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Yet another study throws a spotlight on the differences in how Apple and Android smartphone owners use their devices, with a heavy emphasis on ‘use’. Both in apps and overall smartphone usage, iPhone owners rank higher than owners of Android handsets.

After surveying both U.S. and European smartphone owners, researchers not only found owners of the Apple device more frequently use apps, but conduct more tasks suitable to smartphones, such as browsing the Internet. This despite Android’s advantage both in number of handsets out there and in sales.

The dichotomy just reinforces our Android in a Drawer theory, which says many owners of the Google-powered devices see their handsets as just a spiffier version of dumb feature phones, ignoring most of what makes smartphones smart…

Indeed, in app categories ranging from weather to sports, iOS owners reported more frequent usage, according to a survey by Forrester (via TechCrunch) of U.S. smartphone owners. Weather is the most popular app category among both platforms, yet more iOS owners said they checked the weather more often, 71 percent to 65 percent.


Okay, so maybe iOS owners are more antsy about the weather, or maps or music – there must be some sign that Android owners are leading smartphone usage, right?


In a survey of European iPhone and Android owners, the research firm found both groups like to browse the internet, text, use apps, search and social network. But the percentages of that usage is striking.

More than 90 percent of iPhone owners told the researchers they browsed the internet at least once a week. Just 80 percent of Android owners report doing the same. Messaging – a function often performed on dumb feature phones – was where we saw the closest usage pattern.

For Apple iPhone owners: 90 percent said they messaged at least once in the past week, versus 83 percent of Android owners. The disparity reappears when it comes to app usage: 89 percent versus 76 percent, according to Forrester.

The figures show “while Android continues to grow in popularity, it has yet to grab that premium class of consumers who use their phones the most and are the most attractive consumers for app makers,” writes TechCrunch.

App usage drives app developers to write more apps.

In turn, app developers drive demand for purchasing hardware. Obviously, if it was a case of hardware driving app usage, developers would be flocking to Google’s Play store, not to Apple’s App Store.

That missing link is Android’s fatal flaw. As anyone knows, you can lead a smartphone owner to apps, but you can’t make him (or her) use them.

  • Kev

    The results are negligible. How does this back up your android in the drawer theory? The percemtage difference isn’t that huge in each category not to mention that the Android sample has more than 2000 more people in it than the iOS sample so the ACTUAL numbers in each catergory are probably quite close to each other. :/ BTW I’m an iPhone owner so don’t even try going there.

    • Gorgonphone

      LOL yup you also have an iphone.. hhahah even folks who argue against iphones have iphones that shows how powerful the iphone pull is ahahahah

    • Ignacio Irigoyen

      I was thinking the same, very slim victory. And as we are looking into percentages the actual number of Androids and iPhones in the market is not important.

      The real impact could come for number of people doing thing, for example if 10% iphone user are doing something android user are not that would mean 1400 more people. (by the above number).

      This translated to the world could be some staggering numeric differences and the diference between selling 1m phones and 1.5 m phones.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        Well we already know users of iOS devices browse the web more than users of other devices so regardless of these numbers that’s got to count for something hasn’t it?

      • Michael Herma

        Here we go, android vs iOS….Pork chop sandwiches aaoohh F#$%!!

  • Gorgonphone


    • Dan

      do you type by repeatedly banging your head on the keyboard?

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        This comment is discriminating the “head writers”!!!

    • maurid

      Go home, Gorgonphone, you’re drunk.

  • Chazy Ronnie

    The most Android Fanboys will say “Android is superior than iOS” which is really funny considering how crappy 3rd party apps on Android and the scroll lag is so terrible

    • maurid

      People must be really generous for this comment to have 10 thumbs up.

      • David Christian

        make it 11.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        And still not a single downvote. Where are all the fandroids today?

    • Travis Harvey

      Forget scroll lag. I just bought a Nexus 7 quad core, 2GB RAM… should be fast right? it is around 5 time slower at UI operations than the iPad2, a 2 year old device. Scrolls, bottom presses, transitions. I packed it back up and shipped it back.

      Yikes! What do people see in Android? (BTW. I did upgrade to 4.3)

    • u probably got a cheap one. my friend has an htc one and it is extremely fast at everything…

      • Travis Harvey

        Cheap? The nexus is google own design. If they cant do it right, then no one can.

  • BozzyB

    There must be an unprovable and very far fetched excuse that android has 80% marketshare and iOS only has 14%.

  • Travis Harvey

    Nope, not broken. I bencarked it. The benchmarks were good, but the ui is slow. I research this further, turns out this is well known problem amonst developers. Androud was originally a blackberry clone. Then the iphone came out and they retooled. But the base OS was never designed around the user centric design required to handle touch in high frame rate real time.

    • BozzyB

      Blackberry? Yea an iOS is Symbian Series60… I can not reconstruct your problem. It has a tremendous fast GUI. Can not be that all reviews of the N7 confirm this but only you tell the opposite.