Apple USB Power Adapter

In light of recent events involving the safety of third-party chargers for iOS devices, Apple has launched a new trade-in program for all unauthorized USB power adapters. The company made the announcement on its support site this afternoon.

The ‘Takeback Program’ officially kicks off next week, and will allow users who have concerns about their USB power adapters to either drop them off at an Apple store for recycling, or trade them in towards the purchase of an official Apple power adapter…

From the announcement:

“Recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit and third party adapters may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues. While not all third party adapters have an issue, we are announcing a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program to enable customers to acquire properly designed adapters.

Customer safety is a top priority at Apple. That’s why all of our products — including USB power adapters for iPhone, iPad, and iPod — undergo rigorous testing for safety and reliability and are designed to meet government safety standards around the world.

Starting August 16, 2013, if you have concerns about any of your USB power adapters, you can drop them off at an Apple Retail Store or at an Apple Authorized Service Provider. We will ensure that these adapters are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

If you need a replacement adapter to charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, we recommend getting an Apple USB power adapter. For a limited time, you can purchase one Apple USB power adapter at a special price — $10 USD or approximate equivalent in local currency.”

Those looking to get a discounted charger must bring their suspect USB power adapter along with an iOS device to an Apple Store or participating Authorized Service Provider. The special pricing is limited to one per device, and is valid until October 18, 2013.

Apple’s move today comes after multiple reports surfaced in the media last month of users getting electrocuted while using their iOS devices. One woman died, and another was sent to the hospital after getting shocked while talking on their plugged-in iPhones.

Both cases involved the use of unauthorized USB chargers, and Apple has since issued a charger advisory in China, warning folks of the dangers of using non-certified charging accessories and instructing them on how to identify genuine Apple adapters.

  • Albert

    wasnt the woman that died was using apple’s offical charger?

    • HellrideR


      • News sites like this one (http://bit ly/13Yro46) says it was official iPhone charger that killed her yet I read here on iDB that it was a knock-off. When it comes to reporting such critics about Apple products, I’ll take a non-Apple dedicated site news as more valuable than the opposite anytime…

      • Niclas

        Apple has stated it was a non official charger.

      • Yeah, and Apple has stated that their devices are green (http://bit ly/151K92E), yet what do we see in the news (http://bit ly/198hEsS)?

    • Steven3331

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  • Jonathan

    What about the lightning cable?

    • pegger1

      What about it? The charger part is what controls the voltage and current coming from the wall. A cable, even a defective one, can’t change low levels coming from the charger into lethal levels. Just like the phone can’t.

    • Rowan09

      You can always exchange a defective cable as long as your in warranty.

      • Saria Hajjar

        hated in 3….. 2….. 1…..

  • n0ahcruz3

    Great move apple. Dont wait for another chinese media propaganda or else.

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    Apple – The most ethical company on the planet – keep it up!

    • sivkai

      Not sure if sarcastic or truly naive.

      Regardless, let me break it down to you. This is not a charitable act. This is simply a PR exercise to recover Apple’s bad image in light of these electrocution reports. Nothing more, nothing less.

      There are no ethics in business. Whether you look at Apple or Microsoft, every action has a corporate interest behind it. By issuing replacement chargers, Apple is still very likely turning over profit (I doubt their chargers cost over $10 to make) AND they create a long term positive brand image which of course means more customers.

      On a final point, if you are still so adamant of Apple’s “ethics”, you only need to read about Foxconn (Apple’s manufacturer/supplier) to realise otherwise.

      • SirPsycho

        Not to mention, they want us pay their “discounted” price which is still about 7x more than the knock offs.

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Than don’t buy it, use your free will, Mr. psycho dude…

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        I’ve read and know everything about Apple, and they are the most ethical tech company on the planet…period…

        Was this PR motivated as well, sure. But what other tech company would have done the same – PR combined with doing the right thing for their customers.

        Your local sports fan attitude is blinding you from accepting the truth…

        Finally, in regard for Foxconn. Foxconn does work for Google, HP, Samsung, Dell. Apple is the only tech company auditing, and demanding changes in the workplace for Chinese employees! Apple is the only one who cares enough to make it a core company objective. That says it all…period…

        Research it, please, and even if you say that Apple is just engaging in smart business, its still the right way to do business, and why I will continue to be a life-long Apple customer.

      • MarcPhilippeB


      • sivkai

        Lol your fanboyism blinds you from reality.

        If Apple had such high regard for the working conditions of Foxconn workers, it would discontinue it’s partnership with Foxconn as protest. Audits and such have limited effect and are futile to change long term working conditions. Once the auditors are gone, Foxconn will revert back to its usual state of oppression.

        But that’s besides the point. I am not claiming Apple to be evil or out to take over the world, I am just saying that it no way deserves the mantle of “most ethical tech company in the world”. That is a ludicrous statement and if you truly believe that, I suggest you seek psychiatric help.

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Attacking the commenter vs. the argument is an obvious sign that someone is debating from an inferior position.

        Lastly, your assertion that Apple cannot continue to audit, partner with, and ultimately benefit the lives of millions of emerging market laborers is also incorrect.

        Apple is the most ethical large-cap company on the planet, and will continue to be such into the future!

        I am proud to be an Apple customer!

      • sivkai

        Please elaborate on how I am incorrect? That’s right you can’t. Audits are only useful to the extent that they create a temporary improvement of working conditions. Can you cite any auditing examples that have resulted in permanent improved workplaces? I would love to hear them.

        Also please stop ending all your comments with “I love Apple because they are so ethical” comment. It’s embarrassing.

      • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

        Prove Apple can’t maintain an audit / oversight relationship with its suppliers for decades…and enrich the lives of millions of emerging market workers. (Hint: They can and they will)

        Sorry if my strong conviction bothers you, but it is how I feel, so you will just have to deal with it…

        I am proud to be an Apple customer!

        PS: This has been a fun exchange, thank you – must get back to work…you can get the last word if you want…Cheers…

      • sivkai

        “For decades”?

        Lol…Apple’s partnership with Foxconn doesn’t run into decades so it would be impossible for me to cite an example. Nice try 😉

        However it only takes common sense and some reading of news reports to realise that Foxconn conditions are still terrible. It shouldn’t take decades for a safe and happy workplace to form…it should take year and evidently that has not happened.

        You can delude yourself as much as you want, but your beloved Apple cares no more about ethics than the next tech business. It’s all about money, not morals.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Absolutely true. but I still doubt that Samsung would ever do that.

      • sivkai

        Perhaps but that does not make Apple any more ethical. It only means that Apple is smarter (PR wise at least) than its competitors.

  • marco1993

    I like apple’s initiative even though the chinese woman dying wasn’t caused by their chargers they are doing something about it to fix any further problems.

    • Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but FYI, news sites like this one (http://bit ly/13Yro46) says it was official iPhone charger that killed her. Which site to believe, that’s your choice to make…

  • J™

    Be it an ethical or business move, as long as something is done to prevent such freak accident to happen again is a good move…

  • Guest

    cmon apple put a f****ng power adapter in the sale package

    • Đức Anh Trần

      Really? It already came with the flipping box! -_-

  • Guest

    cmon apple put a f****ng power adapter in the package box

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I cant say i’m shocked…

  • Jerwyn Feria

    MrElectrifyer 1: please quote any sentence in the site you have chosen proving that the claim of the use of apple office chargers and its proof of source please. 2: please tell me how much of this site more reliable than any applefanboy site out there. There are more news sites that doesn’t do news around tech. I would search for non-tech news sites instead of claiming the site you chose which is a tech site which supports apple nonetheless. I have found multiple. Can you? 3: go back to the post that Cody Lee posted about third party chargers and the probable cause of the incident. Cody have given you sources that other news sites(non-applefanboy sites) have showed claims of this matter. Maybe you need to google more and find more sources than just relying on one.