iOS 7 beta 5 available

Apple has seeded iOS 7 beta 5 to developers this morning. The update comes just one week after the release of beta 4, as it appears that the company is trying to get back on track after the lengthy Developer Center outage.

Beta 5 is available now to all registered Apple developers via the Dev Center and OTA, which can be installed by visiting the Software Update section in the Settings app of proper devices that currently have iOS 7 installed…

The previous beta brought about a number of UI tweaks and changes throughout the operating system, but did not include any major features. It did, however, contain code references to the A7, and the rumored fingerprint sensor.

The fifth beta is available for compatible iPhones, iPads and iPod touch models. We’re installing it ourselves, and will be reporting back with any new stuff we find. So make sure you keep checking back with us throughout the day.

As always, we welcome you to let us know if we missed anything by e-mailing us at


What’s new in iOS 7 beta 5

As we continue to dig through the new information in iOS 7 beta 5, we’ll be listing any major changes we find below:

  • Icons in Settings app have been completely redesigned
  • New Yahoo! branding in Notification Center for Stocks and Weather
  • New system-wide Twitter icon
  • System-wide performance improvements
  • New banner notification pull-down UI
  • Option to disable Control Center within apps
  • Redesigned ‘Power off’ slider
  • Redesigned buttons in Phone app’s in-call screen
  • Install screen is now the same color as your phone (white or black)
  • Improved animation across entire OS
  • Tweaked blur and transparency UI across entire OS
  • New on/off switch for labels in Settings > General > Accessibility
  • Tweaked options in Camera app; now feels much more smooth
  • You can now shoot picture with the up or down volume buttons (used to be up only)
  • Improved camera access from the Lock screen
  • The unlocking sound is gone
  • Messages conversation only shows the first name (can be changed in Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings)
  • Long carrier names scroll back and forth in the the status bar
  • App Store app now shows a + for universal apps
  • New month indicator in Calendar app when scrolling fast through the months
  • You can now download additional dictionaries (select a word and tap “define” then “manage”)
  • In Mail app, when selecting emails, Trash and Mark labels are flipped

Thanks to everyone who sent us in tips to help us compile this list!

  • fo0ling

    Takes forever to boot up beta 5 on my iPod! Apple SUCKS!

  • Drich

    how do i get the ios7, beta 5 with the iphone4 model A1332 GSM?

  • Ala’a

    “New banner notification pull-down UI”
    This is not NEW.. its available in the beta 3 and I saw it before i update to beta 4 then now to beta 5…

  • Ala’a

    “New banner notification pull-down UI”
    This is not NEW.. its available in the beta 3 and I saw it before i update to beta 4 then now to beta 5…

  • Austin W.

    I cant download or update apps. When I click download or update the app says waiting but never starts! Anyone know how to fix?

    • Ala’a

      Try to restart your device.. if not working, try to reinstall the current version..

      • Austin W.

        I tried reinstalling and that didn’t work. How do you reinstall the current version?

  • Can anybody tell me how functional this beta version is?

  • Dharam

    Just a heads up on a couple of glitches, I know one has already been reported. The calendar app taking on a different app icon and the other I don’t even know how to explain so screenshots are in order.

  • Graham

    I don’t know if this was new to beta 5 but there is now an option to cancel after tapping private browsing in safari? Used to just be “keep all” or “close all” with no way to cancel

  • Rob Hanson

    I have had my iPad 3rd gen 16gb wifi crash every time I use multitouch to close and app by squeezing your fingers together on the screen. It goes to a screen of just my main wallpaper and I have to reboot every time it happens because there is no way out of the screen it is stuck on. Anyone else’s find this and find a fix? I am running it also on my iPhone 4S and love it, no major issues on there that I’ve found.

    • Aviral Singh

      I’ve got the same problem mate, every other multitasking gesture works but this one. I have disabled it for the time being, hopefully it will be fixed in beta 6. And wanted to ask, do you have any problem with the transparency in the UI? The blur effect is gone for me, the control centre looks really horrible and so does the notification centre, I’m also using the iPad 3rd gen 32 gigs. I also have it on my (father’s) 4S and it works perfectly there

      • Rob Hanson

        My control center is not as clear as previous beta but I still have the blur effect and able to see the background icons. I agree that all other multitouch work fine but have a bit of lag which has gotten better with each update.

  • Randy Dowell

    Not getting any notifications in beta 5. I actually have to open the app to see if I have texts. Reaaaaalllllly annoying. And beta 5 released so fast because while the system was down, they were still working on ios 7, and they got more accomplished. They actually almost held off the release of 4 longer to add the other tweaks.

  • Hamza

    Btw you can already capture a picture with both buttons in ios 7 beta 4

  • jaimie De Jongh

    i hope they make a black ios 7 theme for black devises. its to mutch white for my black iphone and ipad
    please a switch buttom in settings :c

  • JCNA

    And I thought that the missing unlock sound was a glitch.

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    The new boot screen is the color of your iPhone so if you have a black iPhone the boot screen would be black and if you have white it would be white boot screen

  • ♋JULY 17♋

    Can anybody update their apps or download any apps in the beta 5

  • Paul Harris

    Can someone help me? Lets say I save a number into my contacts with someone’s first and last name, is it possible that because I have ios7 that when I go to my messages it will turn their contact name to just their first name in stead of the name I saved it as ?

    • Aviral Singh

      Yes it sure is, in the settings app go to “email, contacts, calenders” setting, and in the contacts sub section, there should be a sub menu “Short Name” you can change the settings under that.

  • well i like this post