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The mobile Safari browser that Apple includes with iOS is probably ok for the average user, but it’s lacking a ton of features. This has forced a lot of folks to seek a third-party alternative with more to offer. I, for example, use Chrome.

Another popular choice, though, is MoboTap Inc.’s Dolphin browser, which happened to receive a big update today. The new version includes a number of improvements, such as a new ad-blocking feature, themes and better downloading…

Here’s your full 7.4 change log:

  • Add theme option in settings
  • Add ad block option in settings
  • Improve download feature
  • Fix bookmark related bugs
  • Better search engine customization for different locales
  • Add Message option in Share feature
  • Refine Evernote and Box save pdf file
  • Make max tab count to 20
  • Other Bug fix

This was actually one of my favorite alternative browsers before I discovered Chrome. Its simple interface and tabbed browsing makes for quick and efficient interactions. And now that it can block advertisements, you can surf faster than ever.

As for the new themes feature, it’s not what you think. Choosing from the 4 or 5 included options only changes the background of the app’s Home screen—nothing else. It’s very subtle, which I actually like, but other folks might not dig it.

The Dolphin browser has 4.5 stars in the App Store, on nearly 20,000 ratings, which I think says a lot. Even without these new features, I would have recommended that you check it out. If you’re interested, it’s available in the App Store for free.

  • Julio Cesar

    Ad block? Now we’re talking.
    I already like this browser, but sometimes I just can’t stop using the Safari… I don’t know, it feels solid and stable.
    (on Android I hate the native browser, Dolphin FTW)

  • Carlos

    Puffin Web Browser FTW

  • Chuck Finley

    Hosts file ad blocking is better than any ad block tbh.

    • takenlife

      on non jb’d idevice? how do you do that?

      • Julio Cesar

        Download iFunBox on you computer (or iFile from Cydia in your gadget), search for the hosts file inside the iPhone system folders, open with any text editor and add the all the hosts that you want to block… (search for this)

        Something like that… I think this works without jailbreak using iFunBox…

      • Guito Mendez

        i think you need to be jailbroken to do that?

      • Julio Cesar

        I don’t really know if iFunBox (PC / Mac software) can access system folders without jailbreak… Never tried, give a try, maybe works…

  • Cesar D

    Puffin has flash

  • J. Rockwell

    Mercury Browser to me is by far the best browser for iOS. If I need to see something with flash then I use Puffin.

  • Andy

    Dolphin and Mercury Browser, are actually really well built browsers, especially the ad block option. Although I’m too used to Chrome these days.

  • mav3rick

    Mercury Browser is the perfect iOS browser. Clean interface, gestures, Ad Blocking, file downloading, all features for perfect web browsing. Did I mention perfect clean, subtle designed interface? Mercury Browser all the way!!!
    Other very good ones Atomic and Dolphin.

  • Joseph

    Dolphin on Android works very similarly with themes, except the color of the tabs change as well. Go to the classic tab mode and check again. I’ll go download this update and check myself.

  • momerathe

    I use Grazing – though it could do with an update (hint hint!)

    I tried using Chrome but found it lacked a bunch of features I use all the time.

  • xavi

    If this browser have have flash it should be one of the best browser in App Store but puffin still in number one league of having flash

  • Guito Mendez

    I’m stuck between chrome and dolphin

  • robsku

    Not an iPhone user, just bumped in here searching for possible adblocker for dolphin – because if iPhone version has adblocking, either android version, for god knows why (as the market share is larger – just statistics, I’m not here for OS wars – it’s obviously not because they focus less on android version…), hasn’t got that feature, or (I don’t remember all settings, but if it’s there then I’ve enabled it) the adblocking is VERY limited.

    However I wanted to comment about suggestions for hosts file blocking – it’s far from being better than anything. It’s the most limited, no matter to being closest to OS network systems core functions. It should be very obvious that adblock plus and others use filter lists that can define far more than hosts – for google, just as one example, has servers that provide functionality AND include ads, and just blocking the googles ad specific domains is not enough to block all google ads. And many sites have ads under their own domain – hosts blocking will block these ads by preventing you to access the sites in the first place, and that’s just stupid if you pardon my arrogance. Secondly, you need to jailbreak your phone, and jailbreaking iPhone has larger price to pay than rooting an android phone, as you must know – sure, I would jailbreak mine if I had iPhone, but not to do this (even if I thought it to be a good idea).