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Last night we brought you a video walkthrough of the just released VideoPane tweak. The initial release, which allows users to detach video for multitasking while watching video, was solid, yet contained a few lingering issues.

The first big issue was the lack of Netflix support. In all actuality the Netflix support was there, but it didn’t work with the latest version of Netflix. The update also adds a much needed dedicated settings pane to the fray.

There are quite a few additional changes for VideoPane 1.0.1. Have a look at the full change log inside.

VideoPane 1.0.1

Here is the full change log for VideoPane 1.0.1:

  • Add ability to assign “Detach VideoPane” in Activator
  • Add ability to lock video in landscape
  • Better support for iOS 5.x
  • Support the latest version of Netflix
  • Add missing dependency
  • Add settings pane
  • Fix “Resurrect Pane” Activator action
  • Fix orientation-related bugs on iOS 5.x

My experience with this latest version of VideoPane went much better than the first version I tried yesterday. For starters, Netflix works just as advertised now. I also really appreciate the fact that you can now detach videos using an Activator gesture, meaning that you no longer have to worry about the obtrusive pop-up that hindered the initial version.

The Ressurect Pane feature was fixed, I found that it tended to crash on me with version 1.0. Overall, I find that the tweak is much more stable, and it works with any type of video I can throw at it.

If VideoPane 1.0 was an 8/10, this latest version is a surefire 9/10. If you were on the fence about purchasing it before, you can safely get off the fence now.

Let me know what you think in the comments section about the latest update.

  • Marvin Castro

    I love the use of Activator as well as Netflix support! Also I have found that if you pinch out on the VideoPane it makes it smaller??

    • Albert

      hold 2 fingers on the video, the move one finger up and down while holding with the other… thats seems to be the way to change the video screen size…

      Edit: i guess you have to go diagonal at first…

      • Damian W

        actually Ryan emailed me giving the best instruction for resizing the video. Double tap the video and drag your finger diagonally up or down. Works smoothly, better than any other suggested method.

        No need for 2 fingers. Just one finger will do the job

      • Albert

        works like a charm! thanks!

      • Marvin Castro

        Wow it works great, thanks a lot!

  • Jonathan

    I wish it would just have a button in the video player that lets you detach it rather than an alert, at least in the standard video player.

    • iosPixel

      This plus some border padding. That’s the only reason I’m holding off a purchase. The outline of the video is to sharp for me.

    • Matt Taylor

      Absolutely right! Why would Ryan think that a pop up is a good idea? An activator action is better but still very prehistoric compared to a real integration with the video UI! It doesn’t feel stock, and ultimately that’s what most of us want! Right?

    • Damian W

      in the new update you can use activator gesture to detach it. No more popups.

  • Abstract

    I don’t even use this tweak but yes please do continue to support ios 5. A lot of tweaks as of late are dropping us out 🙁 and i cant get to ios 6 anymore.

    • Stephen Michael Simon

      Pretty sure iOS 7 is a much bigger concern than iOS 5.

  • Abacaxi

    cracked version still doesnt work

    • Marvin Castro

      This one is worth purchasing my friend.

    • Alex Marwaha

      Which source r u getting it from? I might be able to help.

      • Abacaxi

        Bite your apple

  • kescaR

    Video rotation seems buggy. Only rotates (even in fullscreen) if the active app is able to rotate…

    • kescaR

      Removes the status bar from facebook, when detaching from facebook…

  • XV

    Can someone tell me how this is useful other than for the novelty of being able to do this? The comments make it sound like this is amazing but I can’t see why anyone would even need to use this? Especially on the iPhone, the screen is already small enough as it is.

    • Gorgonphone

      on ipad its great for mutli tasking but on ip-hones small screen i see no point

  • Chazy Ronnie

    There is a bug after playing a video and detached it when you close it and go back to youtude and detach another video using activator it will not work.. Pls fix RP.thanks

  • Gorgonphone

    great all it needs now is a border and nicer UI..

  • Gorgonphone

    i hate to say this but this has the same buggy nature as quasar

  • Nut Boon

    Will it work on IPad?

  • Trev

    Bug. You only get to use whichever activator assignment you choose once, you then need a respring for it to work again.

  • Trev

    Double tap with one finger and then slide that one finger outward to enlarge, it is that simple.

  • shezza_jeza

    how do i get the cracked version