CBS 1.0 for iOS (teaser 001)

If you thought the argument between CBS and Time Warner Cable was just a spat between two media giants, the collateral damage is quickly spreading. After Time Warner pulled the plug on the network over the weekend, CBS began blocking access to its Internet streaming.

Instead of Under the Dome, Big Brother, or even preseason NFL games, users of the CBPS iPad app are shown a video taking aim at the cable company: “Say no to Time Warner Cable”…

The blackout reportedly impacts around three million Time Warner Cable customers, blacking out entertainment and sports broadcasts in many major markets, including New York City, Los Angeles and Boston.

According to AppleInsider, an IP ban also includes the official CBS streaming app for the iPhone and iPad. Tablet users who attempt to stream CBS programming via the app are shown a 45-second video blaming Time Warner for preventing the viewing of the network’s most popular shows.


Additionally, since CBS owns the broadcast rights to American Football Conference teams such as the New England Patriots and New York Jets, sports fans hoping to watch preseason games this week could be out of luck.

Along with Time Warner Cable customers, subscribers to Bright House Networks, a regional partner of Time Warner, are also affected.

  • Mustang5Oh

    Ahhh I hate cable providers! I am affected by this and if Time Warner doesn’t resolve this I’m stuck going to DirecTV as no other cable providers are in my area unfortunately.

  • Gregory D Foster

    Billionaire children fighting in the sandbox. Insanity.

  • Shaun Conway

    Cannot wait till we are finished bypassing these greedy fools. Do they not see the Internet? We are going around you guys, and this only makes it more likely. I dropped cable 7 months a ago. Between netflix and torrent and streaming sites, I’m very happy. Saving $100/month. Time for change or get left behind big cable!

    • Daniel Hernández

      I agree with you 1000%, can you hook me up with some the streaming and torrent sites, the ones you think are the best specially the ones for streaming live sporting events, I use a lot of Justing tv app streams and redirect them to my Apple TV it’s really good but kind of limited and the resolution is not always the best.

  • quitcherbichinn

    this is a bad move on CBS’s part. they are throwing a tantrum and punishing the wrong people. in this day and age it is TOO easy to get content. ratings are already down big time for network shows and this move on their part leaves a bad taste in the consumer’s mouth. pushing consumers to use alternative means, be they legal or illegal, is exactly what CBS is doing. i’m not the one who pays the cable bill at my house but with it being $177 i can safely say that if i were the one paying…it would all be turned off and dropped down to just broadband for $45 and i’d stream everything. cable is GROSSLY OVERPRICED. it constantly has signal and sound issues. the DVR boxes are 10 years old, they constantly freeze and crash, they record when they feel like it. the premium keeps going up and up yet the service keeps going down. bad move CBS and bad move Time-Warner!!!

  • Africanking

    Who needs cable when you have xbmc? All I need is my comcast internet 50 mbps ($24 per month, I annoyed them till I got my deal) and I am set.

  • Albert

    Uverse customer with TWC internet… no more cbs app for me!

  • Gorgonphone

    all my media is free so i dont even know who these companies are …lol