Google Drive 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 003)Google Drive 1.4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Google is building a nice little ecosystem around Apple’s iOS by feverishly updating its iPhone and iPad warez with deep cross-app integration. For example, earlier this month the Internet giant refreshed its Chrome iOS browser with the ability to open URLs for YouTube, Maps, Google+ and Drive in Google’s native iOS apps instead of the browser.

Notably absent from that update: the Google Drive client for the iPhone and iPad. Well, Google saw to that with today’s Drive iOS release which can now open links in Google’s Chrome or Apple’s Safari browser. Google Drive version 1.5 also adds support for inserting rows and columns using the “+” button in Google Sheets…

The search monster says clicking on links from within Google documents gives you the option to open in Chrome and Safari. This is different from Google’s other iOS apps which normally feature a toggle in settings to always open links in Chrome.

This release of Google Drive also contains “stabilization and bug fixes”.

The universal app is available free from the App Store.

  • MarcPhilippeB

    Rather than receiving the Beta 4 version we have to read about that the Google Drive App can now open links in Safari. How frustrating.

    • Chris Wagers

      It is frustrating but the world doesn’t stop just because there is no new ios 7 beta. I for 1 love this blog with or without the delayed ios beta.

      • MarcPhilippeB

        Yeah sure, I absolutely don’t wanna shoot agains idownloadblog, nobody is to blame actually. Because even Apple didn’t promise us anything, we were just expecting it.

  • D.

    Next on Apples list should be a drive/cloud type service. Much like Skydrive/Google. Sure icloud is great, but it’s definitely more for backing up and syncing (aside from pages/numbers etc)

  • PoconoChuck

    I’d like phone numbers clicked on in Chrome iOS to open in Google Voice… seems like a natural to me.

  • MunnySwirl

    finally we can add more columns and rows.