NC weather widget and get redirected to whatever weather App you choose- maybe this is already possible?

    • Japheth Mast

      It is possible with a JB tweak that I used once. Don’t remember the name tho…

    • There is one for Yahoo weather called “yahoo weather is better” or something like that. Not sure of any for other apps. I suppose someone could potentially make an app like BrowserChanger for weather apps to open from the NC widget by default… WeatherChanger anyone? Sounds mystical, too.

    • Fahad AlMaamari

      there is a tweak called “Openother” free. try to search the blog for how to use it.

      • Diego Gastón Milano

        I thought OpenOther actually redirects App icons only? Otherwise that could be a solution. 🙂

  • Gorgonphone

    i dont like the look its too basic and flat and the colors are odd

  • iosLover

    HDD has also new flat version like iOS7. I mean another great app with great design.

    • Peter Black

      Good app indeed I use it about 2 months already

  • Markus Hudobnik

    Now only if the iPad had a default weather app

  • Beta382

    Love the inside, hate the icon. I was about to buy this from the screenshots, but the icon turned me off entirely. Not something I would want on my homescreen. Looks like a child made it.

  • That’s really awesome. The icon feature is worth it by itself, but the added features like the hourly forecast on the right side is genius and the animated weather conditions is also fantastic. Perfect. I may be using this over Yahoo weather once I can purchase it.

  • Yahoo Weather app is free and amazing !

  • dpacemaker

    I use iOS 7 weather exclusively, but I have TWC for alerts, and Yahoo for Radar.. I just hope they add some of Yahoos weather app features. Like radar, and what Yahoo doesn’t have is weather alerts. Those two things and the stock weather app will be all that is needed.

  • This is actually free today (not sure how long it will last).

  • igloobunny

    What happened to this app? Looks like it disappeared from the App Store.