How to use the new Apple TV beta automatic configuration

By , Aug 6, 2013

Apple TV beta Automatic Setup Bluetooth iOS 7

The new Apple TV beta has an awesome new feature — the ability to automatically configure settings via Bluetooth using an iOS 7 enabled device. We put the new feature through its paces just a few minutes ago, and came away quite impressed.

The new automatic setup feature will save Apple TV users a lot of time, and avoids the need to input tedious passwords and IDs using the little remote control that comes bundled with each set top box. Have a look inside, as we walk you through the entire setup process on video…

In this example, I’m using an Apple TV 3 installed with the latest Apple TV beta. The iOS device used is a 5th generation iPod touch running iOS 7 beta 5. Here are the steps required to use this new feature:

Step 1: Plug in the new Apple TV

Step 2: Grab a capable (not iPhone 4 or iPad 2) iOS 7 device that’s already configured with Wi-Fi passwords, Apple ID, etc.

Step 3: Enable Bluetooth on the iOS device

Step 4: Tap the Apple TV with your iOS device

Step 5: Verify your Apple ID and enter your password. Proceed through any additional prompts

Step 6: Wait as the Apple TV finishes configuration

Step 7: Enjoy your newly configured Apple TV. You won’t have to enter any Wi-Fi SSID’s passwords, or iTunes IDs or passwords.

I will no longer dread the Apple TV setup process. With this new setup method, it only takes a few minutes, and it requires no tedious typing. What do you think?

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  • ReanimationXP

    Nice. Weird that you have to ‘tap’.. does the ATV have an accelerometer?

    • disqus_NtPTRlu5In

      No, but Bluetooth 4.0 has proximity sensing, so i guess what they do is check how close the devices are, then “bump” movement is determined with the iPhone’s/iPod accelerometer.

      • ReanimationXP

        Damn, my next suggestion was going to be to start the ATV-based earthquake detection cloud.

  • Burge

    Only when there’s a jailbreak for it will I update my ATV2 to try this out

  • Cesar D

    Can i still using PlexConnect with this update? Does this patch non-developer users from using iOS 7?

  • ✪ aidan harris ✪

    This is only a good feature if you don’t already have your Apple TV set-up though 😛

  • Arnaud Nelissen

    My ATV2 (latest beta) does not let me configure this way.

    It does not even appear in my Bluetooth device on my iPhone 5 (ios 7 beta 5)…

    Maybe it is not Bluetooth 4.0 compatible?

  • WolfgangHoltz

    This must be a killer feature that put Samsung and Android way behind, especially this time consuming task that you have to do like one time.

  • Ted Forbes

    That is good but only a start, hopefully more to go like sidebar, safari, resize display, pnp, clock, emailing, texting, more apps, more service, etc etc

    • genXhippie


  • djr12

    According to Apple, this only works on Apple TV version 3, not version 2.